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Gear6 Web Cache Overview
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Gear6 Web Cache Overview


This slide deck was prepared for the April 20, 2009 launch of Gear6 Web Cache, the Gear6 distribution for Memcached, at the 2009 MySQL Conference. Gear6 Web Cache provides clustering and replication …

This slide deck was prepared for the April 20, 2009 launch of Gear6 Web Cache, the Gear6 distribution for Memcached, at the 2009 MySQL Conference. Gear6 Web Cache provides clustering and replication features and reduces the number of Memcached servers by 70%. Gear6 will be at booth 218 at Conference or visit our website at http://gear6.com.

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  • 1. Gear6 Web Cache The scalable, reliable, manageable Memcached caching solution for high-growth web sites April 2009
  • 2. Gear6 at a Glance • Leading provider of scalable Memcached solutions • Enabling high-growth web sites to deliver and scale dynamic applications and content • Focused on emerging need for a dedicated web caching tier • Customers are leaders in media, social networking and content aggregation • Headquartered in Mountain View, California • Privately held with investments from U.S. Venture Partners, InterWest and Horizon 2: Copyright 2009 Gear6 Inc.
  • 3. Memcached Background & Market • Need for distributed caching tier is ubiquitous » Consumer internet trafic surpassed business trafic in 2008 » Dynamic/Social/Aggregation sites are the driving web growth » Approximately 70% of websites are Linux-based (typically LAMP/Java) and are not scalable without a distributed caching tier • Memcached is an open source project that developed around the need for dynamic web sites to have a distributed caching tier » Technology: Memcached is a generic two stage hashing system (clients and servers). Clients are written for specific application types. Server is written in C » Use cases: HTML, MySQL, Session/profile caching. • Memcached is de facto solution » 85% of top 20 sites use memcached; 50%+ of top 5k sites uses Memcached » Memcached has client libraries in all major languages » Memcached has application level plug-ins for apps like WordPress and Drupal 3: Copyright 2009 Gear6 Inc.
  • 4. Introducing Gear6 Web Cache A Memcached protocol-compliant solution that enables web site developers and operators to scale web services and applications, to save money, rack space, power and time, to protect users and sites from failures and trafic spikes, and to manage all aspects of caching operations 4: Copyright 2009 Gear6 Inc.
  • 5. Gear6 Value Add to Memcached Customer Community » Customer-driven » Code contributions on enhancements to Google Code and Github: Memcached • Statsproxy • Testing tools • Advanced key-space Reporting & Management Memory Allocation Memory Allocation reporting & Management & Management (Flash+DRAM) (Flash+DRAM) » Twitter discussions Memcached • Twitter.com/memcached » Forums Clustering & Replication Packaging • dev.gear6.com (Server, Flash, Networking) » Memcached development » Support for Memcached environment (including HW, SW and clients) 5: Copyright 2009 Gear6 Inc.
  • 6. Scale your Web Site, Applications scale save and Architecture protect manage • High-density memory architecture for easy and economical scaling • Built-in high availability for reliable scaling • Comprehensive management and reporting for predictable, trouble-free scaling 6: Copyright 2009 Gear6 Inc.
  • 7. Save Money, Rack Space, scale save Power and Time protect manage $ 206k Purchase & Operational price of • Hybrid DRAM-Flash 400 GB web cache solution Architecture $68k (Customer costs include HW, SW support/administration and 3 years » High speed of DRAM Low of operations) cost & high density of Other Gear6 Flash 6U Rack space required for a 400 Gbyte web cache solution • Optimized Memory 2U Allocation (units or “U” of rack space required) Other Gear6 1500 w • Highest density Power consumption of a 400 Gbyte web cache solutions Memcached deployment 500 w (watts) Other Gear6 7: Copyright 2009 Gear6 Inc.
  • 8. Protect Users and Sites scale save from Cache Tier Failures protect manage • Cluster-based continuous service availability • Replication-based continuous data availability • Fast, easy deployment without client-side modifications • Disruption-free software upgrades 8: Copyright 2009 Gear6 Inc.
  • 9. Manage All Aspects scale save of Caching Operations protect manage • Greater management visibility into Memcached • Ability to drill down to the level of individual instances • Insight for troubleshooting, optimization and planning • Hot key, client and instance reporting Management interface drill-downs providing detail at all levels of Gear6 Web Cache 9: Copyright 2009 Gear6 Inc.
  • 10. Gear6 Web Cache Specifications Gear6 Web Cache Software Gear6 Web Cache Module • High memory density » Best-in-class hybrid RAM-Flash configurations » Advanced memory management » Most eficient object eviction implementation Gear6 software delivered on best-of-breed, » High bandwidth support industry standard servers, DRAM and Flash • High availability » Rich cluster functionality Module specs: » Failover configurations •1 U rack profile with four flash drive bays » Cache replication options •Minimum of two modules per appliance • Advanced management •Two power supplies per module •Four bonded GE ports per module » Hot key and client analysis •Two Quad Core processors » Service-wide diagnostics •Up to 300GB per rack unit » Aggregated physical and logical views 10: Copyright 2009 Gear6 Inc.
  • 11. Customers and Business • Gear6 Web Cache » Beta closed in March 2009 » Early Access Program started in April 2009 » GA 20 April 2009 • Sales » Direct model now; channel potential » Solution ASP: $24k-50k • Example Web Cache Production Customers: • Company » 20+ people and hiring! » Caching, web infrastructure and open source expertise » Proven product with focus on a high growth space 11: Copyright 2009 Gear6 Inc.
  • 12. Resources • www.gear6.com » New site on 20 April 2009 • dev.gear6.com » Community site for Memcached users » Forums regarding Memcached tools • Twitter » twitter.com/memcached • Github » http://github.com/rama/statsproxy/tree/master • Google code » http://code.google.com/p/statsproxy/ More contributions coming soon! 12: Copyright 2009 Gear6 Inc.
  • 13. Thank You! Joaquin Ruiz EVP Products joaquin@gear6.com +1 650 587 7112 13: Copyright 2009 Gear6 Inc.