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Jake austin powerpoint

  1. 1. By Jake Austin How have recent developments in technology affected animation?
  2. 2. How had youtube affected animation? Youtube has made anyone be able to make an animation and show it to the world without the need of money or advertising Easy to access any animation and easy to use Videos on demand when you want them instantly from your computer Youtube inspires more people to make more animations Videos can be uploaded free and easily Independently start your own animation network on Youtube
  3. 3. Animation being more independent More people can afford to animate More animators because more people can afford to be an animator either for fun or for money Inspiring animators to animate more Animation is cheaper to produce Increase of amateur animators More animation means bigger audiences which means more money and better animations recent development of cheaper eqiupment and how it has affected animation?
  4. 4. Onion skinning is when you can see your previous frames when drawing or making your next frame helping it be more accurate. It helps animators by making animations more smooth and accurate. Can be done electronically on animation programmes and by putting the pieces of paper on top of each other A good technique if you have the time as it doesn’t take anymore work and allows smoother transitions between frames How would "onion skinning" help animatiors?
  5. 5. How do computers change animation? Computers allow people to add delete and edit frames easily and electronically without needing to use a razor to cut out whole sections of footage Helps with global distribution Allows CGI (computer generated imagery to be used in animation and allows more 3d animation techniques to be used. Allows for automated computer animation (“tweening”) Animations can be saved digitally saving space, time and money Allows people to edit pictures on Photoshop and add effects and colouring digitally.
  6. 6. How do these link to my work? Youtube has given me inspiration and ideas from other animations and animators. Computers and cheaper equipment would allow me to do animation at home independently and in school and allow me to edit things and view them as I go frame by frame. Onion skinning would be a good technique to learn to improve my animations. Tweening would allow me to make things smoother and easier but would need to be a new skill learnt however the technology is free.