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This is my presentation to the AFCEA Course in Fairfax, VA. This course is put on by AFCEA to give insight into where the GCCS system is going in regard to transitioning to Joint Command and Control Capabilities (JC2C).

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AFCEA JC2C - GCCS Presentation

  1. 1. This Briefing is UNCLASSIFIED NORAD-USNORTHCOM C2 Systems Overview for AFCEA JC2C: Evolving the GCCS FoS Building the Unclassified User Defined Operational Picture (UDOP) Using SOA and Net-centricity Mr. Gary Koch NORAD and USNORTHCOM1 J623 UNCLASSIFIED 25 March 2010
  2. 2. Purpose • Provide the AFCEA JC2C course with an introduction to NORAD/USNORTHCOM and the concept of operations that leverages the GCCS FoS enterprise data as it migrates to Joint Command and Control to support their mission sets. • Introduce concepts such as Web 2.0, Web 3.0, social networking, semantic web and intelligent composeability to stimulate further research and collaboration. Session #21/Gary Koch
  3. 3. N-NC Missions • NORAD Mission - In close collaboration with homeland defense, security, and law enforcement partners, prevent air attacks against North America, safeguard the sovereign airspaces of the United States and Canada by responding to unknown, unwanted, and unauthorized air activity approaching and operating within these airspaces, and provide aerospace and maritime warning for North America. • USNORTHCOM Mission - USNORTHCOM anticipates and conducts Homeland Defense and Civil Support operations within the assigned area of responsibility to defend, protect, and secure the United State and its interests. Session #21/Gary Koch
  4. 4. NORAD: What We Do Aerospace Control and Maritime Warning - Uphold our two nations’ right to air sovereignty - Respond to hostile actions against North America - Serve as a deterrent to potential threats • Operation NOBLE EAGLE - Over 40,000 Air Defense missions flown, over 2,000 diversions or scrambles since 9/11 Session #21/Gary Koch
  5. 5. NORAD’s Mission Has Evolved Session #21/Gary Koch
  6. 6. USNORTHCOM: What We Do • Homeland Defense • Civil Support Session #21/Gary Koch
  7. 7. Defense Support of Civil Authorities • Special skills • Special equipment • Communications • Information sharing Session #21/Gary Koch
  8. 8. Defense Support of Civil Authorities National Incident Management System National Response Plan Session #21/Gary Koch
  9. 9. Only When Directed and Requested Provide defense support of civil authorities when requested and when directed. Session #21/Gary Koch
  10. 10. Who Does What – and When FEDERAL STATE LOCAL Session #21/Gary Koch
  11. 11. Operational Examples National Space Shuttle Political Missions Conventions Wildland G-8 Summit Firefighting United Nations Hurricane Relief General Assembly Session #21/Gary Koch
  12. 12. What We Don’t Do… • Don’t directly participate in law enforcement activities • Don’t take the lead over federal, state or local agencies • Don’t create policy or allocate resources Session #21/Gary Koch
  13. 13. We Have Many Partners, Including: Department of President of the Homeland Security United States Federal Emergency Management Agency National Guard U.S. Coast Guard Bureau U.S. Department of U.S. Department of State Transportation National Aeronautics Transportation and Space Federal Bureau of Security Administration Central Intelligence Administration Agency Investigation Sandia National Environmental Laboratories Protection Agency Bureau of U.S. Geological Reclamation General Services Survey Administration U.S. Department of Federal Aviation Administration Agriculture Session #21/Gary Koch
  14. 14. Amendment to US Air Force Awards Seven to Three Never Been on Missed Every Deployment Never PCSed Out of DUI and Still in the Air Ribbon Deployment Ribbon Ribbon Same Location During Force Ribbon Shows up for work, does Device denotes Entire Career Ribbon Device denotes the absolute minimum number of deployments missed For 20 years of arduous number of convictions due to „circumstances‟ required, and goes home „homestead‟ service  Staff Sgt for Life Everybody Went to the Middle Got Divorced Again Ribbon I’m Not Moving! Ribbon East Except Me Ribbon Ribbon Device worn to denote House device Numeral denotes number of $ device for each divorce extra privilege and pay denotes each successful years spent instead on incentives ignored or threat to not „re-up‟ if Caribbean „training‟ evolutions bungled PCSed Head Up the Got My Last Boss Promoted Drinking Buddy’s Close Friend of AFPC Ribbon Commanders Butt Ribbon Commendation Ribbon Palm tree device for each Ribbon Numeral denotes number of Drinking device denotes really cushy set of orders. Skull device denotes superiors promoted by your hard consecutive awards. each additional surgical work who have already forgotten extraction your name. Daddy is a General My Wife’s Uncle’s Ribbon Roommate's Brother-in- Star devices denote Law ‘s Son Knew daddy‟s actual rank. Somebody Who Served Session #21/Gary Koch In WWII
  15. 15. Vision/Goals Vision NORAD and USNORTHCOM Vision 2020 States, “Working with diverse partners requires enhanced interoperability” Primary Goal Support the Homeland Security effort by sharing geospatial and other data through a Service Oriented Architecture with our Mission Partners Session #21/Gary Koch
  16. 16. Protecting the Homeland Session #21/Gary Koch
  17. 17. Requirements • Ensure systems are founded on a common architecture comprised of open standards. • Capability to collect, fuse & share information across DOD & Mission Partner networks. • Seamlessly integrate GEOINT, terrain and weather effects into C2 mission tools • USNORTHCOM investments in its geospatial C2 tools will transition and extend to DHS and other mission partners Session #21/Gary Koch
  18. 18. Viewers • Situational Awareness Geospatial Enterprise (SAGE) • A capability that everyone can use (ease of use) • User Defined Operational Picture (UDOP) • Includes Blue Force Tracks • An Internet Accessible, Web-based UDOP (TRITON) • Share situational awareness with our DOD and non-DOD partners (Disadvantaged Users) • Includes Blue Force Tracks • Integrated Common Analytical Viewer (iCAV) • DHS‟ viewer – common viewer for domestic events Session #21/Gary Koch
  19. 19. Current Data Sources • Selected Air Maritime Operations Center Tracks • FAA tracks • USCG Automated Identification System Tracks • Commercial and Military BFT Devices • Homeland Security Infrastructure Program (HSIP) Data (Critical Infrastructure) • Imagery from NGA • Maritime Domain Awareness Community of Interest A good start, but not the end state Session #21/Gary Koch
  20. 20. Current Engagement • PACOM Unclassified COP • AFRICOM Unclassified COP • SOUTHCOM Unclassified COP • Maritime Domain Awareness • DHS – iCAV • NGA – Palanterra Team • ARSTRAT – Blue Force Tracking Devices • National Guard Bureau • National Level Exercises Session #21/Gary Koch
  21. 21. Opportunities • Integration of Systems (Sharing development) • Following the Homeland Security Data Model • Ensuring Net-Enabled Command Capability meet Interagency Sharing Requirements • Need to Know, Need to Share, Responsibility to Provide – Create Incentives • National Response Plan and National Level Exercises • Lead the UDOP effort within the Inter Agency – DoD and DHS working in parallel to improve collaboration – Joint Unclassified CONOPS (signed)! – N-NC will be the Global COP for the unclassified subscriber Session #21/Gary Koch
  22. 22. Web-based User Defined COP Imagery CIP Data Intel/Threats Air USCG Land Maritime Complete GIS Accessible anywhere, anytime, any mobile device
  23. 23. C4ISR Paradigm Shift Current Paradigm Operational Effects Decision making and Collaboration Representation, Visualization and Interaction NCOW Information Management Comms & Networks Information Acquisition Data Driven Provide lots of data and hope there is something good there (“more is better”) Session #21/Gary Koch
  24. 24. C4ISR Paradigm Shift Current Paradigm Operational Effects New Paradigm Composeability Decision making and Collaboration NCOW Intelligent Representation, Visualization and Interaction Information Management Comms & Networks Information Acquisition Data Driven Decision Driven Provide lots of data and hope there is Provide just the right data to the right something good there (“more is better”) person at the right time in the right form Session #21/Gary Koch
  25. 25. Evolution of C4ISR Capabilities • All DOD moving to network centric operations –Any user can find any data, connect to it and display it Session #21/Gary Koch
  26. 26. Evolution of C4ISR Capabilities • All DOD moving to network centric operations –Any user can find any data, connect to it and display it • Implementing via Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) –Decompose –Expose –Dynamically compose Session #21/Gary Koch
  27. 27. Take Advantage of the Web • Billions of $$$ of R&D each year – Hard technology - search engines, visualization, mashups, … – Soft technology - social engineering, user generated content, people networks, … • These are the capabilities younger generation expect to have at work • Technical Issues: – Identifying the technologies that make sense for DOD – Time lag to get into DOD environment Session #21/Gary Koch
  28. 28. This is the ‘Y’ Generation! Or is it ??? Session #21/Gary Koch
  29. 29. Internet Technologies • Wikipedia –Intellipedia, Diplopedia • Computer games, virtual reality –Training, better situation awareness, better collaboration • Visualization tools –Better decision aids Session #21/Gary Koch
  30. 30. Mashup Wikipedia Vision Example Wikipedia + Google Maps = Wikipedia Vision See edits to the Wikipedia plotted in near real-time Session #21/Gary Koch
  31. 31. Intelligent Composeability Authoring Agents Example • Drag & Drop workflow or agent authoring – When run, asks user for key word then builds tailored report of articles from pre-defined sources – Could potentially have hundreds of these supporting each user Session #21/Gary Koch
  32. 32. Intelligent Composeability Meta-data Enhanced Search Example Fallujah, iraq, imagery Accuracy Timeliness Session #21/Gary Koch
  33. 33. Intelligent Composeability Web 2.0 Examples • Amazon, iTunes – Suggestions based on what you and others have bought – Military potential - The last five folks who planned a NEO extraction used this plan as a starting point… • Digg, YouTube – The “group” decides what's interesting – Military potential – four out of five action officers found this source of intelligence data to be most useful… 38 Session #21/Gary Koch
  34. 34. Shift Away from Primarily Kinetic Operations • US embracing “waging peace”, growing influence of information operations • Technology Issues: – Current tools are focused on kinetic warfare – Importance of understanding networks (social, economic, etc.) – Need to integrate non-kinetic warfare into planning – How do you measure effectiveness? Session #21/Gary Koch
  35. 35. Road to Intelligent Composeability Intelligent GEARS Pipes Composeability Dynamic Models Uncertain Information SAGE Cooperative NCES MDA Pilot Agent Composition Next Gen C2 Ambient Intelligence C2 Data Pilot CANES Services Immersive Web 3.0 2015 JTM CFn Services Oriented Environments Learning XCOP Architecture Agents Systems Active Conceptual TEBO Auto. Meta Tagging Grid Computing 2010 Modeling of Learning Virtualization Workflow Iconic Chat Interoperable SOAP/WSDL Decomposition 2005 Personal Agents “Stovepipe” Discovery Web 2.0 that Learn (PAL) PoR XML Virtual Blogs FastC2AP Reality Netnews 2000 Web 1.0 IRC Session #21/Gary Koch
  36. 36. Session #21/Gary Koch
  37. 37. Questions? Contact info: N-NC J623 Gary Koch (719) 422-3173