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Gear6 Solution Launch
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Gear6 Solution Launch


Published on

Gear6 Solution Launch Presentation

Gear6 Solution Launch Presentation

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Accelerating storage for real time application performance Solution Launch © 2006 Gear6. All rights reserved. Information in this presentation may be subject to change.
  • 2. The Server-Storage Performance Gap
    • Increasing demands:
      • Greater peak loads
      • Stringent latency requirements
      • Larger data sets
      • More transactions from increasing user access
    • Disk storage has mechanical limitations
    • No longer sufficient for all needs
    • Widening gap between server performance and disk-based storage systems
    Server/CPU Disk drives Increasing server performance Constrained, disk-based storage performance Accelerated storage with Gear6
  • 3. Announcing...
    • An innovative solution to close the server-storage performance gap: CENTRALIZED STORAGE CACHING
      • First centralized caching solution
      • Dramatic performance improvements
        • Increased throughput AND reduced access time
      • Complements existing storage infrastructure
    • Trend toward rebalancing the data center
      • Scalable memory set to complement disk-based systems
  • 4. Leading Data Centers Recognize the Need
    • "If you have a single server doing one application, it doesn't matter what kind of storage you have," he says. "When you start increasing the number of servers and applications that access the same data over and over, then you really need to increase IOPS."
      • Principal Systems Engineer, Biotech Firm (Byte and Switch 9.13.06)
    • "Our central file system was getting hammered in a way it had never been hammered before. The NFS caches couldn't go fast enough — they did not have enough RAM on them."
      • Vice President Technology, Animation Studio (Byte and Switch 4.13.06)
  • 5. Current Solutions Have Significant Limitations
    • Excessive Over-provisioning
      • High initial cost
      • High ongoing cost of tuning and support
      • I/O still at drive speeds
    • Storage Device Caching
      • Expensive proprietary hardware
      • Does not scale past single subsystem
    • Server-based Caching
      • Limited capacity and scalability
      • Cost hit in each server
      • Potentially disruptive
    Proprietary CACHE CACHE
  • 6. Introducing: Centralized Storage Caching
    • Applies well-known caching concepts to modern data center architectures
    • Keeps frequently accessed data in a very large, scalable central memory pool
    • Makes cache available as a shared network resource
    • Enables high performance data access by avoiding time-consuming disk operations
    • Accelerates applications due to dramatically decreased response times and increased data throughput
  • 7. Benefits of Centralized Storage Caching
    • Complement existing infrastructure
      • Transparent installation
      • No change to current applications or storage resources
    • Maximize valued resources
      • Cache available to all servers and storage devices
    • Scale easily
      • Add cache modules on the fly
      • Create multi-terabyte installations
    • Simplify configurations
      • Reduce over-provisioning
      • Intelligence caching removes need for active management
  • 8.
    • Use high-speed RAM to overcome performance limitations of traditional disk-based storage
    CACHEfx™ Scalable Caching Appliances
    • Accelerate data center systems and applications by transparently eliminating I/O bottlenecks
    • Complement existing infrastructure
    • Deliver new capabilities
      • Unmatched performance
      • Thousands of concurrent clients
      • Eliminate over-provisioning
      • Peak load management and QoS
    • Characteristics
      • Scale to multiple terabytes
      • Support millions of IOPs
      • Reduce milliseconds to microseconds
      • Serve parallel I/O requests
  • 9. Scenarios and Segments
    • Application Characteristics
      • Large data sets
      • Random data access
      • High number of concurrent clients and transactions
      • Significant peak loads
      • Service level requirements
    • Databases
    • Energy and Exploration
    • Electronic Design
    • Media Delivery
    • Financial Simulation
    • Biotechnology
    • Animation
    Fits a broad range of applications and segments
  • 10. Centralized Storage Caching Use Cases
    • Problems
      • I/O constraints
      • Poor utilization
      • Varying service levels
    • Solution
      • Increase I/O throughput
      • Shorten response times
      • Deliver consistent performance
    • Benefits
      • Shorten processing times
      • Simplify configurations
      • Easily manage peak loads
      • No infrastructure change
    Database Servers Application Servers Disk Storage CACHEfx™ Performance and Acceleration Reduce over-provisioning Quality of Service
  • 11. Sample Data Center Installation with NAS Filers CACHEfx™ Appliance NAS Clients NAS Filers (NFS) Un-accelerated Data Path Cached files served 10-50x faster from RAM Accelerated Data Path Implementation of Centralized Storage Caching
  • 12. Rebalancing the Data Center
    • “ But the miraculous advance of disk storage concealed a problem: The larger and denser the individual disks, the longer it takes to scan them for information....
    • The solution is to deploy huge amounts of random access memory (RAM)...
    • RAM can be accessed some 10,000 times faster than disks. So, measured by access time, RAM is 100 times cheaper than disk storage.”
      • George Gilder, The Information Factories Wired Magazine, October 2006
  • 13. Key Points
      • Performance gap is real and growing
      • Centralized storage caching represents a new and innovative solution
      • Unique scalable caching appliance delivers
        • Instant data access
        • Fit with existing infrastructure
      • Broad fit across applications and segments
        • Immediate acceleration and service guarantees