Meetup 2013:01: Gaël Pouzerate - One Million Downloads


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Gaël has developed an app named GreenPower. After two years work and a lot of effort, the app has now been downloaded over 1.2 million times from the Google Play Store.

During this time Android development went from being a hobby activity with a few daily downloads, to quitting his regular job and start working full time on the project.

Gaël has learned a lot of do's and don'ts about how to make an app successful and climb up the charts. In this presentation, he will provide a humble feedback on this journey, and try to bring advices that may be useful for other developers.

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Meetup 2013:01: Gaël Pouzerate - One Million Downloads

  1. 1. Gaël Pouzerate23 January 2013
  2. 2. ”Ordinary things done consistently produce extraordinary results” Keith Cunningham 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 2/35
  3. 3. Why this presentation? Share tips of lessons learned, challenges faced Exchange information, both ways 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 3/35
  4. 4. Background About me Software engineer 16 years in various large companies (Dev, PL) August 2012: Resigns from Canal Digital Sept 2012: Goes indie, starts AS Jan 2013: Starts at StartupLab 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 4/35
  5. 5. Background History of GreenPower app 2010: My first HTC hero March 2010: First Free version published October 2010: First Paid version published Jan 2013: 1.3M downloads Free (>2500/day) 200.000 active users 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 5/35
  6. 6. 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 6/35
  7. 7. GreenPower Android app 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 7/35
  8. 8. Freemium: Free app Ads Don’t overuse (no intersticials, push notifications etc) or negative feedback Acts as reminder, incentive to go Premium. No big income. Avoid 3rd party ads SDK (time to integrate, allways crashes somewhere). Use mediation instead. Limited features Put enough to make people happy Subtile cursor in what to make premium (ask / poll users) Focus on the Free version, conversion later 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 8/35
  9. 9. Freemium: Paid app Paid version All features, no ads How to set the price Look at competitors price range Don’t get greedy too soon Start low, gradually increase, see impact on revenues A higher price can decrease downloads, but higher revenus Fewer paid downloads no big deal if Free downloads stay high to stay high in rankings But! A higher price doesnt mean fewer downloads! ☺ 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 9/35
  10. 10. Freemium: Conversion rate Indonesia Phillipines Chile Free / Paid ratio Thailand Argentina Turkey Average 5% Ukraine Brazil Romania Huge variations per country Portugal United States Greece Austria South Africa NetherlandsCzech Republic Sweden Canada Germany United… Finland Switzerland Norway 0% 2% 4% 6% 8% 10 % 12 % 14 % 16 % 18 % Ratio 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 10/35
  11. 11. Freemium: Alternatives In app payments Single version Free Pay per feature Pros Higher chance to sell individual features at cheaper price Cons Several apps (Free & Premium) increase visibility on Market and search engines 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 11/35
  12. 12. ”The important is not what you do but how you do it” Keith Cunnigham 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 12/35
  13. 13. Ratings Higher ratings mean more downloads More visible stars, user more prone to download Higher in search results Thresholds 3.75/5 4.25/5 Going from 3.74 to 3.75 Major increase in downloads Now 4.22 aiming at 4.25 300 more 5 stars needed ☺ (10.000 ratings) 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 13/35
  14. 14. Ratings Ask users for ratings Try to ask only happy users Message only on upgraded versions Popup after a few days use Don’t ask too much Avoid 1 star ratings Answer comments (when possible) Try to identify user and answer 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 14/35
  15. 15. Quality matters: Software Avoid crashes and freezes Hard: Hundreds of devices / OS combinations Cautious with 3rd party SDK Try/catch all, use asynchronous calls Fix bugs quickly Testing is vital, but tricky Buy a Nexus 10 for testing all screen sizes Automate testing (monkeyrunner etc) Beta testers among users Testing companies Crowdtesting (bugfinders etc) Testing on remote physical hardware 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 15/35
  16. 16. Quality Matters: App Description Make attracting visuals Sexy logo, screenshots and banner mean more downloads 20%+ when improving GUI Video Textual description Focus on benefits rather than features Gently stuff it with right keywords AdWords, AppDevHQ: Find out relevant keywords 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 16/35
  17. 17. Quality matters: Support Provide best support Respond promptly to all issues Be nice and supportive, it can pay An initially unhappy user can turn out to promote your ap (ex Sprint tech support) Accept all refund requests Support tools? (Zendesk etc) Delegate support? 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 17/35
  18. 18. Quality matters: Misc Design: Follow Google’s design guidelines Lower user’s learning curve Increase user’s satisfaction Certification App Quality Alliance Documentation User guide Document permissions usage 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 18/35
  19. 19. 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 19/35
  20. 20. Promoting Don’t focus too much on making the product Marketing and promotion is as important, if not more 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 20/35
  21. 21. Promoting: Ads Buy ads AdWords Rather expensive ads Understand what you Very feature rich. High learning curve pay for: CPC vs CPI AdMob High variability in Cumbersome approval prices process Ok prices Promotions AppBrain (AndroidPit, Amazon Basic but quite low CPI etc) Facebook Target precisely where ads Advertising: Time appear consuming. Delegate? Cheap 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 21/35
  22. 22. Promoting: ASO & SEO 75% of app downloads comes from search Source: App store optimization (ASO) Go up in Google Play search results Ensure high ratings, high ranking Right keywords in desciption Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Google Play search uses regular web search as well Improve ranking of your Google Play page in Google’s search Forums PR companies 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 22/35
  23. 23. 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 23/35
  24. 24. Promoting: Share Share from the app Share button Google+, Facebook , email... Buzzdoes Make your app viral Reward users for sharing your app 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 24/35
  25. 25. Localize 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 25/35
  26. 26. Localize: Why? Localize the app USA: From 50% to 12% of downloads Make people happy Cons: Increase apk size, increase complexity Localize on Google Play App description Localize screenshots: +30% downloads Banner 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 26/35
  27. 27. Localize: How to translate Translators Good-will users: Ok at start. Cumbersome when many languages. Translation company (Universally Speaking LTD). Single point of contact. Translation platforms: Crowdin etc 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 27/35
  28. 28. Localize: Pick languages Chose countries Top languages in Google Play per category Big variations in Free vs Premium 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 28/35
  29. 29. Publish 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 29/35
  30. 30. Publish Google Play Obvious. No pain publishing. Nice new console A few shortcoming: Would need API for publishing updates description (pain if many languages) Consider alternative markets Increase visibility and downloads even on Google Play Reach other countries Cons: Several builds 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 30/35
  31. 31. Publish: Alternative markets AndroidPit (Free & Paid) Great to reach visibility in Germany (#1 country for GreenPower now). Several promotion possibilites. Jesta Digital GMBH (Paid only) 20% revenues of GooglePlay Samsung apps (Free & Paid) 10% volume of GooglePlay Weird and annoying console Amazon (Paid only) Only a few dozens sales monthly. But increases visibility. Free app of the day. 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 31/35
  32. 32. Publish: Alternative markets GetJar (Free only) Several dozens Free downloads daily. Worth it. Korea Tstore and Olleh: Carriers specific markets. Several hundred Free downloads. China No reliable alternative market for paid apps Other Opera, Mobiroo, Appland... 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 32/35
  33. 33. Publish: Code tips One Android library project One Android project per Market and flavor (Free/Paid) Single build script Don’t put flags in properties 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 33/35
  34. 34. Protect your app When it gets popular it gets pirated A few hours after publishing on Google Play, pirated and available on download websites Android license check Useless if used alone Proguard Obfuscate code, doesnt prevent piracy Dexguard The winning tool: Code obfuscation, tamper detection, class encryption etc. No more piracy DMCA Guardian USA’s Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) law Automated web search and takedown service 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 34/35
  35. 35. Thank you Questions?Feedback & suggestions: Liked it? ! 23.01.2013 - GDG Oslo - 35/35