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Ben nelson powerpoint Ben nelson powerpoint Presentation Transcript

  • How have recent developments in technology affected animation? By Ben Nelson
  • How has YouTube affected animation?
    • YouTube is a website where anyone from anywhere can share videos with the entire world.
    • Now, everyday people can broadcast their amateur animations to the whole world and get feedback instantly.
    • Also now we can watch classic animations instantly at anytime, this helps to increase aware about animation in places that might not have very many.
  • How has the development of cheaper equipment and free/cheap software affected animation?
    • With the decrease in price on cameras and things like tripods, now more and more people are making animations.
    • Now there is a steady increase in amateur and professional animators as more people get more access to the internet and a camera.
    • Also, current animators are making more and more animations for much less.
  • How would ‘Onion-Skinning’ help animators?
    • Before Onion-Skinning, animations were all rather stiff and inaccurate.
    • Now even amateurs can have smooth moving animations, instead of jerky low quality ones.
  • How do computers change animation?
    • Computers have added a lot to animation, with easier methods to animate drawings and better ways to share things.
    • There are now programmes which can do most of the animating for you and even line up the camera.
    • You can even colour and distribute your animation.
  • How has digital photography changed animation?
    • Digital Photography has improved image quality a lot and even allowed effects to be added to the shots
    • We can also get finer zoom levels that have more quality
    • There is also the chance for high quality shots whilst moving.