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Gebrina funnel presentation as a pdf
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Gebrina funnel presentation as a pdf


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  • 1. How To Change StrangerInto Friends and Friends into Distributor Presented by Gebrina Coutee Internet Network Marketing Coach
  • 2. Listen friends...You Are In Sales PERIOD!!!!You Are Selling Yourself more than anything Selling your product Selling your business opportunity Bottom Line is YOUR IN SALES your selling you
  • 3. Building Trust Is CriticalStart with Conversation (meet on social media) Conversations turn into relationships of trust Having trust leads to making the sale NO TRUST=NO SALE!!!If you are struggling to make sales, people just dont trust you enough yet (its not the marketing)
  • 4. Knowing Your Sales Cycle Before we get started....You have to think about your business as a business and know theirs a beginning and an end You have to have a sales funnel in place Your funnel will be wide at the top and small as it gets to the bottomBut before we go over that system you have to know this....
  • 5. Knowing Your Sales Cycle Your ideal prospect will join you when their needs match your offer, not a minute BEFORE! (cant convince them but keep them close)There should be a series of processes not just 1 (no 1 stop shops) Example: “ Hi my name is Gebrina, Id love to haveyou join my business. Its the best opportunity on the planet and the comp plan is amazing and I know youd be great at it..... (NOOOOOOO!!!!)
  • 6. Your Killing Your ChancesThats the wrong approach. Yo didnt show interest inwhat they wanted. You dont even know them or theyyou and its the quickest way to lose your new friend 2 things you need to know You cant make any one join your business Always take people through a serious ofprocesses (dont just jump out the bushes on them)
  • 7. 6 Components To Converting Strangers Into Friends & Friends Into Distributors 1) Create awareness of your product or service 2)Provide value and solution while showcasing your knowledge for FREE!3)Continue to give value but now its time to offer something that will ost your prospect money 4)Over deliver on the low cost purchase by inviting them to something special
  • 8. 6 Components To ConvertingStrangers Into Friends & Friends Into Distributors 5)Offer your customer a higher priceditem,something that they know is right for them6)Rinse and repeat {discovering what worked best and then repeat)
  • 9. Now Its Time To Set Your System Into Motion... 1) Think about the best way to CREATE AWARNESS for your product (think in terms of your funnel system being your front end product) Pick a couple of the marketing strategy that works best for you..... Youtube video discussing struggles and your tool used2) No barrier to entry. Provide value & showcase your talent for free....Which tools in your back office can you use to give value. your blog is awesome...offer free gift(if they do what you tell them theyll get results. Drive traffic to blog.
  • 10. Now Its Time To get In System In Motion Position yourself as the expert Encourage your prspect to join your list 3) Offer something that will cost money ( yourfunnel system $1 trial) now your lead is on your list. All your emails should now have a call yo action 4) Over deliver by inviting them to something special (weekly private training, private skype chat)
  • 11. Now Its Time To get Your System In Motion 5)Now Offer customer a higher priced item =this is were you can share your primary business. (up until know we weresorting) dont go over board with stats send them to the 3rd party documentation. Share the opportunity and the benefits of working with builder will know...This now require more of a time commitment so you want to chose very wisely who you wan to join you. You may want 40 sign ups ina month by not having to do so much qualifying but if you dont you will only have very few that will stick with you anyway.... Signing up with all your affiliate programing connects you all for life.... so posture and dont beg
  • 12. Now Its Time To Set Your System Into Motion6) Rinse and repeat Daily... Not when you feel like it, or get around to it, every other week... Daily. Daily it must be a income producing opportunity No checking email every 5 minutes You have to push through ever obstacle that comesto get you off course. Right now is the time you may have to intensify the stress of building a new business
  • 13. Now Its Time To Set Your System Into MotionThe newness of building a new business will not lastforever... so lets push through now so that it can be stress free later You have to make a commitmentThe 30 day tops mentality just isnt going to work... Voicing that your only going to give your new business 30 days tops or else....Who are you hurting with that philosophy. Your not hurting anybody but yourself.....
  • 14. Now Its Time To Set Your System Into Motion Your not hurting your funnel system Your not hurting your sponsorThe only person thats being effected negatively from the mentality is you.....If you were to plant a sun flower the maturity for the sun flower takes 75 daysIt takes 10 months for a baby to develop and be born
  • 15. Now Its Time To Set Your System Into MotionYou might as well stick with what youve been doing and resolve that thats how its going to be... You must be committed to doing it no matter howlong it takes... 90 days mentality isnt going to work either... Id rather you not even get started...Its not fair to me or You.... If your scarred to spend money youll probably attract others that are scared to...
  • 16. Your Job.... Is to create awareness. This means marketing. You must understand that the beginning of the sales process starts with you.... ( Are you telling anyone) Give Values as The Expert do... This is your absolute duty to give value as the expert. You have to have a value well your not selling something inevery post..Make them feel good when they come to your blog
  • 17. Your Job...Do not expect your prospect to automatically movethrough your system until you have created value and created yourself as the expert... Your Funnel systems does the rest The only missing object is you... Calling yourprospects back, posturing up and not begging, youhave to position your self as the the expert and be that leader that most are looking for....
  • 18. Now Its Time To Set Your System Into Motion...