NASIG 2013 -- LibX: The Small but Mighty Button for E-Resource Discovery and Access

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LibX is an open source browser extension (project site: that pushes access to a library’s e-resources and services out to users wherever they are on the Internet (e.g. Amazon, …

LibX is an open source browser extension (project site: that pushes access to a library’s e-resources and services out to users wherever they are on the Internet (e.g. Amazon, Wikipedia, etc.). Once installed in Firefox or Chrome, LibX appears as a button in the upper-right corner of a user's browser window ( and its functionality includes: a search box for library resources, links to library services, dynamic links back to targeted library holdings’ information for citations and books found on freely web sites, and a “reload current page with EZ Proxy” option for easy off-campus authentication. In Fall 2012, University of Connecticut (UConn) Libraries unveiled their instance of LibX along with homegrown user guides and instructional materials as well as targeted marketing and promotion efforts such as ad campaigns, short promotional videos, flash drives, and a "How Has LibX Helped You" contest. For the contest, people were invited to submit a 100 word statement about how LibX helped them. The goal is to promote LibX, but also gain insight on how LibX is being used and what features users of LibX found most helpful. This presentation will describe the successes and challenges of UConn's LibX implementation and promotion, as well as an analysis LibX usage as self-reported by users.

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  • 1. [Adventures ofa SmallMighty Button ][LibX][ Joelle Thomas and Galadriel ChiltonUniversity of Connecticut Libraries ]
  • 2. [Going where users are]
  • 3. [Open URL Resolver Referring Sites =41% from open web sites]
  • 4. [ Arriving at SpringerLink =66% direct or from open web sites]
  • 5. [ Arriving at JSTOR =65% direct or from open websites. ]
  • 6.[Meeting userexpectationsand aspirations]
  • 7.[Breaking downthe walls of thewebsite]"We need to fess up to thefact that our websites maynever be destinations in andof themselves for the peoplewe want to serve."-Tom Scheinfeldt
  • 8. [Little Button,Mighty Possibility]
  • 9. [plotting + scheming]
  • 10. [Promotingthe Mighty]
  • 11. [Trials, Tribulations, Success!]
  • 12. [ Hitting the Target (or not) ]
  • 13. "LibX is good!!""Introduction to LibX""Regular writing habits, writinggroups, LibX, search alerts.""UConn LibX."[40% of attendees named LibX as theirfavorite workshop content (fall 2012).]
  • 14. [Quotes from Contest]"LibX has made it easier to access various sources on theUConn Library site and also makes it SO much easier to accessarticles when I am not on campus!""It makes you feel you are always connected to ourexcellent library resources and staff!""It has made it easier because instead clicking throughmultiple pages I can simply click on the toolbar and ask forhelp no problem."
  • 15.[ Mighty Doesnt Mean Perfect ]
  • 16.