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Daniel powerpoint
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Daniel powerpoint


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  • 1. How have recent developments in technology affected animation ?
  • 2. How has You Tube affected animation You Tube has completely changed the face of animation. Since the creating of Youtube In 2005 on February, it has made amateur animators more able to share their work with the public and made new producers and talent to appear. It has also increased the amount of viewers who watch animation . It has also made animations more accessible to the public and allows them to get videos on demand.
  • 3. How has the development of cheaper Equipment and free/ cheap softwared affected animation ? The production of cheaper equipment and free/ cheap software has allowed more producers to emerge therefore allowing new talent to come forth and it has also allowed for more animations.
  • 4. How would Onion-skinning help animators ? Onion skinning would help animators a great deal. It would allow them to create good looking animations that run very smoothly. If it was tweening where the computer does it for you this would save the animator a lot of time.
  • 5. How do computers change animation ? Computers have made animations more able to create, it has also allowed animations more easy to view and allows for Global distribution and has lead to more viral distribution. This is shown from the most viewed animation on youtube which is called Charlie and the Unicorn
  • 6. How has digital photography changed animation ? Digital photography has revolutionised animation. Digital camera are now affordable and are easy to get hold off. They allow for smooth pictures to be taken for the animation and make animations a lot easier to do.
  • 7. How the previous slides affected my animation ? allowed me to share my animation with a world wide audience. The development of cheaper equipment and free/cheap software affected my animation because it allowed me the possibility to create it because CNS (City Norwich School) could afforded the equipment and programs that where needed. I didn’t use Onion skinning in my animation. I used the computer to put my frames together, to edit my animation and add Music very simply. Digital photography allowed me to take the clear, well and detailed pictures for My animations.