The 7 Principles of Web Design


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  • Does anyone buy products or service from a non-appealing and less credible website?
  • How many of you here has got experience looking high and low for the information on websites and in the process getting frustrated? In reality, if consumers can’t find your information within 3 clicks, you will lose them forever.
  • Marketing is an investment not a liability only if spent wisely. If SEO is implemented correctly, you can gain a lot of highly targeted hungry prospects wanting to buy from you.
  • Although broad keywords have got large volume, exact key phrases are more highly focused in what your prospects are looking for, thus increasing in higher conversion.
  • Listing building is one of the most important asset a website can ever have. If you are able to establish trust with your list, you can always getting keep sales from your list instead spending more money on getting new traffic.
  • The internet will be dominated by social media in a few months time. Google will be integrating social signals into their search results to eliminate link buying ventures and promote quality content liked and shared by people. (Good indicator of excellent content).
  • In today’s highly competitive marketplace, you have to stand out from your competitors. You have to be unique and different. Why should your prospects buy from you and not from your competitors? Can you think of any?
  • The 7 Principles of Web Design

    1. 1. For more information, please visit
    2. 2. 1. Appearances matter We don’t buy any thing which doesn’t attract us. Same way, a client visiting your website will leave without buying any of your products until he/she finds you trustworthy. A well-designed website assures the customer that he/she has come to the right place and will get the best service. Good design does not need to cost a lot – it just requires a web developer that know what they are doing and understands your market and your needs.
    3. 3. Creates an immediate impression with prospects!
    4. 4. Where is the booking button?
    5. 5. Headlinecapturesprospect’sattention!
    6. 6. 2. Content, content, content Malcolm Gladwell in his best seller “Blink” states “when you meet someone for the the first time, or walk into a a house you are thinking of buying, or read the first few sentences of a book, your mind takes about two seconds to jump to a series of conclusions” This is also true when people visit your website. These fleeting two seconds just might be the difference between acquiring a new customer who generates revenue for you, or simply a lost prospect who falls into the seductive arms of one of your competitors. CLEARLY TELL YOU CUTOMERS WHERE TO FOCUS THEIR ATTENTION
    7. 7. Answers exactlywhat prospects arelooking for. Above the fold of browser
    8. 8. Images in the form ofcontent
    9. 9. 3. Navigation One of the most important goals of your website should be to convert your readers into potential clients. Your website should have easy and simple options. Customers should be able to glance at you home page and know where they need to go
    10. 10. Better navigationstructure – Withinone click.
    11. 11. 4. Make sure people can find you Creating a website does not lead your business to success. If your website does not show on Google, it means you are losing many potential clients. Mostly people land on your website by clicking on a link from a search engine (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc). Search Engine Optimisation is the process of running your website in a way that it could be found on search engines and bring immense traffic to your website KEY WORDS
    12. 12. Keywords entered in Title tag
    13. 13. 5. Keep it timely There is nothing worse than an out-of-date website to communicate to your customers that you don’t care. Outdated offers, announcements for last year’s trade shows, out-of-date staff lists – it all detracts from your image as an efficient company that will provide great service. Make sure your website has a user-friendly content management system so you can update frequently and easily.
    14. 14. 6. Capture and care for customer leads Always remember that clients are attracted to your business if you have any incentive or discounts to offer them. Consider offering a promotion or limited time offer. Whatever your goals, make the steps your visitors need to take are clear and easy to follow. Not everyone who visits your site is ready to buy so provide reasons for them to contact you and provide to you their name and email.
    15. 15. 7. Social Media Algorithms, is used by the Google Internet search engine, that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a website. Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Google + and Youtube .
    16. 16. Summary1. Appearance Matters2. Content, content and content!3. Navigation4. Make sure people can find you5. Make it timely6. Capture and care for customer’s leads7. Social Media
    17. 17. Never assume we knoweverything about our prospects!
    18. 18. Be The Superheroin Your Niche
    19. 19. Be a Superhero in your Niche1. Establish Your Unique Selling PointReinforce that unique selling point in all your marketingstrategies and ensure your prospects can clearly see why theyshould be buying your services or products.
    20. 20. Be a Superhero in your Niche2. Go Social With Your BrandThis means you need to establisha good fan base in Facebook,Twitter and other socialplatforms to talk about productand services.Give free content worthy ofgreat value to your fans as theywill become your super fans andspread your brand to theirfriends and families.
    21. 21. Be a Superhero in your Niche3. Implement video marketing in your BlogVideo is a huge part of marketing online. The fact that Youtubeis now owned by Google makes it a no brainer to use video inyour marketing efforts.
    22. 22. Be a Superhero in your Niche3. Implement video marketing in your Blog (continued fromprevious slide)There are two advantages to using video on your website;• The first obvious advantage is that you stand a higherchance of converting your prospects into leads;• Video blogging about your products and services willestablish your companys credibility in the eyes of Googleand most importantly your prospects.
    23. 23. Thank YouFor more information, please visit or check out information tips on our blog.