Ponytail #3 /Break for Love


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some pictures from the fashion section with our new Art Director James Timmins for Atelier 1880

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Ponytail #3 /Break for Love

  1. 1. ThiS page Mac by Lanvin at Liberty, London. Shirt by brioni. Tie from Dior Homme. OppOSiTe page Necklace models own. “The OrDinarY Man iS The cUrSe OF ciViliZaTiOn. BUT he’S SO OrDinarY ThaT heS eXTraOrDinarY. he TakeS The collector phOTOgraphS. he WanTS TO Take a ‘pOrTraiT’ OF Me. Then There Were hiS BUTTerFlieS, Which i SUppOSe Were raTher Ph o t o g r a Ph y M a r k k e a n St y l i n g M i c h a e l h e n n e g a n BeaUTiFUl. YeS, raTher BeaUTiFUllY arrangeD, WiTh Their pOOr liTTle WingS STreTcheD OUT all aT The SaMe angle. anD i FelT FOr TheM, pOOr DeaD BUTTerFlieS, MY FellOW VicTiMS.”
  2. 2. Roll neck worn underneath by Kenzo. Ribbed jumper by marni. Skirt and belt by Louis vuitton. Bangle by marni. Bag by LueLLa. “She WaS in a TelephOne BOX. Then She caMen OUT anD inSTeaD OF gOing Up The hill like She USUallY DiD She WenT alOng anOTher STreeT. i FOllOWeD her, i ThOUghT iT WaS nO gOOD, i cOUlDn’T UnDerSTanD WhaT She WaS DOing. Then She SUDDenlY ShOT Up a SiDe rOaD anD There WaS a cineMa anD She WenT in.”
  3. 3. Suit by Lanvin at Liberty, London. Shirt by PauL smitH. Tie by brioni. “he haS neVer haD anY parenTS, he’S Been BrOUghT Up BY an aUnT. i can See her, a Thin WOMan WiTh a WhiTe Face anD a naSTY TighT MOUTh anD Mean greY eYeS anD DOWDY Beige Tea cOSY haTS anD a Thing aBOUT DirT anD DUST. DirT anD DUST Being eVerYThing OUTSiDe her FOUl liTTle Back STreeT WOrlD.”
  4. 4. ThiS page Jumper by CHristoPHer Kane. OppOSiTe page Necklace models own as before “She’D Taken TO Wearing her hair lOng, TieD Up WiTh a Dark BlUe riBBOn ThaT WaS One OF The ThingS She WrOTe DOWn FOr Me TO BUY. her hair WaS alWaYS BeaUTiFUl. OFTen i haD an iTch TO TOUch iT. JUST TO STrOke iT, TO Feel iT. iT gaVe Me a chance When i pUT The gag On.”
  5. 5. Jacket by miHara Make Up: Jo Frost yasuHiro. using Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Necklace, models own. and Dermalogica Skincare Jeans by JoHn Hair: roKu roPPongi varvatos. using Kiehl's. Photographers Vintage gloves from Assistant: suzanne beyonD retro. beirne. Quotes from tHe CoLLeCtor by JoHn FoWLes. Models : max barreau at Models1, masHa z at Storm. “One DaY aBOUT Then She DiD a picTUre OF Me, like reTUrneD The cOMpliMenT. i haD TO SiT in a chair anD lOOk aT The cOrner OF The rOOM. aFTer halF an hOUr She TOre Up The DraWing BeFOre i cOUlD STOp her. (She OFTen TOre Up. arTiSTic TeMpraMenT, i SUppOSe.) “aFTer claSS On TUeSDaY MiranDa phOneD TO SaY She WaS gOing TO a cineMa anD WOUlD Be hOMe SOOn aFTer eighT. ThaT WaS The laST TiMe She WaS Seen.”
  6. 6. girls & boys P h otogr a Ph y Blair g e T Z M e Z i B O V S ty l i n g ne il S TUa r T paWel Cap by HoCKLey.
  7. 7. peTer-DaViD Shirt by PauL smitH. Necklace by LueLLa. Shelia Vest by HeLmut Lang. Pin broach by baLenCiaga.
  8. 8. WilliaM Mirh Vintage mesh top by Comme Des garCons. Headband by erDem. Fragrance CoCo by CHaneL
  9. 9. JOanna Vest by etro. Necklace by PauL anD Joe. peTer-DaViD Jeans from Levis.
  10. 10. paWel iSa Vest by gaP. Jeans by suPerFine. Bra by miu miu.
  11. 11. Hair: aDrian CLarK at Caren. Makeup: vaLeria Ferreira using CHaneL Retouching by: eyesCaPes Labs. models: isa at Select, Joanna at Models1, mirH at Img, PaWeL & WiLLiam at Fm, Peter-DaviD at D1, sHeiLa at Independent. Mirh Dress by mosCHino. Necklace as headband from Lanvin. WilliaM T-shirt by ameriCan aPPareL.
  12. 12. A life less lived no time to cry goth me sweet sisters of mercy Ph o t o g r a Ph y F r e D J a c O B S St y l i n g D a V i D n O l a n Blazer, shirt and shoes all by b-store. Trousers by rag & bone.
  13. 13. Cardigan by JoHn smeDLey. Tank top by etro. Vest by Hans maDsen. Jeans by nuDie. Belt through out from beyonD retro.
  14. 14. Knitted jumper by FiretraP. Shirt from beyonD retro. White jeans by FiretraP. Boots by CaroL CHristian PoeLL. Belt as before.
  15. 15. Sunglasses from Leather jacket made to arCKiv.Shirt and order from LeWis tie by miHara LeatHers. Cardigan yasuHiro. by Lou DaLton. Cardigan by Trousers by rag HoLLanD & bone.Shoes by esquire. b-store.
  16. 16. Denim jacket by nuDie. Shirt by ymC. Cardigan by ymC. Vest from beyonD retro. Jeans by miHara yasuHiro. Belt as before. Shoes from b-store. F A S H I O N / P O N Y T A I L / 48 48 / P O N Y T A I L / F A S H I O N
  17. 17. Shirt and cardigan both by agnes b. Jeans by uniqLo. Sunglasses from arCKiv. Belt as before. Hair: armanD Fauquet at Artlist. Make up: Corinne Fouet at Airport. Model: PerLin gentiL at Success. Blazer by soar. Special thank you Shirt by WrangLer. to PatriCia Jeans by nuDie.Shoes martinez at by JoHn varvatos. Blanpied-Rubini.
  18. 18. Blazer with attached pearls Jean PauL gauLtier. Button down shirt with tails yoHJi yamamoto. Shorts oCtoPi nyC. Boots giusePPe zanotti. Earrings Dirty Librarian CHains. than this ThiS page Black linen hat, margaret HoWeLL. Black chiffon sleeveless shirt, Ph otogra P h y KrystoF strozyna. Mar k S anDe r S Black knit body, CLare S ty li n g tougH. Black gym shorts, margaret HoWeLL ali S O n e lWin OppOSiTe page Pink linen jacket, CLare tougH.
  19. 19. Two tone zip front jacket, Blazer with attached JosH goot. pearls Jean PauL Black swimsuit, gauLtier. margaret Button down shirt with tails HoWeLL. yoHJi yamamoto. Shorts oCtoPi nyC. Boots giusePPe zanotti. Earrings Dirty Librarian CHains. Black linen hat, margaret HoWeLL. White swimsuit, margaret HoWeLL. White chiffon shirt, KrystoF strozyna. Pink cotton trouser, brioni. 48 / P O N Y T A I L / F A S H I O N
  20. 20. Heart print cotton jacket toPsHoP unique. Blazer with attached White chiffojn shorts, pearls Jean PauL emiLo De La gauLtier. morena. Button down shirt with tails yoHJi yamamoto. Shorts oCtoPi nyC. Boots giusePPe zanotti. Earrings Dirty Librarian CHains. Black silk hat as before Black silk jacket, ann soFie baCK. Black silk trouser, mosCHino.
  21. 21. Pink linen jacket, Black silk hat, JeFFery as before. White linen Portman. Taupe shorts, margaret sheer top, HannaH HoWeLL. marsHaLL Brown leopard print bra top, sPiJKers en sPiJKers. Black silk trouser, armanD basi. Black lace up brogues, margaret HoWeLL. Hair: simon izzarD Blazer with attached at DW Management pearls Jean PauL Using L’Oreal Professional. gauLtier. Make Up: yin Lee Button down shirt with tails at Premier Hair and Make Up. yoHJi yamamoto. Model: DanieLa K Shorts oCtoPi nyC. at Viva London. Boots giusePPe Photo Assistant: James rees. zanotti. Stylist Assistant: HannaH Earrings Dirty marti-Wearing. Librarian CHains. Retouching: Lee HiCKman at Happy Finish.
  22. 22. cr Blazer with attached pearls Jean PauL gauLtier. Button down shirt with tails Ph o t o g r a Ph y yoHJi yamamoto. Red bathing suit, a nD Y e a T On Shorts oCtoPi nyC. tHreeasFour. St y l i n g Boots giusePPe Fuchsia bodysuit, sans. zanotti. Sheer bomber jacket, S a r a D Un n PauLe Dirty Earrings Ka. Outland Librarian CHains. hair pin, DeKa ray.
  23. 23. Blazer with attached Multicolor print shirt, pearls Jean PauL iCeberg. gauLtier. Pink asymmetrical dress, Button down shirt with tails estreLLa arCHs. yoHJi yamamoto. White silk Crinoline, Shorts oCtoPi nyC. yoHJi yamamoto Boots giusePPe Socks, We Love zanotti. CoLors. Wedge metallic Earrings Dirty sandals, robert Librarian CHains. CLergerie. Bear necklace, Disaya. Gold nails, biJuLes. Outland hair pin, DeKa ray. Multicolor panel dress, Jean PauL gauLtier. Hole socks, sans. Platform wedge sandals, robert CLergerie. Bracelets, Disaya.
  24. 24. Cream silk jumpsuit with leather straps, Proenza sCHouLer. Print Dress, basso & brooKe. Yellow belt, stylist’s own. Star Necklace, P.y.t. by arLene guerra Bow hair accessory, eLLen CHristine. Gold Nails, biJuLes. Silk Dress, bouDiCCa. Feather headband, P.y.t. by arLene guerra. Checker Tights (also worn as belt), We Love CoLors. Black patent sandals, Jean PauL gauLtier.
  25. 25. Multicolor dress,tsumori CHisato. Sequin pants, manisH arora. Red asymmetrical bikini – threeASFOUR Fuchsia bodysuit - SANS Sheer bomber jacket – Paule Ka Stripe Thigh Highs – Eley Multicolor Kishimoto panel dress, Outland hair pin – deka JEAN PAUL ray GAULTIER. Purple suede sandals – Bracelets. Paule Ka DISAYA.
  26. 26. Orange silk jumpsuit, eLeCtriC FeatHer. White leather woven belt, staerK. Skinny studded belt, st. marKs PLaCe. Outland necklace, DeKa ray. Gold Nails, biJuLes. Black rock ring,Monique Pean. Socks, JunKo sHimaDa. Yellow jersey dress, giLes. Sandals (worn under socks), Flower Eye broach, P.y.t. sonia ryKieL. by arLene guerra. Star headband, eLLen Straw and PVC hat, CHristine. eLey KisHimoto.
  27. 27. Woven poof skirt dress, Hat, sans. manisH arora. Tie- Dress, sonia dye Tights, We Love ryKieL. CoLors. Bracelet and Necklace, P.y.t. ring, Disaya. Dyed Hair by arLene Earring, biJuLes. guerra. Hair: rebeCCa PLymate, See Management. Make-up: tamaH KrinsKy, See Management. Photo assistants: PaoLa ambrosi De magistris & isaaC bearman. Stylist assistants: DaPHna guttin & JoHnatHan LaWHorne. Model: nataLia KruaCHanKa, at Next.
  28. 28. ThiS page martin margieLa white collared shirt. JiLL HeLLer Designs diamond bracelet (worn as pendant on shirt). yves saint Laurent pants. OppOSiTe page yves saint Laurent tank top. yves saint Laurent pants. WoLForD tights. Shoes, stylists' own. made in the u.s.a Phot ogra Phy JOhn n Y ge M B iTS kY S t y l ing M e gha n FOlS OM a n D che lS e a gOM B e S
  29. 29. ThiS page CHaneL Jacket. aLexanDer Wang bustier. tag Heuer mens watch. OppOSiTe page CHaneL dress. Stylists own shoes. 48 / P O N Y T A I L / F A S H I O N
  30. 30. ThiS page roCK & with attached Blazer rePubLiC blazer. baLmain top. pearls Jean PauL yves saint gauLtier. Laurent black pants. tails Button down shirt with OppOSiTe page yoHJi yamamoto. CaLvin oCtoPi nyC. Shorts KLein blazer. yves saint Boots giusePPe Laurent pants. zanotti. WoLForDDirty Earrings tights. Librarian CHains.
  31. 31. ThiS page yves saint Laurent trenchcoat. WoLForD tights. stylists own shoes. OppOSiTe page baLmain jacket yves saint Laurent Pants Models: CaroLine Demarqui at Women NY. Thanks Michael Bruno. oLga at Marilyn, NY . Thanks Michael Ross. Make up: FranKie boyD Hair: JenniFer yePez Shot at Studio Lucy. 253 Greenpoint Ave, BROOKLYN, NY Thanks to Kim oHrLing and gina Crozier.
  32. 32. White wifebeater vest, CaLvin KLein. in between days P h otog r a Ph y k a T J a M a Y e r S ty li n g S c O T T r O B e r T c l a r k F A S H I O N / P O N Y T A I L / 48
  33. 33. Shrimp net Tee, squaDron army and navy store CamDen. Black linen jacket DieseL bLaCK anD goLD as before. Opaque white tights, ameriCan aPPareLL. Cut out detail shoes sergio rossi as before.
  34. 34. Black sheer body noir bLaCK. knitted jersey tassle skirt sCott ramsay KyLe. White and silver leather 4 buckle belt and fuchsia satin platform pumps both saLvatore Ferragamo. Black satin gloves by CorneLia James. Black linen oversized jacket, DieseL bLaCK anD goLD. White fishnet gloves, roCKit.
  35. 35. Cotton jersey double tie scoop neck From DieseL bLaCK anD goLD. Underbust lycra body, WoLForD.
  36. 36. Stylists assistant: bianCa J. sWan. Photographic assistant: susan van Ha. Hair and Make Up: aranCHa CHia, using Bumble & Bumble and Chanel. Model: Hattie at Select. Black leather trousers, Jitrois.
  37. 37. ThiS page Dress by PauL smitH. Necklace by Disaya. OppOSiTe page Dress by emma CooK. Socks by FaLKe. Hat by JeFFrey Portman. Candy girl Ph o t o g r a Ph y T a r a D a r B Y St y l i n g S US i e l l O Y D S
  38. 38. Bra by moDernist. Shorts by iLLionaire. Bell sleeve blouse Socks by FaLKe. and high waisted Shoes by b store. skirt by evie Hat by eLey beLLe. KisHimoto.
  39. 39. ThiS page Dress by sPiJKers anD sPiJKers. OppOSiTe Cotton vest DKny Jeans. Trousers by Armand Basi. Scarf by Louise amstruP. Hat by JeFFrey Portman. Patchwork quilt by maKe anD menD. Hair: Fabiano soares at Premier. Make up: James o’riLey at Premier using Dior Addict Lip Colour and Dior show Mascara. Photographic Assistant: niCK seaton. Styling Assistant: CHarLotte ConnoLLy. Art Work by touCH DigitaL LtD.Special thanks to sue ireLanD at East Photographic.
  40. 40. entre c h i e n et l o u p Phot ogra Phy DO nalD chri STie S t y l ing Fe liX e liS a B e TTa FOr M a aDaM Jacket by HoLLanD esquire. Cravat shirt and jeans by PauL smitH. Top hat from aLFies antiques. MOrWenna Dress by CaCHareL. Belt by bouDiCCa. Hat by PauL smitH. need credits Petticoat from beyonD retro.
  41. 41. eMilY Suit by Cabinet. Shirt by Kenzo. Shoes by eLey KisHimoto. Accessories from beyonD retro. aDaM Mac by burberry. Neck piece by bouDiCCa.
  42. 42. STephane Jacket by HoLLanD esquire. Waistcoat by rag & bone. T-shirt by nuDie Jeans. Top hat and corsage from aLFies antiques. cOrVin Suit by HoLLanD esquire. Shirt from greys antiques. Shoes by ymC.
  43. 43. lee Cardigan by burberry. Trousers by HoLLanD esquire. Shirt by rag & bone. Shoes by ymC. Neck tie from aLFies antiques. eMilY Top by eLey KisHimoto. Waitcoat by PauL smitH.
  44. 44. MOrWenna Dress petticoat and shoes by eLey KisHimoto. Shirt by Kenzo. Bustle by bouDiCCa. Stockings by Cabinet Hat. Neckpiece from greys antiques. aDaM Duster coat trousers and shoes by burberry. Shirt by gibson. Bowler hat and accessories from CarLo manzi.
  45. 45. Felipe Trousers by Lou DaLton. Shoes by ymC. shirt and all accessories from CarLo manzi. DiDier T-shirt and jacket by PauL smitH. Hat by burberry.
  46. 46. MarkO Shirt trousers and shoes by ymC. Waistcoat by Lou DaLton. MOrWenna Dress and bustle by bouDiCCa. Stockings by emiLio CavaLLini. Gloves and neck piece from aLFies antiques. Stylist assistant: DiDier Wong Kung Fong.
  47. 47. marko righo photographer / Carpenter adam powell emily hope photographer corvin dhali lee roach didier wong FilM direCtor, MusiCian C r e at o r o F d a s b o o M M a n i F e s t o Menswear designer Fa s h i o n s t u d e n t at C e n t r a l saint Martins At 6ft 7 Marko Righo is not Hammersmith born, Adam London born and bred, Corvin Dhali claims not to be Lee grew up in Berkshire and someone you are likely to miss. He Powell has been a film maker ever since Emily Hope, began to show an interest an artist, but just “a guy with big hair and having found himself bored and perplexed Born and raised on the small moved from Marseille to London five he first picked up a camera at the age of in photography when she was about big thoughts”. He is the force behind the by village life and its mentality, he moved island of Mauritius for the first nineteen years ago, searching for fame, fortune 16. He studied Design for Communication fifteen. Inseparable from her vintage Dasboom Manifesto, a manifesto for an to London in 2006 to study at Central years of his life, Didier decided to get and rock and roll. Having found the at Chelsea but is mostly self-taught when Olympus OM2, she experimented industry that he chose to create in order Saint Martins. His interest in clothes out, see the world, and follow his dreams. latter, he has since become impartial it comes to film. His first videos were taking photographs with her friends. to produce the first truly 3D cinema comes from using clothing as a form London was that dream, and even after to the rest. He studied History of Art made circa 1996, when he was about She skipped the educational route and immersion field. He studied (and quit) of expression, stereotyping and affiliation residing here for over four years, it still and Sociology in France, but gave up to 18. His first videos were made circa instead convinced some photographers both Chelsea and St Martins because to groups. Youth mentality is still an plays a key role in his aspirations. While reinvent himself as a photographer (his 1996, when he borrowed a VHS camera she knew, like Donald Christie and he felt both courses were locked into a enduring influence throughout his designs his brothers were out playing football father was a keen amateur). He took up from a friend’s rich step dad and filmed Mariano Vivanco, to let her assist them. mode of postmodernist regurgitation. and art pieces. At just twenty-two he outside on the pavement, Didier would carpentry as a means of survival after skate videos and stunts with the likes Since then, she has worked for Dazed & Instead he decided to teach himself and has worked for Meadham Kirchhoff, be locked in his mothers work studio crossing the Channel, and ended up of Dan Cates. After he graduated, he Confused, The Independent on Sunday, follow his own thought development. Kilgour on Savile Row under Carlo playing with leftover scraps of material. falling in love with it. With photography, moved to his family home just outside and Style Magazine, to name but a few. His checklist for 2009 includes: 1. Brandelli. Current projects include the His interest for fashion continued, and he mostly works with portraiture, giving of Cambridge and from there he turned Recently Emily completed a video for a Manifesto Dasboom, Neu Cinema and reestablishment of Nice Magazine with after high school he was determined not him a license to come into people’s his attention to music videos. Adam band called General Fiasco (which on the the modern hybrid, late summer 2009, Brendan Carey. to be shaped by where he came from, but lives. Currently Marko is completing his has worked with some of the UK’s best MTV2 playlist) and has just embarked on 2. The Launch of derr.teknique, a by whom he aspired to become. Since Masters in Photography and opening a bands including Architects, Gallows and a new video project for The Spivs. luxury accessories line, redefining the then he has interned for Giles Deacon, 5000 sq ft photographic studio in Ghost of a Thousand, to name but a few. www.emily-hope.com extension’s to the body. Launching may Gareth Pugh as well as doing a bunch of Clapton called MKII. Earlier on this year he signed to Black 10th and finally 3. The continual nurture freelance styling. Currently he is planning Dog (RSA Films) and recently he just of Dasboom, as a media meta hub for the his final year collection. finished filming for the new Jamie T video creative industries. “Fire, Fire”. He is currently working www.dasboom.com on completing a 23 minute long film for Gallows, which includes 5 music videos, cut back to back, which will be released sometime this year alongside their new album “Grey Britain”. Adam is also shooting the video for the new King Blues single, “I Got Love”. www.adam-powell.com www.rsafilms.com/black-dog 182 / P O N Y T A I L / F A S H I O N F A S H I O N / P O N Y T A I L / 183
  48. 48. stephane morwenna felipe rojas- femenia lytton cobbold llanos interior designer Model/ dJ/ student M e n s w e a r d e s i g n e r / i l l u s t r at o r Stephane started to work in fashion and Some would say Morwenna was destined Felipe intended to pursue a career in interior design in Paris where he lived for stardom. She was born in West theatre when he moved from Sweden to for many years. Then three years ago he Hollywood but relocated to her historic London seven years ago. However, one migrated to London to pursue design and family home in Knebworth House, thing led to another and his sidetrack led to play music as well organise events for Hertfordshire when she was four years him to become interested in design and Favela Chic (every first Wednesday old. Morwenna began modelling at the illustration. As long as he can remember, of the month). Primarily he works by age of sixteen; her first shoot was he has always wanted to create beautiful creating installations using unusual through a family friend for Teen Vogue. pieces either through the medium of objects that he comes across. Currently After that she quickly signed to her clothing or capturing a character’s he is working on a retro inspired agency, Independent and has not looked essence on a piece of paper. Thus he went installation in a bar in Angel. back. In 2007, inspired by working with to further challenge himself by studying the likes of Mario Testino, Stevel Meisel Menswear at Central Saint Martins. and Rankin, she moved to London to Currently Felipe is preparing to show study Fashion Photography at LCF, at the his BA collection at Brussels Fashion same time modelling between London Weekend and developing his designs for and New York. Morweena is also one his MA collection. He is also working half of DJ duo “The Princess and The on an ongoing project that called “The Pauper” with her fashion photographer Crystals”, a feminist, noir & futuristic flatmate Matthew. They have a residency graphic novel. at Sketch every Saturday, spinning an www.rojasllanos.com eclectic mix of old classics and electro. The pair were also featured on Red Page’s ‘100 To Look Out For In 2008’. www.morwenna.net 184 / P O N Y T A I L / F A S H I O N
  49. 49. Nude tone dress, zuCCa. Lace shirt. anna vaLerie HasH. Large flower belt aFvanDervorst. Tights, FaLKe FranCe. Shoes, CHristian Louboutin. la et la P h otogra P h y p e JMan Bir O U nVanD S ty li n g claire e MilY S iB ille
  50. 50. White shirt with big sleeves, DiCe KayeK. Flower dungarees, sonia ryKieL. Cardigan, vivienne WestWooD. Red Label White bowl dress, JunKo sHimaDa. Shoes, CHristian Louboutin.
  51. 51. Flower blouse, ameriCan retro. Beige trousers, toga. Tights, FaLKe FranCe. Shoes, marC JaCobs.
  52. 52. Hat with flower, igLaine Paris. Bustier dress with black dots, Lanvin. Cardigan, Dries van notten. Tights, FaLKe FranCe. Shoes, marC JaCobs.
  53. 53. Blue cardigan and tulle skirt, vivienne WestWooD. Red label shirt and beige pants, yiorgoseL eFtHeriaDes. Shoes, PauLe Ka.
  54. 54. Big printed hat JoHn Assitant: PrisCa gaLLiano. martaguet. Mousseline beige tank top Make-up: miCHeLe sonia ryKieL. rainer. Hair: seb Green skirt, basCLe at Artlist Paris. aFvanDervorst. Mask: LiDia Cerutti. Models. LaragH mC Cann at Ford models Paris as the Beauty. marina Jemieson at Marilyn models as the Beast. Special thanks: sHinKi vvat and ateLier montex. Pink one sleeve dress, vintage.