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Essex student union workshop notes
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Essex student union workshop notes


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Published in: Education, Sports

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  • 1. Essex Student Union Workshop Notes Friday 18th October 2013 Steve – Big Plan § § § § § § § § § Crossroads – Good SU, but not yet good enough Sector is changing o Huge change in uni’s and funding etc Every student is a member o 45% realized this o Thought is helped get a good job/degree o Down on customer service Beyond the bubble of student union sector o Copy cats – we want to be bigger o January transformation Our Vision: Worlds most student focused organization* o Promise – 1. Help get good degree & job 2. Kick ass membership – so student focused service and shop 3. Student focused – students can change and customize 4. Benefit ALL students - Senior, Loughton etc. *** Today is our start… Based on research Amazing, not just great - And not just the SU Team mentality – who’s our opposition? Filters § § § § § Is it bold enough to make students re-evaluate the union? Would is make non-students jealous? Could this be done by any other student union? Are students at the heart of this? Could it make us famous? Homework § § § § Bath uni shirt o Student created. Only thing to show up at UCAS bold, simple and truly student. (not kiddy) Movember o Raise awareness though its serious its in a fun way o Natural resources Uniqlo alarm – weather & music o Start day happy o Little moments happen Innocent smoothies knitted hats
  • 2. § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § o Focus funds better o Stencils of university o Hero’s updated for today Vines o bite sized compelling video stories Red bull o Don’t advertise to target market o Great events o Know what they do & they do it well Apple Boxes – attention to detail o Opening experience not just a means to an ends o “Opening things” YouTube The Only Way is Essex – reputation already made** o The stories of us & how we helped** o Not their stereotype o Reality Television use? Personalized Coke bottles* o I want to be a part of it o True to brand – but constantly adapting Tom’s Bar – Lincoln uni band videos – outlandish o Take risks o push for action Boris Bikes o Always there when you are in need Don’t know what SU’s do o Didn’t know until I got here Gothic Bar + Craziest bar – striking sharp* McDonalds + the “M” ** o This is what out icon is Compare the Meerkat o Excited in something mundane – simple & not boring About fun – Slide in bar o Project through all staff – slide iPhone – customizable for everyone but still branded* Somewhere to __________* o Business match with young people Kulula Airlines Builds § § § § § § § § A Strong Logo Brand *** Being noteworthy – not shouty Personal connection “My SU” – our name, unique to us People sharing & finding out for yourself “We underestimate simplicity” Treating SU like a person with personality Beyond SU o Ted talks – all students – Essex SU forever
  • 3. No nonsense Champion – a champion calling out bullshit that matters to the union members*
  • 4. Redefine The Category- Exercise Group 1 ideas § § § § Loyalty – not club card but sports cars key rings – branded A cult – but a good one* More exclusive – passes for friends o Handshake or secret symbol*** A ‘Google’ for students. To ‘google it’ > to ‘SU it’ Group 2 Ideas § § § § We do______ e.g. we do friendships, we do romance, we do advise, we do life* Lifetime relationship with SU Essex mafia – a family***** Mystique Group 1 & 2 Feedback § § § In the know – exclusive language – signs – passport Cult – feeling of belonging Wristbands – visible symbol Group 3 Ideas § § § § Customization o My______ e.g. My SU, My support Customized/ personalized bar** Bricks split up wall and everyone has a block to do as they please******** Personalized gift Group 4 ideas § § § § § § Once in a lifetime opportunity o e.g, Glastonbury Supporting Teams Charities, family – unconditional support Facebook – for everyone Platinum card – SU Card* Memory wall – last day students add things ** o Chalkboard wallpaper Group 3 & 4 Feedback § Bricks – part of the uni building**
  • 5. § § § § § § o Part of the uni forever Platinum card – reward membership – customizes * o Value of memories Family o SU fill that space o Unconventional o Dysfunctional Category of people builds Unconditional – circle of help tailored to you If Carlsberg did SU’s* Students already talking about family
  • 6. The Takeover Exercise Lady Gaga SU Takeover § § § § § § Biggest lesson – be unapologetic and fearless*** Dominating & directive Membership has to appeal to masses, and offer sense of belonging* o Faceless o Strong brand o Chose what you want Symbol: o Individual promotion o Exposure o Branded/ tattoo Membership pack: o Representational of what we are o Non customizable o Uniform o Replicate Wall would be signed but would be pre done from your reg. card – more military and organized. Lady Gaga Feedback § § § § § § § § Fearless but strong ID* Unapologetic not trying to appeal to 10,000* Focus in on a few people Over commit on exposure Follow us Dictatorship! Too Top Down? Feels like right bravery – completely wrong focus for us. Brew Dog SU Takeover Biggest Lessons: § § § § Being controversial Proud of being different – do not want to be like other SU’s** o “Screw conformity” – Essex Roots o Political Punks** Hmmmmm Starbucks! Everything would be FUN – not matter of consequence How would we treat members? § § Family of punks Have each others backs
  • 7. § § § Punks vs. everyone Big stunts – everyone gets involved* Wouldn’t be neutral o Take a stance on everything What would our mission be? § § YOLO (you only live once) - too mainstream o To not be controlled o To be radical & different Justice o Fight for a better education – no insipid lecture(rs) o Fight for a kick arse membership - Bending the rules Membership pack § § § § Condom – safe sex since 1964** Apple/orange for the teacher to suggest good/bad lesson * o Change the fruit/item once they realize the code DIY banner & megaphone (key ring) * VC’s mobile number for complaints* Brewdog Takeover Feedback § § § § § § § § Controversial – back to roots o Take a stance Family of punks o Occupy Fight for what we want Apple for the teacher – keep it changing! Banner making kit – megaphone Our members come up with more Q’s than us Balance between being fearless & unapologetic about what our members want * Being open about the questioning process o So…. No bullshit? Zappos SU Takeover § § § § Individual connection o Learning names – not just another one in a crowd o SU Facebook - internal and personalized pages that show what you like Element of surprise o SU postcards, nice messages Special – SU making the first move o ‘Check in’ messages – just to see how you’re doing Actions rather than words* o Making them priority – set time for all these things
  • 8. § § § § § § § § o Su heirlooms § Pass it on to younger years when leaving § Charms for wristbands e.g. Sports, societies SU Angels o Dedicated team – challenges & rewards for staff Quick and personal communication Random acts of kindness o Making somebody’s day SU Wishes box Phone calls over emails & text messages o Instruction videos Longest call – helping them throughout their entire time at uni Birthday wishes, messages, gifts, freebies, cards - Graduation * Survival shoebox – for move in day* o Directory, hangover cures, personalized pens, wristbands, invitations (grand ones) and hand delivered. Zappos Takeover Feedback § § § § § We say students are the most important thing – so – pick up the phone! Make the first move – call them Heirloom – a new way of saying family******** Banana phone Hand in the old wristband and get a new one each year or just at grad o Makes it a ceremony* Simple SU Takeover Biggest lessons: § § § § § Getting across our brand What our members want Platforms to reach our members Keeping things simple Knowing our product How would we treat members? § § § High standard of service Removing the clutter Bespoke offering Mission: § § § Identity the simple things Reaching the unreachable Don’t go for the conventional Membership pack: § § Elegant , Fun * Clear – representing the brand
  • 9. § § Kick ass membership – high budget*** o Dog tags o Bracelets/wristbands Crisp packaging Simple Takeover Feedback § § § Clear core values Campus Facebook – forums – makes it feel real Legacy** & Ritual building* 3 Images Game SU Your super Hero Students Belief Locate where they are* Perceived* Loads of levels underneath clear at top* Lots of things create one strong image *** Clear logo all Customized – make experience own Make things different
  • 10. Family dysfunctional Students push borderlines Committing they are part of the society 10 highest ranked ideas** ******** Bricks split up SU wall - everyone has a block (x8G) ******** Heirloom – family hand down ***** Essex Mafia *** A Strong Logo Brand *** Handshake or secret symbol *** Kick ass membership – high budget *** Benefit all students *** Lots of things make one strong image (visual) **** The Only Way Is Essex *** Unapologetic and Fearless