Creative organisation


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Presentation covers Organizational design,Mechanism for stimulating Organizational Creativity,,Creative Societies , Value propositions and issues

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Creative organisation

  1. 1. Creative OrganizationGopaldas Pawan KumarMain excerpts from “ Corporate Creativity”-The Winning EdgeBy Pradip N Khandwalla
  2. 2. Issues in Organizational Design• Organizational design responds to contrary pullslike efficiency in competitive world and pushesorganizations into division of labor, specializationand standardization.• This in turn introduces coordination and controlmechanisms in an organization creating hierarchyand providing decision making powers.• This also creates motivational problems and tosolve them incentives, power sharing, participativeor collective decision making issues have to beintroduced .GDP26/19/2013
  3. 3. Issues in Organizational Design(Contd--------)• Due to these issues organizations move betweenflexibility and rigidity.• Creative Organizations have to facilitate creativeideas , screen and implement the right ones. Theseare equivalent to an individuals Divergent andConvergent thinking process.• Due to competition, reduced PLC andunpredictability creative organization design is acomplex exercise .GDP36/19/2013
  4. 4. Approaches toDesign of Creative OrganizationAs per Gary Steiner• a creative organization is headed by a creative,entrepreneurial individual who commands or forcesthe rest of the organization to comply with his visionsand ideas .• Could be a decentralized organization in whichnumber of of people display creativity.• As per Cameron Ford the critical elements of design ofthe creative organization are its domains(Markets, Government agencies, Industry associations,etc ) , the system that interprets these domains, thesystem that acquires the needed knowledge andrequired skills for creative action.GDP46/19/2013
  5. 5. Policy FrameworksAn organization life is fraught with unpredictable eventsand complex issues.Issues to sort out could be :• Should the organization diversify , if so into related orunrelated areas.• Should the organization compete on the basis ofproduct quality, features ,price or brand loyalty.• Should it have a simple or elaborate structure.• What policies favor organization creativity-experimental, risk taking, rapid growth or pioneeringthat may encourage organization innovations andcreativity.GDP56/19/2013
  6. 6. Organizational Design for Sustainedand Successful CreativityThere are sets of forces that can ready the organizationfor launching continuous stream of innovations.1. Selecting a particular domain.2. Adopting certain kinds of goals of majorstakeholders (Owners, Vendors, Banks, Customers,Unions etc)3. Harboring certain kinds of management visions.The Organization has to take up certain actions likescanning environment,, undertaking SWOTanalysis, introducing controls and mechanisms andmotivating staff to spur innovations.GDP66/19/2013
  7. 7. Choice of SizzlingOperating DomainsInnovative Orientationof the OrganizationManagement GrandVision for OrganizationUse of Mechanism toSpur GrowthStakeholdersDemandsScanningEnvironmentsInnovative CultureMotivational Systemto facilitateInnovationsConflict resolution tofacilitate InnovationsInnovations basedCompetitive StrategyInnovation basedGrowth StrategyManagementControl to facilitateInnovationsSustained andSuccessfulCreativityOrganizationalDesign forSustained andSuccessfulCreativityGDP76/19/2013
  8. 8. Mechanism for StimulatingOrganizational Creativity• Organizations need to work on many fronts tostimulate creativity.• They need to develop creative and innovativemindsets at all levels and in all functions.• They have to push movers and shakers to leadchanges and innovations.• Have to promote both incremental andbreakthrough innovations on continuous basisGDP86/19/2013
  9. 9. Organizational Creativity -Value Proposition and Mechanisms Delivering ThemS.No Value Proposition Delivering Mechanisms1 Creativity movement in the Organization Creative thinking network andCreative Training2 Finding Movers and Shakers Multiplication of Change Agents3 Vision that challenges the Organization toInnovationsCreative scenario building andMind Mapping4 Breakthrough Product/Process Innovations Intrapreneurship and ParallelGroups5 Breakthrough Operations related Innovations Creative Overlooking6 Continuous small improvements and innovations Kaizen Systems7 Information on strategic gaps that spursinnovationsCreative experiments, CreativeSurveys, Creative Benchmarking,Reverse Benchmarking .8 High Potential Leads and connections Knowledge discovery.Stakeholders Councils9 Space for decision making and initiative taking ExnovationGDP96/19/2013
  10. 10. Mechanisms for StimulatingOrganizational Creativity1. Creative Overloading : When a system isoverloaded it looks a lot more for innovative ways formeasuring up. Similar to stretch targets.2. Creative Benchmarking: It aims to look at variousexternal avenues for creative Bench Marking3. Parallel Groups : Used to develop radicallyalternate creative approaches. It strengthens winningefforts with the strengths of the losing teams.4. Knowledge Discovery :it is the process ofsearching for links in data available with theorganization to locate previously unknown patterns.GDP106/19/2013
  11. 11. Mechanisms for StimulatingOrganizational Creativity(Contd….)5.Creative Thinking Network : OZ Creative ThinkingNetwork started in DuPont’s Industrial FibersDivision was initiated by employees to expand thecompany’s knowledge base of global concepts andtechnologies related to creativity and innovations andpromote entrepreneurship, risk taking, qualityleadership that facilitated commercial success.6.Mind Mapping :It is way of going from big picture toconcrete innovations. It is a display of concepts andactivities that clarifies the connections among themrelated to complex issues.GDP116/19/2013
  12. 12. Mechanisms for StimulatingOrganizational Creativity(Contd….)7. Organizational Experiments: These are creativeefforts when undertaken in diverse areas so thatreliable information is generated for managementinterventions in unknown areas.8. Stakeholders Councils: Encourages voice ofstakeholders other than management to decide onfuture directions based on the suggestions .9. Creative Surveys : Professional organizationsfrequently survey their employees to measure themorale, job satisfaction and also to solicitinfrequently tapped information for innovativepurposes.GDP126/19/2013
  13. 13. Mechanisms for StimulatingOrganizational Creativity(Contd…..)10. Reverse Brainstorming : In this mechanism thewinning strategy is attacked from competitor’s point ofview. This will make the winning team to look at theirstrategy from various angles to unearth deficiencies.11. Intrapreneurship : It is an encouragement to anemployee by offering the proposed novel idea a nominalbudget and facilities to work on the idea. It tries to marrythe advantages of small dynamic charged up teams withresources so as not to stifle creativity but increase theprobability of commercial success.GDP136/19/2013
  14. 14. Mechanisms for StimulatingOrganizational Creativity(Contd….)12. Kaizen : It is Japanese in origin and looks atcontinuous improvement in operations- 5S , ‘Q’circles , Scanlon Plan , TQM etc are some of the tools.13.Multiplication of Change Agents : Change agentsbring in a culture of innovations in a company and isa very successful strategy to increase their numbers.14. Creative Scenario Building : Delphi technique isused to build different scenarios by experts lookinginto the future and the best are analyzed , modifiedand finally accepted.GDP146/19/2013
  15. 15. Mechanisms for StimulatingOrganizational Creativity(Contd….)15. Creative Training : It works to enhance thecapacity for divergent or lateral thinking. Organizationwide results would improve by creative training . Ex:Brainstorming , Attributes Changing etc.16. Exnovation : Yesterday’s innovation may betoday’s Albatross . Review of policies, rules andregulations are required to overhaul old innovationsand replace with new and efficient ones.GDP156/19/2013
  16. 16. Creative Diagnosing• Creative Diagnosing is essential to unfreeze theOrganization for transformation.• Diagnosis is creative when it is credible to internal andexternal stakeholders and also is done in an innovativemanner . The info thus obtained is innovatively utilized.• It has following steps:1. Creative mobilization of external and internalstakeholders for transformation.2. Creatively building an internal consensus fortransformation.3. Creative Mindset Change.4. Creative Implementation of transformational strategy.GDP166/19/2013
  17. 17. Creative Societies• To succeed and prosper in creative age thenations have too make the transition fromindustrial to creative societies by investing intheir people , building up their creative capitaland remaining open and tolerant societies.• The society should harness the talents andreward the energies of citizens to connecteconomic and human development.• Countries like US , Germany, France , Japan areexamples of creative societies where inGovernments encourage creative environment tonurture and sustain creative societies.GDP176/19/2013
  18. 18. The requirements / Characteristics ofCreative Society1.Open Society2.AchievementOrientation3.Autonomy4.Resources availability5.Collaboration6.Self- identity7.DiversityGDP188. Recognition9. Crisis10.Government Support11.Innovation orientedCorporate Society12. Encourage Knowledge13. Industry – InstitutesCollaboration6/19/2013
  19. 19. EndGDP