Locating Social Media


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Locating Social Media

  1. 1. Locating Social Media Social Media – Dr. Giorgos Cheliotis (gcheliotis@nus.edu.sg) Communications and New Media, National University of Singapore
  2. 2. Quiz: do you know your social web? CNM Social Media Module – Giorgos Cheliotis (gcheliotis@nus.edu.sg)2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 0
  3. 3. CNM Social Media Module – Giorgos Cheliotis (gcheliotis@nus.edu.sg)3
  4. 4. What is social media? (1 of 2) 4 CNM Social Media Module – Giorgos Cheliotis (gcheliotis@nus.edu.sg) Personal Media Mass Media Telephone Letter Postcard Personal media sharing* Print media TV Radio Recorded media Interpersonal Communication Mass Communication Mediated Interaction pre-Internet Quasi-mediated * Sharing of personal photos, videos, music collection, etc.
  5. 5. CNM Social Media Module – Giorgos Cheliotis (gcheliotis@nus.edu.sg)5
  6. 6. What is social media? (2 of 2) CNM Social Media Module – Giorgos Cheliotis (gcheliotis@nus.edu.sg)6 Personal Media Mass Media Telephone Letter Postcard Personal media sharing Email IM 1-1 Chat IM 1-1 A/V Texting 1-1 Newspaper TV Radio Recorded media Online delivery Mobile delivery Interpersonal Communication Mass Communication Mediated Interaction in post-Web 2.0 Internet Era Social Media Blog Wiki Forum/Mailing list Chat room SNS1 Content sharing Commenting Tagging/Filtering Social IM Social Texting MORPG2/VW3 Hybrid Mode 1. Social Network Site (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) 2. Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (e.g., Warcraft) 3. 3-D Virtual World (e.g., Second Life)
  7. 7. So… what is social media? Increased symmetry in interaction Potential for and encouragement of two-way communication and reciprocal behaviour Interaction situated within the context of online social networks Ties created and maintained between ‘alter’ and ‘ego’ through symmetrical interaction De-institutionalization of media production Rise of the amateur producer, or ‘prosumer’ Convergence of technologies and media forms Leading to destabilization of personal/mass media dichotomy Blurring of private and public sphere As a consequence of all of the aboveCNM Social Media Module – Giorgos Cheliotis (gcheliotis@nus.edu.sg)7 Social media is mediated communication characterized by:
  8. 8. Social implications… CNM Social Media Module – Giorgos Cheliotis (gcheliotis@nus.edu.sg)8 Online social networks complement and support offline ties Latent ties can be converted to weak ties; weak ties can become stronger One’s circle can be expanded beyond what is possible offline Potential for increase in total social capital Mediated communication increasingly important in daily life Requires new skills and adaptation to online communication norms and codes Higher cognitive load caused by management of multiple online and offline identities and parallel communication through various channels Poses new challenges for education, socialization, the digital divide, administration and law enforcement Challenging dominant power structures and state control Bloggers, user conversations and online forums challenge information monopoly of state and mainstream media Nearly insurmountable challenges for state censorship Changing relationship to cultural and media environment UGC usurps the cultural dominance of creative industries Rise of a new folk and remix culture Valorization of the amateur producer and remixer
  9. 9. Business Implications Consumer information seeking behavior has changed Information from friends in social network more trusted than marketing department SNS can be used to spread valuable information on new products or misinformation Marketers try to leverage SNS – but can be easily shunned by consumers Content sharing and reuse becoms integral to user conversations Users desire to communicate through found media and UGC Control over distribution and framing of digital content is compromised; internet-savvy content producers bypass intermediaries and freely appropriate found media Attempts by firms at leveraging UGC for marketing purposes or as inputs to production (crowdsourcing) have mixed results Growing and responding to one’s community becomes critical Internet startups focus increasingly on building successful user communities Novel technology and venture capital not enough to tap the social web Dinosaurs add social features to capture audience (that is now clearly not anymore merely ‘audience’) Pressure to assume more open and allow for third party extensions and user modifications Corporate communications must be perceived as honest and authentic CNM Social Media Module – Giorgos Cheliotis (gcheliotis@nus.edu.sg)9
  10. 10. Legal and other risks CNM Social Media Module – Giorgos Cheliotis (gcheliotis@nus.edu.sg)10 Privacy and social blunders
  11. 11. Some practical advice ;-) Use strong passwords and if necessary a password manager; do not use the same password on every site and do not share your passwords with anyone Avoid ‘friending’ strangers or giving away sensitive information via email or IM Do not follow shortened URL’s from sources you do not trust Think twice before every post you make online, even if it is on your ‘private’ profile; avoid offensive comments altogether; observe and follow community etiquette Do not get agitated by nasty comments and repeat grievers (trolls) Maintain multiple ‘alts’ if you want to have more personal conversations Reveal only as much information as you need to about yourself; if more info is required than you feel comfortable with, fake it, or better, leave the site Do not post material created by others unless permission to copy and post is explicitly granted and you give attribution (or if you are confident that your use is ‘fair use’) Including a link to the source is also good practice Avoid posting content that could compromise the privacy of others or offend Switch on location-based services on your mobile phone only when you need them Remember that everything you send, even in 1-1 communication, can be forwarded and made public; do not store sensitive data on your phone, it is easy to lose If you manage your own community, establish and enforce rules of conduct Provide users with tools to filter poor quality content or report inappropriate content Comply with regulations on resolving copyright infringement claims Reward pro-social, cooperative users and blacklist repeat offenders CNM Social Media Module – Giorgos Cheliotis (gcheliotis@nus.edu.sg)11 Security Privacy and etiquette UGC Mobile Users
  12. 12. A new digital culture Participation keywords: engagement, democracy, public sphere, collective action, social capital Remediation keywords: remix culture, appropriation, active audience, meaning-making, transformative Bricolage keywords: DIY culture, found objects, serendipity, remix, mash-up CNM Social Media Module – Giorgos Cheliotis (gcheliotis@nus.edu.sg)12 Social media operates in a digital culture that is characterized by:
  13. 13. CNM Social Media Module – Giorgos Cheliotis (gcheliotis@nus.edu.sg)13
  14. 14. 14 CNM Social Media Module – Giorgos Cheliotis (gcheliotis@nus.edu.sg) Participation We have come to expect a sense of participation A resurgence of a folk culture? Result: a more active citizenry? Or disconnection from each other and from ‘traditional’ forms of collectivity? An increase in ‘social capital’?
  15. 15. CNM Social Media Module – Giorgos Cheliotis (gcheliotis@nus.edu.sg)15 Remediation Every new medium diverges from yet also reproduces older media (Deuze) Do social media users value their own voice more than anything else? Mass media is reproduced but also recontextualized by individual users Not an opposition to mainstream media and tradition but an individualization of the message?
  16. 16. CNM Social Media Module – Giorgos Cheliotis (gcheliotis@nus.edu.sg)16 Bricolage The creation of objects with material to hand, re-using existing materials and incorporating bits and pieces (Hartley) Assemblage and tweaking in lieu of ‘originality’ Bricoleur contrasted with the (mythical) engineer Creating a sense of connectedness with people and things online But fostering also social isolation?
  17. 17. Credits and licensing Frontpage photo by the tartanpodcast (license: CC BY-NC) Global Web Index infographic by TrendStream. Arpanet photo by the Computer History Museum and Wikimedia Commons (public domain) Lolcat photo creator unknown, hosted by ICANHASCHEEZBURGER.COM Crowd photo by davidChief (license: CC BY) iPod photo by jakerome (license: CC BY-NC) Bricolage photo by Tinkerbots (CC BY-NC) 17 CNM Social Media Module – Giorgos Cheliotis (gcheliotis@nus.edu.sg) Original content in this presentation is licensed under the Creative Commons Singapore Attribution 3.0 license unless stated otherwise (see above)
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