COMNet engaging Political parties and religious leaders for PEI
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COMNet engaging Political parties and religious leaders for PEI






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COMNet engaging Political parties and religious leaders for PEI COMNet engaging Political parties and religious leaders for PEI Presentation Transcript

  • Engaging Political Parties Religious Leaders and TribalElders in Killa-Abdullah for High Risk Groups
  • Killa-Abdullah a glimpse Killa Abdullah reported the highest number of polio cases in any district of Pakistan in 2011. Child vaccinators- lead to missed childrenFollowing launch of National Emergency Action Plan COMNet structure was launched in District reported highest Killa-Abdulah including 2 DHCSOs, 8 UCOs and 48 Social Mobilizers in 10 HRUCs number of OPV refusals in any district of Balochistan– more than 7000 (July 2011 PCM) District reported highest number of children missed due to No Teams 78% (July 2011 PCM )
  • Killa-Abdullah tribal distributionKilla-Abdullah predominantly isinhibited by Pashtoon Achakzaitribe62% of the cases in the district werefrom Achakzai sub tribes highestnumber being Malazai sub tribeTribes from the Afghanistan residein the union councils borderingsouthern AfghanistanMalazai, Noorzai , Hassanzai
  • Killa-Abdullah political parties Name of Polio Union Parliamentarian cases councilsZamarak Khan 3/22 8Capt. Khaliq Achakzai 16/22 2Haji M.Nawaz 3/22 3Key political parties in Killa-Abdullah are :• PashtoonKhaw Mili Awami Party• Jamait -i-ulema-Islam (F)• Jamait-i-Ulema-Islam(N)• Awami National Party
  • Killa-Abdullah religious communities Reasons of refusals -October 2010 (source refusal log book)More than half of refusals in Killa- Religious(n) Misconception(n) Repeated campaign(n) Others(n)Abdullah refused vaccination onreligious grounds. 10% 8%More than 70 Madrissa‟s operate in Killa-Abdullah which are popular across theborder. 13%More than 7500 refusals were recorded in 69%the August 2011 round
  • Focus of communication activities- bring everyone together Religious Tribal Elders Leaders Political parties
  • We started with… Social Mapping andMicro-planning of High Risk Union Councils Social profile-UC Roghani 2 Social Map- Union Council Boghra
  • Community Meetings with Tribal EldersMeetings were conducted with tribal elders sensitizing them on therecent outbreak in the district.Following that the tribal elders –called Jirgha or Majlis in their Baitakswhere they invited members of their tribes who were sensitized on OPVsafety and efficacy and urged the community to support Polio campaignsby providing eligible polio team members, addressing OPV refusalfamilies and provision of safe passage for the polio teams
  • Engaging religious leadersCommunication team engaged key religious leaders and leadership of religiouspolitical parties as JUI as a result• 8 District level “Religious Congregations” held in October and December 2011• Follow up meetings conducted at Madrissa „s and local mosques.• Major events included administration of polio drops by JUI (F) leader Maulana fazal Ur Rehman and written endorsement by Maulana Abdul Ghani who is influential across the borders.
  • Involving political parties for Polio Eradication Meetings were held with prominent political parties of the district. 5 All parties conference was arranged at district level with the support of deputy commissioner .Including JUI(F),JUI(N) , ANP ,PKMAP and other politicians Parties were urged to provide eligible team members, assist the teams in addressing refusals and promote polio campaigns
  • What did we achieve ?Grand jirgah on Polio eradication which brought all the politicalparties, community elders and religious leaders on one forum to eradicatepolio from the districtPolio walks representatives from all political parties, religious groups andtribes participated in polio walks held before December 2011 ,January andMarch 2012 campaign . sReligious leaders and political parties were also actively engaged by publicdisplay of support to PEI through inaugurations , mosque announcementsand addressing refusals
  • Cross-Border communications :Regular cross border meetings were conductedbetween Killa-Abdullah and Boldak team with a particular focus on communications