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PANDOO :: Personalized Web O/S

  1. 1. Pandoo TEK Inc. :: Corporate Info Pandoo TEK Inc. Was incorporated in Vancouver, BC, Canada on June 15, 2013 in order to organize the development of its main asset, PANDOO. The company is a Start Up involved in providing and supporting IT innovative technologies based on R&D that are intended to facilitate the development of PANDOO. The company was founded by: •Michael Patellis, Co-Founder, President, Director and Treasurer/Secretary •George Delaportas, Co-Founder, CEO and Director The corporate address of the company is: 618 - 688 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, V6B 1P1, BC, Canada.
  2. 2. Mission & Vision Our mission: “Strive to create the technology to personalize the Internet for everyone!" Our vision: “Develop a user-centric system on the web whilst creating a brand new life experience over the net.”
  3. 3. Problem & Solution Problem: The Internet is a global network of dynamics that are distant to the user and hard to manage and use. Solution: PANDOO personalizes the Internet providing an entry point in the form of a web desktop to harness its dynamics.
  4. 4. Product Description PANDOO is your personal computer on the web and a brand new cloud computing experience! PANDOO personalizes the Internet providing a customizable web desktop to manage and run your apps. PANDOO also provides an online framework for developers that enables integration of all kinds of web applications with an easy to learn A.P.I. For more info go to:
  5. 5. Current Status & Roadmap PANDOO is now under rigorous development mode. We are developing and integrating a number of popular and basic services like PANDOO M@il, PANDOOster, EUREKA, PANDOO Cloud, Social Media integrations, Youtube, etc., as well as various third party tools and utilities like maps, communications applications, document management systems, etc. The next goal is to bring live a Beta of PANDOO. The Beta will host useful and meaningful bunch of services, utilities and applications that will make PANDOO, with its unique native features and intuitive friendly environment, the ultimate destination for the Internet user to work, play and share information.
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