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Ellie mitchell

  1. 1. How have recent developments in technology affected animation
  2. 2. How has affected animation ? Youtube has allowed animators to publish and present their animations to a worldwide audience It’s accessible to anyone on the internet Videos can be viewed whenever they are demanded there is no set time Youtube allows people to discover new techniques and have tutorials to help with their animation Youtube is free to publish animations and videos so it means you can spend more on production
  3. 3. Most viewed animation on Youtube!! Charlie the Unicorn is the most viewed animation on Youtube. Charlie the Unicorn is a silly video following the short adventure of two happy-go-lucky unicorns dragging their ...'friend' Charlie on an adventure to the magical Candy Mountain.
  4. 4. Ray William Johnson presents a weekly show on Youtube on Mondays & Thursdays called =3 (equals three) His videos consist of viral videos of the week and he explains them whilst making fun of them. He tells his audience whether they are fake or not. He uses funny voice overs on videos. =3 ‘ Viral’ distribution means that for example a video is spread all over the world rapidly and gets a lot of views.
  5. 5. How has the development of cheaper equipment and free/cheap software affected animation ? It allows more animations to be made New animators produced Animation techniques improve
  6. 6. How would 'Onion-skinning' help animators? Skinning allows animators to improve the movement of the characters and make it appear that it is moving smoothly Onion skinning allows you to edit your animation by letting you view several frames at once Onion skinning is when software allows you to see several frames before so you can see where and how far to move your character.
  7. 7. How do computers change animation? Computers allow animators to use different software to edit and create their animation. Computers allow animators to use ‘onion-skinning’, edit the timings of scenes and apply transitions and sound affects. Delete and edit frames easily with a computer. More animations made. It allows editing and completion of animation to become faster and lets anyone view the animations via the internet.
  8. 8. How has digital photography changed animation? Digital photography has allowed animators to use digital photographs in their animations and it also lets animators make their animators smoother and more detailed. Allows animators to use digital photographs in different media. Digital photography is price efficient and quick which means animators can produce more animations.