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Mystery animal projects 2011
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Mystery animal projects 2011


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Our Mystery Animal• Clue # 1: It is a mammal.• Clue #2: Our animal eats bamboo.• Clue # 3: Our animal lives in China.• Clue # 4 : They are endangered.• Clue # 5 : Our animal is 3-4 feet tall.
  • 2. Extra Clues• Weighs 250 pounds.• When they are born they have pink skin• There are lots of different types of this animalAudrey and Maddi
  • 3. Panda!
  • 4. It is a mammal . It eats plants, prickly cactus ,roots, plant bulbs , grass shoots , fruits , nuts ,berries , mushrooms , grubs , and eggs. It lives indeserts, dry wood lands, Mexico. It has longcanine teeth. They can run about 21 mph. Theyare not closely related to pigs. Wild dogs,bobcats,coyotes ,pumas,eat them.
  • 5. OUR animal is aJavelinaAdam and Joe
  • 6. Mystery Animal1. They are hoofed mamals. They have large eyes and big ears . At the end of the animal there is a long tail! 2. They eat grass. They need to stay close to the watering hole. 1. In the zoo and in the savana. 3. They live in the zoo and in the savana. 4. They can run up to 40 miles per hour. 5. Animals that eat them are lions and hyenas. 6. They are related to donkeys. 7. They are herbavors. 8. They are socail animals.
  • 7. ZEBRAS• Our animal is a ZEBRA. They are fasanating animals.That is why we picked them.Bella and Grace A
  • 8. SECRET ANIMALClue 1: It is a mammal.Clue 2: It eats fruits, seeds, and peanuts.Clue 3: It lives in holes in trees.Clue 4: It shoves peanuts in its mouth.Clue 5: They like to curl their tales.Clue 6: It has brown fur.Clue 7: They like to climb trees.Clue 8: They like to store food in their mouth.
  • 9. Our Animal• Our animal is a squirrel.• Extra facts: squirrel’s predators are hawks, cats, foxes, and many other animals.Ezabelle and Abigail
  • 10. Mystery Animal Clue 1, It is an invertebrate. Clue 2, They eat fish, crustaceans, shrimp, and other ones of their kind. Clue 3, It lives in the ocean. Clue 4, Their predators are sharks, whales, and other fish. Clue 5, They are soft blooded cephalopodes.
  • 11. Mystery Animal Clue 6 When they are full grown they can be at least 33 feet long ( 10 meters ). Clue 7 They have 8 arms. Clue 8 They have one eye. Our animal is a giant squid.Grace C and Elliana
  • 12. Mystery Animal• They are mammals.• They eat plants.• They live in deserts, ditches, and mountains.• They hibernate during cooler months.• When they move they leave slime.• They are slow.• They can live a very long life or a very short life.
  • 13. Mystery Animal My mystery animal is a snail!The largest snail weighed only two pounds and fifteen inches!Some snails live more than sixty million years!Snails are invertebrates.A lot of insects eat snails.Snails have a hard shell that protects them.Grace K
  • 14. Mystery Animal• Our animal is a reptile.• It eats fish, bird’s and turtles.• It mostly spends its time in swamps, marshes, canals and lakes.• They spend most of there life in water.• They have five toes in front and four toes in back.
  • 15. Mystery Animal• Our animal is a alligator.• Alligators have flat mouths.• Alligators have triangular mouths.• Young alligators have dark brown or black skin.• Alligators spend most of there time floating.Jack L and Jack D
  • 16. MYSTERYIt eats other fish. ANIMALIt lives in Australia.It has a saw on its snout.It has gills on its head.They are related to rays.They are preyed on by bull sharks.The have teeth both sides of there mouth.It is a fish.
  • 17. Saw Fish Saw fish live in Australian rivers Sawfish have Jack T and Cade a sharp snout. Sawfish are a type of fish.
  • 18.  Clue 1 `It is a rodent and a mammal . Clue 2 It eats twigs, tree bark, leaves, roots, and water plants. Clue 3 It lives in the pond. Clue 4 our animal is about 3ft. Clue 5 our animal has thick fur.
  • 19.  Extra clue 1 are animal is a slow walker on land. Extra clue 2 they are hunted by bears, owls, hawks, and wolfs. Extra clue 3 people like to trap are animal. Kate and Layne
  • 20. Mystery Animal• It’s a mammal• They eat plants such as flowers, grass, and weeds• They live near rivers and swamps• It weighs about 8,000 pounds and they are fat• Their babies are born alive• They have buckteeth• Their mouth is about as big as a human’s head• They live in Africa
  • 21. Hippos• Hippos are really overweight• Hippos can live up to 30 years• They have 2 eyes• They have a tail• They walk on land and in water• They live in Africa• They have really big nostrils• They have little hairs on their body• They don’t have a lot of teeth• Hippos are mammals• They weigh about 8,000 poundsLindsay and Ashley
  • 22. •Clue 1. our animal is reptile.•Clue 2. our animal eats wild pigs, deer, small apes birds, andother small animals.•Clue 3. our animal lives in Saharan Africa.•Clue 4. our animal lays up to 75 eggs(if it is a female).•Clue 5. our animal has a v shaped tan mark on its head.•Clue 6.They grow all their lives.•Clue 7. has a powerful bite.•Clue also lives in grass land.
  • 23. Our animal is a Rock pythonLuke and Joshua
  • 24. •My Mystery animal is a mammal •It eats crayfish, worms, snails, insects, and shrimp•My animal lives mostly underwater in Australia •It has a blue-gray shaped like a duck’s bill.
  • 25. My Animal is... Duck Billed Platypus It Has a poisoned spike on it’s ankle. The Duck Billed Platypus thick water proof fur all over it’s body. They can store food in a cheek patch while hunting underwater. The duck Billed Platypus has webbed 5-toe feet with no hair.Zoe