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Published in: Education, Sports
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  • 1. SmartStudentsUniversity Students and Smartphones
    By Georgina Goldring
    Image: heartbreaker - flickr
  • 2. In a survey done last year at Ball State University, it was found that: of5,500students, 49%owned smartphones, up 27% since 2009. The most popular device was the Iphone.
    Image: manganite - flickr
  • 3. “No matter which way you look at it,one cannot denythe rising popularity of smartphones.”- Valerie Quintana
    Image: digipedia - flickr
  • 4. Why do studentschoosesmartphones? Increased convenience, increased accessibility, solidarity, fear of being ostracized by friend group, and many other reasons…
    Image: Denis Diversivic - flickr
  • 5. Students are not only using their smartphones to socialize and stay connected…
    Image: LululemonAthletica - flickr
  • 6. most students additionally, use their smartphoneas an alarm clock,calendar,radioandgrocery list.
    Image: AlexandreBerbe- flickr
  • 7. For a student, a smartphone “is integral to [their] daily routine and even an important diagnostic tool[they] will rely on throughout the day”- Rebecca Burns
    Image: Johan Larrsson- flickr
  • 8. Students also use their smartphones for entertainment during class.
    Image: Pistois Drawn - flickr
  • 9. “Yes, we are playing games on it now and taking video calls on it now but in three years what is it going to be used for?”- Scott Wofford
    Image: LGEPR- flickr
  • 10. Students are already beginning to use their smartphones to assist them with schoolwork.
    Image: justmakeit- flickr
  • 11. Convert, Quick Graph, Wolfram Alpha, Cliffnotes, and Google Sky Map are all examples of apps a university student may use when doing their homework.
    Image: Ash Matadeen - flickr
  • 12. “The mobile device isn’t just for communication; it’s for edification” - Frank Lowney
    Image: JTaqi- flickr
  • 13. Though smartphones can be very helpful for students, they can also be detrimental…
    Image: SamadJee - flickr
  • 14. In fact, A study taken which focused on young people aged 17-23 in ten countries around the world found that 79 per cent of students who volunteered for a complete social media blackout experienced reactions ranging from distress to confusion and isolation.
    Image: Bernard Goldbach - flickr
  • 15. “Students suffer from withdrawal symptoms that may rival those of smokers or even drug addicts”- James Deruvo
    Image: Johan Larsson - flickr
  • 16. One student involved in the study stated, “I am an addict. I don’t need alcohol, cocaine or any other derailing form of social depravity…”
    Image: Hello Turkey Toe - flickr
  • 17. “Media is my drug; without it I was lost.”
    Image: Ratranch- flickr
  • 18. “Just like any other tool, tools are amoral, they can be used for good or evil.”- Frank Lowney
    Image: Chris Bacarella- flickr
  • 19. As of right now, thebenefits of smartphonesare far greater than the detriments for students.
    Image: K.M.K- flickr
  • 20. References
    Image: confusedtwenty- flickr