Integrated marketing campaign strategies

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This presentation outlines tips and tricks of building integrated marketing campaigns.

This presentation outlines tips and tricks of building integrated marketing campaigns.

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  • 1. Building an integrated campaign from the strategy up.
    + Bumble Bee Foods
    + Geary Interactive
    + WD-40 Company
  • 2. Introductions
    + StephaneBardin, Bumble Bee Foods
    + Shelley Callahan, Geary Group
    + Vanessa Newkirk, Geary Interactive
    + Paige Perdue, WD-40 Company
  • 3. Lay of the land
  • 4. So what’s the hold up?
  • 5. Integration from a strategy perspective
  • 6. Evolution in planning paradigm
    Marketing plans must answer the questions:
    + Where do consumers want to engage with us?
    + Where do we want to engage with them?
    + How can we make it easier to engage with us?
  • 7. Strategy development tips
    + Acknowledge the need for integration
    + Think beyond short term campaigns
    + Elevate your tracking/ analytics expectations
    + Hold everyone on your marketing team accountable for integration
  • 8. Integration from a media perspective
  • 9. Evolution in planning paradigm
    Digital media plans must answer these questions:
    + How can we share intelligence between media disciplines?
    + Do all media channels support a uniform message?
    + Can consumers find us when/ where they want?
    + How can we track their behavior to make smarter marketing/ business decisions?
  • 10. Challenges
  • 11. Tunnel vision
  • 12. Solution
    Lead strategically, not tactically
    + Bring everyone together during an initial kick off to plan in a strategic and integrated fashion
    + Leverage media disciplinary experts (e.g. social media)
  • 13. Fragmented reporting
  • 14. Solution
    Integrate reporting and assign media channel KPIs
    + Segmented reports do not illustrate the big picture
  • 15. Accountability
  • 16. Solution
    Every discipline affects a marketing ecosystem, so everyone is accountable for output.
    + Attach goals to various departments and make sure everyone is onboard with the integrated marketing plan.
    + I’m on a horse: Do you think the social media and video teams for the Old Spice campaign planned in isolation?
  • 17. Scenario planning
  • 18. Solution
    + Plan for every iteration of a campaign and don’t sell yourself short.
    + Before you initiate a campaign, take pause to see any gaps that are easily overlooked when you’re knee deep in execution
  • 19. Key integration points
    + Paid search and SEO
    + Display and paid search
    + Online and offline
    + Social and paid search
    + Email and social
    + Website + EVERYTHING…
  • 20. Tips and tricks
    + Plan strategically
    + Integrate
    + Optimize!
  • 21. Bumble Bee Foods and WD-40 Company
    Stephane Bardin
    Paige Perdue
  • 22. Q&A