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Vista Ridge STEM Brief 20130509
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Vista Ridge STEM Brief 20130509


A brief to describe the NORAD and NORTHCOM missions and challenge High School students to continue pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics degrees in continuing education.

A brief to describe the NORAD and NORTHCOM missions and challenge High School students to continue pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics degrees in continuing education.

Published in Technology
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  • This slide and the next one show the Commands’ vision and missions. As you read these slides, you will notice our tremendous focus on partnerships. We couldn’t succeed without our partners.
  • These are our mission statements. NORAD is a binational command with the U.S. and Canada. NORAD stands for “North American Aerospace Defense Command.” It was established in 1958. The NORAD Agreement is a formal military partnership, based upon a binding international agreement. This agreement is reviewed every four years. United States Northern Command, or “USNORTHCOM,” was established in 2002 as a result of the terrorist attacks on September 11th.(Additional notes: At that time, the United States did not have a single command responsible for defense of the United States. It was split between a number of commanders. So, President Bush, Secretary Rumsfield, and our Congress established USNORTHCOM.)The USNORTHCOM mission statement was recently reworded to add the word “partners.” The intent of this rewording was to emphasize that in everything we do, we work with a host of key partners to ensure unity of effort and effectiveness of response.USNORTHCOM is U.S. only, but our Area of Responsibility (as you will see on slide five) covers all of North America, including The Bahamas and the Caribbean. NORAD’s and USNORTHCOM’s missions complement each other to encompass the entire spectrum of defense, from detection to recovery. By working together, we are able to fully achieve mission success.
  • Our missions are depicted here in three categories…Homeland Defense, Security Cooperation, and Civil Support. Our mission success is dependent on the strength of our partnerships, as noted in the diagram.NORAD’s missions (Aerospace Warning and Control and Maritime Warning) fall in the Homeland Defense section, which includes defense of the homelands of the United States and Canada, while USNORTHCOM’s operations span everything. In fulfilling the Homeland Defense missions of both NORAD and USNORTHCOM, it makes sense to combine efforts, share information, and work together as one team. USNORTHCOM spends a significant portion of its time on Civil Support, but Homeland Defense remains DOD’s number 1 priority. USNORTHCOM’s Security Cooperation Program strives to improve relationships with Partner Nations in order to share information, promote interoperability, and enhance capabilities that will contribute to a cooperative continental response to defense, security, and disaster assistance.Transition – On the next slide, we will take a closer look at our Area of Responsibility/Area of Operation and Area of Interest.
  • The USNORTHCOM Area of Responsibility lies inside the blue line. In military terminology, in the U.S. Unified Command Plan (UCP), while this geographic designation is called the Area of Responsibility, this term does not imply that the U.S. controls Canada and the other countries. This Area of Responsibility can be described as our area of focus. In addition to the U.S., our Area of Responsibility includes 3 nations (Canada, Mexico and Bahamas) and 6 dependencies (PR, VI, BVI, Turks and Caicos), Bermuda and St Pierre Miquelon Islands).  Alaska is cross-hatched because USNORTHCOM has the Homeland Defense and Civil Support missions, but Pacific Command (PACOM) provides the forces to execute the mission. Hawaii is not part of our area (belongs to USPACOM) however, USNORTHCOM supports USPACOM with its mission of missile defense of Hawaii.NORAD does not have an Area of Responsibility, but rather an Area of Operation, which is North America.To the side of the map, you will notice that there is a listing of global issues, which shows examples of our Area of Interest. We don’t wait for threats to cross our borders. We work with other COCOMs (Combatant Commanders), intelligence agencies, and interagency partners to detect/defeat threats before they arrive at our borders. This list highlights examples of issues or types of events that we monitor and analyze to determine how they may affect our region of the world , so we can prepare accordingly.Transition – Next, we will look at how the Commands are structured to conduct our missions.
  • NORAD and USNORTHCOM are two separate commands, neither subordinate to the other.Our Commander, General Jacoby, is dual-hatted as Commander of NORAD and Commander of USNORTHCOM. It makes sense to have one commander for these two commands because our missions are so complementary. They require a very close relationship between the two. As Commander for NORAD, he reports to the senior civilian leadership for both nations through our respective defense architectures As the Commander for USNORTHCOM, he reports to the U.S. Secretary of Defense and the President.(Additional Notes: The CDR does not have to be an American. The NORAD agreement says the Commander and Deputy shall not be from the same country, but it does not say the CDR must be American. However, since the beginning of NORAD, the CDR has always been American.)Although it’s not depicted here, the Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC) is the Canadian counterpart to USNORTHCOM. It’s significant for Canada to have an established link and relationship with both NORAD and USNORTHCOM.
  • Right here within our headquarters, we work as an integrated team. Virtually all aspects of the Commands organizations are completely integrated, with the one exception being our operations directorates, which function separately, but liaise closely on matters of complementary concern.Although NORAD and USNORTHCOM have separate operations directors, our command center is a unified arrangement, with personnel working side by side in the NORAD and USNORTHCOM Command Center—the N2C2.Transition – The environment in which we operate is also inclusive of many outside organizations with common interests and goals.
  • We do our mission with a host of partners…Strong relationships between organizations are especially critical here in the Homeland. NORAD and USNORTHCOM have a strong philosophy of “Cooperation and Collaboration.” This includes both military and non-military organizations.Our military partners consist of Canadian military and U.S. Active, Reserve, and National Guard. We also have Mexican military liaison officers assigned to USNORTHCOM. Our interagency representatives also are extremely important. We have relationships with representatives from both federal and non-government organizations such as the American Red Cross. Some reps work in our building while we have close contact with others. Since we know we will interact with these organizations here in the Homeland, it makes sense to collaborate on a regular basis to build an understanding of processes, resources, etc. It also helps to ensure unity of effort during the planning process. We routinely work with approximately 60 representatives from more than 50 agencies.Interagency coordination is a very important area of growth for both NORAD and USNORTHCOM for improving our situational awareness and decreasing our response time.Transition – Our partners also are a key focus of the Commander’s priorities, which you will see next.
  • This slide shows GEN Jacoby’s priorities, which he developed to focus the staff’s efforts.Expand and strengthen our trusted partnerships—The strength of USNORTHCOM and NORAD is found in the partnerships that we create and sustain across joint, interagency, and multinational organizations. Accordingly, in the months ahead, we will continue our efforts to integrate across and develop trust among capable mission partners. Advance and sustain the binational military command—Over the last half-century, NORAD has been a mechanism for collaboration between the United States and Canada in the interest of security. As we look ahead to the next half-century of this partnership, NORAD will remain a model for international cooperation in defense planning, execution, training, information management, and technological innovation. Gain and maintain all-domain situational awareness—Ensuring global reach and projection is a function of a secure homeland. Our global reach is being challenged by both symmetric and asymmetric threats in and across space, cyberspace, land, sea, and air. Combining appropriate whole-of-government and whole-of-society efforts, we will keep our homelands safe by giving priority to technologies and collaborative interagency processes for anti-access/area denial against potential adversaries, including those who attack from the inside. Advocate and develop capabilities in our core mission areas to outpace threats—There is no doubt that both long-understood threats and future asymmetric threats will look to exploit seams and vulnerabilities in our technologies and procedures. As Commander of USNORTHCOM and NORAD, I help mission partners advocate for capabilities to close any seams, mitigate any vulnerabilities, and enhance security to meet the evolving challenges of an interconnected world. Take care of people; they are our foundation—We will always remember that the success of USNORTHCOM and NORAD is due to the professionalism, commitment, and tireless service of our people. As we do our part during the next few years to reset the force in the drawdown from two wars, we will do everything we can to ensure our men and women in uniform have the tools they need to keep our nations safe and free.Transition – Next, we will look at how the CDR’s priorities are emphasized in each Command’s strategic end states.
  • This slide details USNORTHCOM’s Theater Campaign Plan. These end states are directly related to USNORTHCOM’s missions of homeland defense, civil support and security cooperation. It’s no surprise that our first end state is to ensure the homeland is defended. Our second end state is a cooperative defense with our allies and partner nations.Next, we must counter transnational criminal organizations, or TCOs, since they negatively affect our security interests.Our fourth end state is to support civil authorities. The military has unique capabilities that we provide in support of civil authorities to mitigate the effects of disasters.And finally, climate change has opened waterways in the Arctic, which brings with it new challenges, so our fifth strategic end state is Arctic Cooperative Security. Transition – Next we will look at the spectrum of operations that show how we get to these end states…
  • Our Commander has made a point of saying that we cannot afford to be “hollow in the homeland.” Our world is one of constant change, and we must be ready to challenge assumptions, think creatively, and meet future challenges in defending our homelands. Successful, strong partnerships are our lifeblood. NORAD and USNORTHCOM do not operate in a vacuum; we must work together with our partners.Even during this time of budget review and cuts, the men and women of NORAD and USNORTHCOM and our trusted partners will continue to “have the watch.”Pending any questions, this slide completes the brief.


  • 1. Building the UnclassifiedUser Defined Operational Picture (UDOP)Leveraging the internet and social networks1This Briefing isUNCLASSIFIEDUNCLASSIFIEDNORAD-USNORTHCOMBrief for Vista Ridge High School (VRHS)– Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics(STEM)Gary KochNORAD-USNORTHCOM J64309 May 2013
  • 2. … Purpose …• Provide the VRHS students with an introductionto NORAD and USNORTHCOM and the conceptof operations that leverages the use of thegeospatial data and the internet for SituationalAwareness in Homeland Defense (HD) andDefense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA)Mission Sets.• Discuss concepts such as mobile, socialnetworking, cloud, intelligent composeability andinternet of everything to stimulate furtherresearch, collaboration, crowdsourcing andSTEM opportunities for the future.UNCLASSIFIED
  • 3. …Two Commands with One Vision…With our trusted partners,we will defend North Americaby outpacing all threats,maintaining faith with our people andsupporting them in their timesof greatest need.“WE HAVE THE WATCH”UNCLASSIFIED
  • 4. …Performing Complementary Missions…The NORAD Mission:The North American Aerospace DefenseCommand conducts aerospace warning,aerospace control, and maritime warning inthe defense of North America.UNCLASSIFIEDThe USNORTHCOM Mission:The United States Northern Command partnersto conduct homeland defense, civil support,and security cooperation to defend and securethe United States and its interests.
  • 5. …In Three Sacred Areas…UNCLASSIFIED
  • 6. 6…In a Vital Region of the Globe…But We Monitor the GlobalPulse to be Prepared… Terrorism/AsymmetricThreats Symmetric Threats Transnational CriminalOrganizations Violent ExtremistOrganizations Nuclear Proliferation Missile Defense The Arctic Cyber ThreatsUNCLASSIFIEDIntimate Relationship Between Home and Away Game
  • 8. COMBINED HQCommanderChief of StaffPersonnelIntelligenceLogistics & EngineeringStrategy, Policy & PlansC2 SystemsTraining & ExercisesRequirements, Analysis & ResourcesInteragency CoordinationScience and Technology…As an Integrated Team…NORAD• Deputy Commander• Operations DirectorUNCLASSIFIEDUSNORTHCOM• Deputy Commander• Operations Director
  • 9. …With a Host of Partners…9DHS/Office ofInfrastructureProtectionDHS/Science &TechnologyDHS/Intelligence &AnalysisDHS/TransportationSecurity AdministrationInternational Department of Defense InteragencyUNCLASSIFIEDInterorganizationalNORAD and USNORTHCOM Center of Gravity =Trusted Partnerships with Approximately 60 Representatives from 50 Agencies
  • 10. … Focused on the Commander’s Priorities…• Expand and strengthen our trustedpartnerships• Advance and sustain the binational militarycommand• Gain and maintain all-domain situationalawareness• Advocate and develop capabilities in ourcore mission areas to outpace all threats• Take care of our people; they are ourfoundationUNCLASSIFIED
  • 11. …To Achieve Strategic End States…Lines ofOperation(LOOs)UNCLASSIFIED#1 North America is defended fromglobal aerospace threats throughtimely indications, assessment,warning; and interdiction of air-breathing attacks.Aerospace Warning#2 North America is warned of globalmaritime threats through timelyindications, assessment anddissemination.Maritime Warning#3 NORAD achieves significantoperational integration withU.S. and Canadian military andcivil agencies, throughprocessing and disseminationof information and intelligence.#4 NORAD adapts to meetemerging strategic andoperational challengesthrough modernizationconcepts and forcestructure requirements.NORADCross-Cutting LOOsMissionLOOsPartnershipsStrategicAgilityAerospace Control
  • 12. …To Achieve Theater Strategic End States…UNCLASSIFIEDHomeland DefenseCooperative DefenseCounter-TCOsSupport of Civil AuthoritiesArctic Cooperative Security#1 The homeland is defended in depth.#2 Allies & partner nations actively contributeto the cooperative defense of North America.#3 Department of Defense has contributed thenecessary capacities and support to disrupt,degrade or defeat Transnational CriminalOrganizations’ ability to affect U.S. and partnernations’ security and interests negatively.#4 Civil authorities are provided support tomitigate effects of disasters.#5 U.S. allies & partners in the USNORTHCOMAOR contribute to the peaceful opening of theArctic in a manner that strengthensinternational cooperation.USNORTHCOM
  • 13. CIVIL MILITARYBorderSecurityLocal / StateCrisisManagementMissileDefense/Air ControlAlertLawEnforcementRegionalConsequenceManagementTransnationalCriminalOrgsMaritimeWarning/ResponseNationalSpecialSecurityEvents CriticalInfrastructureProtectionTheaterSecurityCooperationSatelliteTrackingUNCLASSIFIED… Across a Spectrum of Operations…Physicalor CyberDefense
  • 14. … Protecting the Homeland …UNCLASSIFIED
  • 15. –One Commander Leads Two CloselyLinked, but Separate Commands–Homeland Defense is Priority #1–Partnerships are Our LifebloodUNCLASSIFIED… Key Thoughts to Remember…“WE HAVE THE WATCH”
  • 16. • Ensure systems are founded on a common architecturecomprised of open standards.• Capability to collect, fuse & share information across DOD &non-DOD Mission Partner networks.• Seamlessly integrate GEOINT, terrain and weather effectsinto C2 mission tools.• USNORTHCOM investments in its geospatial C2 tools willtransition and extend to DHS and other mission partners.… Requirements…UNCLASSIFIED
  • 17. … Crowdsourced Environment ...Situational AwarenessUNCLASSIFIED
  • 18. … Web-based User Defined COP …Complete GISCIP DataImageryMaritimeLandUSCGAirIntel/ThreatsAccessible anywhere, anytime, any mobile deviceUNCLASSIFIED
  • 19. … SAGE Data in GoogleEarth …All SAGE data is accessible inone place within GoogleEarthand is updated daily by SAGETeam Members. This KMZ isbuilt using basic HTML5 withinthe KML structure. Very simpleto manage and allows for a high“speed of data” to users.UNCLASSIFIED
  • 20. … Common NC FFT Iridium Devices …(Commercial)TRAKKERTYPHONOmniTRACPALLAS B1PALLAS B2 Nano-SHOUT9602-LP- Vehicle- Aircraft (*certification)- Surface- Static Location- Dismounted4 in.W-8 in. L-2.5 in. H 3.9 lbs.3.60 in. W – 8.78 in. L – 2.59 in. H2.6 lbs.NOTE: These devices are integrated into the MMCUSNORTHCOM is #1 DOD Iridium USERUNCLASSIFIED
  • 21. … FFT Devices (Non-Iridium) …Movement Tracking System(Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below)FBCB2Omni-TRAC- Vehicle- Aircraft- Static Locations (Ops Centers)VehicleVehicleNOTE: These devices are integrated into theMMC however, not all technologies areintegrated due to rigorous integration andtesting by US Army STRATCOM MMC Testbed.As of 6 June:6,694 total devices (NIPR)7,669 total devices (SIPR)*USNORTHCOM is J-FFT MMCs # 2 DOD CustomerUNCLASSIFIED
  • 22. … the Geospatial Artisan!!! …UNCLASSIFIEDWhere is Chris Mayfield???
  • 23. • Integration of Open Systems (Crowdsourced development)– Ushahidi + SwiftRiver + Twitter + Facebook + FourSquare = SA?• Need to Know, Need to Share, Responsibility to Provide –Create Incentives (internships, student projects, volunteers,gaming)• Cell phone tracking integration – Latitude, Foursquare,Geochat, Facebook Places, other location based services• Focused Social Media utilization - Twitter, Facebook, YouTube,Ustream, Geofeedia• Lead the E/UDOP effort within Interagency– DOD and DHS working in parallel to improve collaboration– Google Earth Enterprise Globe distribution– N-NC is the Global COP for the unclassified subscriber in DOD, a keyrelationship for NGOs and other COCOMs to maintain and foster… Great Opportunities …UNCLASSIFIED
  • 24. • Billions of $$$ of R&D each year– Hard technology - search engines, visualization, mashups, …– Soft technology - social engineering, user generated content,people networks, …• These are the capabilities younger generation expectto have at work• Issues:– Identifying the technologies that make sense for DOD– Time lag to get into DOD environment… Take Advantage of the Web …UNCLASSIFIED
  • 25. … Government will never be the same! …Session #21/Gary KochUNCLASSIFIED
  • 26. Gary Koch… Internet of Everything …UNCLASSIFIED
  • 27. … Going Mobile!! …Gary KochUNCLASSIFIED
  • 28. … Context, Context, Context …Gary KochUNCLASSIFIED
  • 29. … Analytics … Prediction? …Gary KochUNCLASSIFIED
  • 30. … Smartness? …Gary KochUNCLASSIFIED
  • 31. … Governmental Challenges! …Gary KochUNCLASSIFIED
  • 32. … Think like a CIO …Gary KochUNCLASSIFIED
  • 33. … User Defined Collaboration Mashup …InRelief.org ExampleUNCLASSIFIED
  • 34. • Amazon, iTunes– Suggestions based on what youand others have bought– Military potential - The last five folkswho planned a NEO extraction usedthis plan as a starting point…• Digg, YouTube– The “group” decides whatsinteresting– Military potential – four out of fiveaction officers found this source ofintelligence data to be mostuseful…… Intelligent Composeability …UNCLASSIFIED
  • 35. 35… Geared To Operate As A Single Machine …UNCLASSIFIED
  • 36. Seven to ThreeRibbonShows up for work, doesthe absolute minimumrequired, and goes homeDUI and Still in the AirForce RibbonDevice denotesnumber of convictionsEverybody Went to the MiddleEast Except Me RibbonNumeral denotes number ofyears spent instead onCaribbean „training‟ evolutionsGot Divorced AgainRibbon$ device for each divorceHead Up theCommanders ButtRibbonSkull device denoteseach additional surgicalextractionGot My Last Boss PromotedRibbonNumeral denotes number ofsuperiors promoted by your hardwork who have already forgottenyour name.Drinking Buddy’sCommendation RibbonDrinking device denotesconsecutive awards.Close Friend of AFPC RibbonPalm tree device for eachreally cushy set of orders.Daddy is a GeneralRibbonStar devices denotedaddy‟s actual rank.My Wife’s Uncle’sRoommates Brother-in-Law ‘s Son KnewSomebody Who ServedIn WWIINever PCSed Out ofSame Location DuringEntire Career RibbonFor 20 years of arduous„homestead‟ serviceI’m Not Moving! RibbonHouse devicedenotes each successfulthreat to not „re-up‟ ifPCSedStaff Sgt for LifeRibbonDevice worn to denoteextra privilege and payincentives ignored orbungledNever Been onDeployment RibbonMissed Every DeploymentRibbonDevice denotesnumber of deployments misseddue to „circumstances‟… Amendment to US Air Force Awards …UNCLASSIFIED
  • 38. Questions?Contact info:N-NC J643Gary Koch(719) 422-3173gary.koch@northcom.milwww.twitter.com/GaryKochhttp://qrcode.kaywa.com/UNCLASSIFIED