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Link Bait Presentation Revised
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Link Bait Presentation Revised


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  • 1. Creating Link Bait for and Presented by: Gregory Ching and Charlene Hsiao Our mentor and inspiration
  • 2.
    • Recommendation Widget
    • Healthy Lifestyle Recommendation
    • Body Diagram
    • Entertainment News
    • Celebrity Pictures
    • Video Contests
    • Research Articles for Digg, Reddit
    • Social content and communities
    • Book Reviews
  • 3.
    • A general widget, in which person types in an aspect of their life they’re hoping to improve through a special diet and the program will have a list of foods or diets that will target that area of focus.
    • For example: type in focus or concentration and get “tea” and “apples”
    • A widget on recommendations based on your favorite type of tea.
  • 4.
    • Detail the health benefits of the various nutragroup properties
    • Outline which parts of the body will benefit from which substances
  • 5. The Book of Korean Tea is a cultural guide to Korean tea and Korean tea ceremonies. Writing a review would be beneficial, since the author, Mr. Yoo is a contributing writer for a Korean culture magazine. The Korean Way of Tea details Korean tea customs.
  • 6. -Tea terms (asian tea terms) -Ways to use tea -Tea health benefits (VERY POPULAR!) -Fun designs of tea -Debunking tea myths -Tea vs other beverages -Tea rituals -Tea history (across countries and ages) -Latest tea research -Tea parties around the world
  • 7. Crazy tea stories- look in asian websites? Examples of crazy tea stories: Daily, or weekly pictures of celebrities drinking tea, for fun! Fun articles like “Most exotic, most expensive, most healthy teas”
  • 8. Tea Appreciation Society Steepster By directly interacting with consumers, can illuminate the benefits of Korean tea Build rapports with possible clients, and incite influential tea drinkers to link to Korean Tea News blog.
  • 9. Delete text and place photo here.
    • Another way to meet consumers
    • Could place blog posts on various user profiles who enjoy Korean Tea
  • 10. Potential Korean Tea Customers After caption goes here Delete text and place photo here.
    • National video contest worth $15,000 in scholarship
    • Each video submission must educate consumers about the health benefits of tea
    • Have each intern make a short 2-min video
    • Create Contests with themes of “Tea Food Recipes,” “Best ways to drink Tea,” video, essay, or photo contests with the incentive of hosting information for bloggers, or free teas.