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  1. 1. COSMOS - DNAi6th Generation programming languageAbstractCOSMOS is a 6th generation programming language. COSMOS is nota programming language in the usual way. Unlike classicimperative and functional or A.I targeted and list processingprogramming languages, COSMOS is a more like a set of commandsthat “tell” and describe a digital world to your computer thatsoftware entities live in and evolve.OverviewCOSMOS is a «programming language» that teaches a computer thebasics for the environment and its objects, the actors andtheir actions, the rules, the commands, the laws, theparameters, the variables, the priorities, the restrictions,the inputs and the outputs, the relations, the needs andfinally the targets. What COSMOS does not do is to tell to thecomputer in what way and how to interact with the virtualworld or to program behaviors and plans. Instead, COSMOS runsa simulator that learns what and how to do it by itself inorder to reach the target by making the least mistakes. COSMOSruns simulations continuously even if the goal was reached.This is useful in order to give to the software the ability toevolve and adapt in environmental changes.COSMOS can produce reasoning in real-time by only doing onething, to compare. I have been trying to understand for a verylong time, what was the fundamental piece of informationbehind the true reasoning, behavior and spirit. Then I figuredout that each logical action is actually a subconsciouscomparison among personal knowledge or needs and environmentaldata. Thus, if I have a software that follows fundamentalpatterns of laws, commands and behaviors, as these are set bythe community that we humans live in, then the software canunderstand and evolve in its virtual community much like asmall kid does till it grows up!So, the point of innovation is that COSMOS can producesoftware worlds that do not need to be fully programmed butcan learn and evolve by themselves.The technology behind the conceptThe technology behind COSMOS is simply an abstract adaption ofthe mechanism of the DNA. Nobody really knows the truemechanism of the DNA and how this functions but I have assumed
  2. 2. that this would be a way that would enable each and everyaction to be just a consequence of a merging of knowledge –stored in a brain – and predefined needs described in the DNAitself. So, any living organism would function according toits primitive “intelligence” which is nothing more thanpredefined “mechanical” needs just as the food and mating.Thus we can have a new type of intelligence which personally Ifind as the only true intelligence and can be named as DNAi(DNA Intelligence).This can also explain the variations of intelligence among thespecies. The only thing I know for sure is that we and anyother living organism on earth are being born with nointelligence but with the capacity to learn and adapt. Wheneach creature is born should know nothing, should have nointelligence but should have a set of well predefined needsand enabled actions – matching its mechanical parts such aseyes, ears, hands etc. – plus maybe a few protecting actionswhich have been stored historically in its DNA. So, the earlyborn brain should be ready to instruct a set of basic actionsplus to “express” needs in a way understandable to others. Forsome animals this is far more complex since almost immediatelythey can walk, run, eat by themselves and protect themselves!But the idea and the mechanism behind all that, is the same!The DNA stores all the needed information for each species inorder to accomplish the most significant aim, to leave!If we search deep in our needs we will find that anything wedo and want is just a series of actions that derive back fromthe basic needs. For example the human DNA gives us a brain socomplex which has a huge capacity and we can learn and storeinformation in a way that later on can be used according toour needs. What happens when we “want” something is that inthe human brain a set of electrolytic anomalies cause a“disturbance” that the DNA has to settle down. So, a needmerged with knowledge causes an “anomaly” that needs to befixed. The usage of information in our brain in various wayscauses anomalies and until we get the result we need, our DNAfights to set the chemical compounds in our brain in a calmstate (normal levels). Thus, there is no real intelligence butjust chemistry and electricity.This is what we call intelligence after all!---George DelaportasInformatics & Computer EngineerMSc in Data Communications & NetworkingPhD in Digital Forensics