Website User Experience Analysis


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Review and evaluation of consumer website, proposing extensive user experience enhancements that were incorporated in the site redesign.

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Website User Experience Analysis

  1. 1. Website User Experience AnalysisPrepared By: Gregory CurranCreative Director / Marketing Strategist
  2. 2. OverviewIn preparation for creating the new dedicated website for Client XYZ Individual HealthInsurance, Agency ABC has assessed the live content that is currently on the Client XYZwebsite. The goal of this exercise is to determine how to evolve the site content andfunctionality to better meet user needs and support our goal of efficiently moving usersthrough the sales funnel. As we evolve the content, we will apply best practices, including: –  Page headlines that clearly identify the focus of respective pages –  Concise, straightforward copy that is relevant to user needs –  Uncluttered page layouts that help users find needed information and complete desired tasks –  Prominent navigation elements that enable users to find their way around the site –  Tools and functionality that help users view, compare, understand and take action on plan information and other important content –  Consistent and prominent inclusion of a call-to-action
  3. 3. Opportunities For ImprovementWhile our assessment did allow us to recognize the strengths of the current content, wewere also able to identify specific opportunities for improvement.1. Limit navigation options to those most relevant to our users, and assist them inmoving through the conversion funnel.Users are presented with up to three navigation menus on a single page. We would look toeliminate all but the essential links as a way of reducing opportunities for “leakage” andhelping users complete desired tasks.2. All important content and links should appear above the “fold” (screen view).We found instances where important content was at or below the fold. Examples include thesection for “Calendar Year Maximum” on the index page for “Need Help Choosing”, and thelink to “How to Apply” on the “Member Resources: Billing” page.
  4. 4. Opportunities For Improvement3. Eliminate inconsistent presentation of navigation menus and directional text.Getting users to complete the quote process is essential to achieving our marketing goals.However, this process is call simply “Quote” in some places, and “Quote & Apply” in others.As noted in recent Client XYZ usability research, this inconsistency can create confusion forusers. Also, the listing of “shortcuts” in the left column appears in different versions,depending on location on the site. These two versions are: Version 1 (e.g., on “Quote & Apply” page) Version 2 (e.g., “Need Help Choosing” page)   Related Shortcuts •  Shortcuts   Member Services •  Member Services   Health Information •  Health Information   Find a Doctor •  Find a Doctor   Discount Programs •  Wellness Products & Discounts   Online Pharmacy •  Discount Fee Program   Help / FAQ •  Online Pharmacy •  Help / FAQ
  5. 5. Opportunities For Improvement4. Add content that helps users understand and succeed at the CLIENT XYZapplication process.Experience tells us that many people have little or no understanding about the process ofbuying individual health insurance. To help guide site users along, we would add a clear,concise description of the Client XYZ application, underwriting and approval process andtimeframe.We also know that there is a high drop-off rate for users who begin an online application.We may want to add copy on the guided-selling portion, to set expectations how much timethey will likely spend, what the need and how they can receive assistance if needed.
  6. 6. Opportunities For Improvement5. Include page headlines that anticipate variable points of entry into the site andaccommodate individual user needs.As currently presented, page headlines are written to reflect site IA and seem to assume alinear click path. However, we know that many users navigate to the site from searchengines. The terms used to conduct those searches provide us with knowledge of the needsand questions users have. We recommend presenting copy that reflects this knowledge.For example, if someone searched for “family health insurance plan”, we would want theweb page they landed on to present the most relevant messaging. In the Need HelpChoosing section, that headline might read: “Let us help you choose a health insurance planfor your family.”
  7. 7. Opportunities For Improvement6. Improve decision-support tools that present too many options.We know the importance of helping users narrow down their plan options to 2 or 3candidates, so they can feel comfortable enough to choose a correct plan for themselves.But, as evidenced by results achieved when using the Life Stages tool, we are currentlyrecommending a long “short list”. The number of plan options recommended ranged from6 to10. This is not strong decision support and does not move a prospect aggressively intoa conversion funnel.We recommend refining the mechanics of this tool to provide a more focused list. Includingadditional decision support tools such as a refined and redesigned Preference tool or aslider tool as developed for the AARP site, would also make it easier for users to becomeClient XYZ members.
  8. 8. Opportunities For Improvement7. Revise copy that sounds like “legalese” or doesn’t directly address the topic.We found instances of copy that is far from user-friendly. Examples found in the FAQsection are listed below:Example of “legalese:”Q. How long are these rates valid?A. Rates for the Client XYZ Plan can be modified if such modification is approved by theregulators and we give at least 30 days notice before a rate modification. You will receivenotice of the rate change before its application.Example of not addressing the topic:Q. What health care services are covered under the Client XYZ Plans?A. For specific plan benefits, please use the "Request a Quote" function on the navigation bar.We would look for opportunities to replace copy like that shown above with content that ismore relevant and user-friendly.
  9. 9. Opportunities For Improvement8. Rewrite links to be more accurate and helpful.Wherever possible, we would eliminate the site’s many “more” links and replace them withlanguage that better sets expectation about the content to follow.9. Look for opportunities to make certain that links take users to the most relevantcopy.The Life Stages page contains text that says:Also, these value-added extras may interest you:-Adolescent and Childhood Immunizations Program-Client XYZ Resource Connection -- Enjoy discounts on business products and servicesfrom Staples, Hewlett-Packard and other providers.”Users who click the text link would expect to learn about “value-added extras.” However, thelink takes them to the “Program Provisions” page, which presents dry, off-putting legaldisclaimers instead of the expected content related to interesting “extras”.
  10. 10. Opportunities For Improvement10. Reduce the priority of offsite links to keep users in the conversion funnel.As the site is currently architected, users encounter a smorgasbord of page environmentsas they click from CLIENT XYZ content to pages on DocFind, Secure Member Site,InteliHealth, and other offsite locations. We would look for ways to reduce or de-prioritizenavigation to different environments.11. Include a Sitemap.Although the navigation at on each page includes a link that reads “Sitemap”, this linkactually takes the user to the Client home page. .
  11. 11. Opportunities For Improvement12. Add content that highlights the value of considering Client XYZ.Consumers who are shopping for coverage have a variety of health insurance providers tochoose from. Often perceptions about the carrier can be a deciding factor in the buyingdecision.To take advantage of the client’s strong brand, we recommend including content thathighlights the benefits consumers can expect when they choose Client XYZ.13. Provide plan detail in a way that won’t interrupt the guided-selling process.Currently, plan details are provided in a pdf format. This forces users to interrupt theiractivity, creating an unwanted detour on the path through the sales funnel.We recommend that plan details and other important content be accessible inline, as part ofthe buying experience. This is highly relevant content and may be more easily managed viaCMS or automatically fed to the site via the dynamic framework.
  12. 12. Opportunities For Improvement14. Provide users with a better sense of place.We recommend including breadcrumbs, progress charts and other content that helps usersalways know where on the site they are and where they need to go.15. Include content that anticipates and provides needed assurances.Consumers will typically experience some uncertainties during the online insurance buyingprocess. Helping people overcome uncertainties allows us to make more sales.For example, some users might hesitate due to concerns about privacy. For them, we wouldinclude a prominent graphics or text that emphasizes security.For users who are uncertain about their choice of plan, we might add “social proof” (i.e.testimonials, or “people like you prefer this plan”) or similar forms of assurance.