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In this issue: IQ — What is happening in the Middle East? Lebanon: an overview of Berytech visited within the BICBIC program by Al Urdonia Lil Ebda, Jordan. Palestine: the next year supporting the Palestinian ICT Incubator in Ramallah. QI — First feedback on the 2011 Quality process. QS — EC-BICs Experts on line: soon to come the “Ask the expert of the month” feature. QO — Showcase your BICs and your start-ups in the DIGIBIC Awards.

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Ebn E Mag Q Light 11

  1. 1. 11 21|04|11 The European BIC Network Quality eMag Q-light: “Spending Quality Time on Quality Issues”In this issue: IQ — What is happening in the Middle East? Lebanon: an overview of Berytech visited within the BICBIC programby Al Urdonia Lil Ebda, Jordan. Palestine: the next year supporting the Palestinian ICT Incubator in Ramallah. QI — First feed-back on the 2011 Quality process. QS — EC-BICs Experts on line: soon to come the “Ask the expert of the month” feature. QO— Showcase your BICs and your start-ups in the DIGIBIC Awards.We hope you enjoy the reading and we welcome inputs and comments. Giordano and Chiara IQ| Innovation & Quality A visit to Beirut BIC, Berytech! This time, to continue our search of the most performing BICs we have looked into the Middle East. Indeed more and more innovation- based incubators are becoming aware of and interested to be accred- ited as an EC-BIC in the region. In the last two years two new BICs have been accredited in Jordan (the El Hassan Business Park of Am- man, and the Jordan Innovation Center “Al Urdonia Lil Ebda” in Irbid) plus new associate members can be counted in Syria (SEBC-BI) and in UAE (Abu Dhabi University). Not to mention the technical assis- tance contract awarded to EBN by the European Investment Bank to Sharaf Obeidat Nicolas Rouhana BDO, Al Urdonia Lil Ebda, CEO, Berytech, Beirut support in the next year the Palestinian ICT Incubator in Ramallah Jordan (see what is happening in the Palestinian Territories in page 3). Berytech is the first accredited EC-BIC in the Middle East, the accreditation dating back in 2006. A pioneering case, that, in the past years demonstrated being a very dynamic element of our community. Therefore we have asked the senior business development manager of the BIC of Irbid (Jordan), Mr. Sharaf Obeidat, to go visit Berytech within the framework of the BICBIC program, to understand the elements of its success. We also would like to add that if you wish to take part in a BICBIC mission, you just need to contact the Quality Team in Brus- sels. Founded in 2001 as University-Based innovation Centre at the Saint Josef University, Beirut. initial investment: US$ 5M. Member of EBN in 2004. Accredited EC-BIC in 2006. First expansion in 2006: Berytech Technology and Health. Second expansion in 2008: Berytech Fund (initial investment of US$ 8M).Poles of excellence: ICT, Multimedia, Health.
  2. 2. 11 21|04|11IQ| Innovation & Quality: Berytech Highlights“In this era of knowledge-based economy in which innovation, technology and entrepreneurship are consideredto be essential elements to foster faster economic growth, the mission of Berytech is to provide incubation,support and hosting opportunities to the largest number of project holders as well as growing enterprises oper-ating in the fields of Technology, Multimedia and Health. “ Excerpt From the “mission statement” of BerytechThe MOWGLI Mentorship ProgramBerytech has partnered with the MowgliFoundation, a not-for-profit organizationwhose mission is to harness the power ofmentoring worldwide, in order to delivercompelling mentorship experiences toLebanese entrepreneurs.The objective of the program is to workwith entrepreneurs who are at somestage between start up and SME to helpthem grow their businesses to the pointthat they start creating jobs and alleviat-ing poverty.The MOWGLI Mentorship program is oneof the many accompanying services,together with Microsoft BizSpark, Net-working and specialized training like MAP(HP Microenterprise Acceleration Pro-gram).   The incubation process of Berytech allows project holders and young start-ups to benefit from Business Counseling while being physi- cally hosted on the premises. Moreover, incu- batees are closely accompanied by a mentor for the duration of their incubation period, throughout which they will benefit from man- agement and budget follow up. In parallel, Berytech audits periodically the evolution of the project and the incubatees performance.In 2008 the Berytech Fund was established with an initial investment of $8M. The Berytech Fund acts as aventure capital and equity-related investments in start-up Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)portfolio companies in Lebanon. The fund is uniquely positioned to make profitable investments in innovative,technology-based start-up ventures in Lebanon. It aims at providing funding for incubated companies whereBerytech acquires a percentage of the shares (between 20% and 40%) of the funded company. The investedamount from Berytech until now ranges between US$ 0.1M and US$ 1.2M . info@berytech.org Tel: +961 (4) 533040 Fax: +961 (4) 533040 11-7503 Riad el Solh Beirut 1107 2240 Lebanon
  3. 3. 11 21|04|11IQ| Innovation & Quality: the Palestine ICT IncubatorIn the beginning of this year EBN has beenawarded a technical assistance contract by theEuropean Investment Bank aimed at support-ing the Palestine ICT incubator in Ramallah,West Banks. Indeed the European InvestmentBank, is supporting the Middle East VentureCapital Fund through the Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and PartnershipTrust Fund (FEMIP) with a € 5 MLN co-investment, together with other large corpora-tions. At present the total amount of the fundis of US$ 28 MLN. The EIB has spotted PICTI as one of the main fund’s deal-flow generators and has entrustedEBN with implementing training and technical assistance for enhancing PICTI’s role in the above context.The overall purpose of this project is to provide additional training and process development support to the staffmembers of the PICTI incubator in Ramallah, West Bank, in terms of Deal sourcing, Business assessment andIncubatee support services. EBN will be active in Ramallah, with its group of experts, until march 2012, with theaim of supporting PICTI in: Business Planning and Marketing strategies, Lead generation, technology evaluationand commercialisation, Business Modelling, IP Rights and tech-transfer and Fund Raising. The first trainingcourse has already taken place and now we are preparing the others to finalize the first phase within July 2011. “It’s PICTI’s job to assist Palestinian entrepreneurs to convert their ideas into real busi- nesses. This is what PICTI is all about…it is all about helping Palestinians to convert their ideas into something tangible that they can sell in a competitive market. PICTI is not just an infrastructure, but together with the office space it provides business development ser- vices. We support our entrepreneurs in defining their business models, getting market trac- tion, finding the right mentors and the good practices which will help them be successful inthe marketplace. Furthermore PICTI supports the entrepreneurs to fund-raise. PICTI invests in their entrepre-neurs through its own seed capital fund.” - Laith Kassis, former CEO of PICTI“We have started 7 years ago to support Palestinian ICT entrepreneurs. We believe oureconomy should be built on SMEs and that ICT is a leading sector to support the regionaleconomy. We have a very high percentage of youth in Palestine who face difficult chal-lenges. Our Clients are mainly from the engineering technical schools and lack businessskills. They are young techies with good talent and good ideas but not good enough busi-ness skills. We try to support them providing a comprehensive set of services.” - HasanOmar, PICTI Incubator Manager “PICTI needs to be able to accelerate its processes and needs to be able to be more effec- tive as an investment vehicle. This is the one challenge that PICTI faces in the near future. We are trying to provide the remedies to that. Access to finance for the start-ups and the entrepreneurs in terms of seed capital is very much needed, even to be able to build the prototype at the beginning. If we can provide investors with a working prototype we can more easily access venture capital funding, building the deal-flow for the existing equityfunds and the newly established Middle East Venture Capital Fund.” - Ahmed F. ElFarra, Member of the Boardof Directors of PICTI
  4. 4. 11 21|04|11QI| Quality informationFirst Feedback on the 2011 quality processFirst of all... thank you! Of course we still are in the middle of the2011 quality assessment, but overall things are looking good! We dofeel that in comparison with the last two years the process is quitesmoother and accurate. This indeed is thanks to the increased commit-ment with which our full members are being involved in our qualityissues. Of course we do our best to simplify and to clarify everything andwe feel that the correct balance between viable, reliable and accurateinformation and simplicity will be soon achieved.And since we launched also this year the Quality Questionnaire Competition, we are ready now to give you thenames of the lucky winners who will receive a nice box of Belgian chocolate... ... And the winners are ... Staffordshire and Black Country BIC, UK  CEEI de Castilla y Leon, Spain CEEI Castellon, Spain  BIC Berrilan, Spain BIC Frankfurt, Germany  CEEI Talavera de la Reina, Spain Marseille Innovation, France  CEEI 47, France Business Development Friesland, Netherlands  North East of England BIC, UKThanks to the inputs of all our EC-BICs this year we will provide you with the Network Observatory (ready forthe Toulon Annual Congress), the country observatories (for those countries with a minimum of 5 BICs) andwith enhanced and improved benchmarking services. Indeed the more the data is accurate, the more the cus-tomized benchmarking reports you frequently ask will be reliable. Of course we will not forget our core dutywhich is quality assurance and we will keep up with your expectations, visiting, auditing and assisting on qualityissues at least 10% of the EC-BICs. And we will ensure this through our EC-BIC accredited experts... Whichleads us directly to the next topic...
  5. 5. 11 21|04|11 QS| Quality services: Organizing the pool of EC-BIC experts You can already find the first 20 online (more to come in the next months!) on the EBN website... the renowned EC-BIC quality mark ex- perts! And check out soon the new feature of EBN’s website the “Ask the expert of the month” service. In turn all of the listed experts will answer to all your queries relative to the EC-BIC world. You have questions? You will soon be able to go online fill the form and submit your questions. You may expect an answer from the expert of the month within days.   QO| The DIGIBIC Award In the framework of the 20th EBN Annual Congress & RETIS Annual Congress (Toulon/France 15th to17th June 2011), EBN has launched a Call for Speakers for the DigiBIC Award, focused on creative industries & digital applications. 12 digi-enablers (EBN & RETIS embers) and 12 digi-entrepreneurs (EBN & RETIS client companies), from inside the EBN & RETIS networks, will all be invited to showcase their best practices and remarkable achievements at the Toulon Congress across the 6 workshops on Friday 17th June 2011. Three (3) enablers (EBN & RETIS members) will be awarded in the 3 following categories: C4) On-line tools, a virtual reality C5) Social networks, the connecting journey C6) High-impact awareness, for shaking the ecosystem Three (3) entrepreneurs (EBN & RETIS client companies) will be awarded in the 3 following categories: C7) Creative Marketing, breaking rules fast C8) Usages & end-users, at the core C9) Women & y-generation on the move Participate and good luck! For information on the DIGIBIC Award contact Silvia (sdp@ebn.eu) or Marinela (mma@ebn.eu)Editors: Giordano Dichter and Chiara DavalliResponsible for the publication: Philippe Vanrie, EBN CEO www.ebn.eu