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Ukraine vs.Philippines Call Centers
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Ukraine vs.Philippines Call Centers


Compare the difference between Ukraine and Philippines outsourcing options.

Compare the difference between Ukraine and Philippines outsourcing options.

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  • The Philippines is about Telephone services, selling any stuff, disturbing anyone's calling and offering products. They hired filipinos that the course is not even related to the position, It is simple because their job is just about just to sell, call and call and sell that's it!

    While Ukraine IT outsource is about Engineering, developing more convenient and latest technologies, which a teacher can't do.
    And Ukraine has less unemployment rate, they have 1.9% unemployed, everyone has a job. If to talk about 'work environment' well I honestly would say that Ukraine has very good working environment, the place is clean, things in the office are complete, everyone treated equally, no matter what you are, an ordinary worker would address his boss just by name, unlike in Philippines if you talked to the Manager and you are just a worker you should pay too much respect by calling Sir,Mam sounds like you have to kiss their foot, or else you'll get to be fired at work if you just mistakenly call them by names without saying 'Sir/Madam Smith!
    Ukrainians are very loyal to their job, hard working, honest and they are mentally quick, always have new ideas, and they don't tend to keep longer in job if, you give them a very simple task! They always love a challenging work, they love to learn more and more with latest technologies, no matter what the price even small pay as long as trained them the most updated technologies, because even you will pay them 25 dollars an hour they will still resign if the work is not longer challenging to them. I know the behaviors of Ukrainians because I am with them for around 15 years.They are very hospitable and humble, they work hard and at the same time studying in University taking lots of courses. Most of Ukrainian work in the office for more than the hours they required to do, just they are workaholics.Most of them arrive in the office at 7 am and ended even up to 10 pm, and when they are delayed with work they even work whole night, and sometimes sleep in the office just to finish the job, they don't want to submit late results.
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  • Guys I am a Filipina and call centers in Philippines are everywhere, they are selling blah blah,means more on sales or telemarketing,the agent assigned for inbound and outbound offered products and so on,receiving call or calling anyone abroad to offer products, this is a different thing! In Ukraine my husband is one of the manager in a big company in Kyiv, and we don't have such services, we only have 'local call centers' that mainly used for internal to serve banks,governments, it is used to contact companies to sell units of computers. The Ukraine call center is just served locally means just a call center for internal use in Ukraine, so this is not a call center outsource, In Ukraine we have skilled engineers, IT specialist,Web Developers, that knowledge ranges already for 30 years in IT development.We mainly focused in engineering, improving software technologies,programming and developing, so this is a different thing, we don't sell promotions or so on, This is much different, and the rates are not less than 1USD, we work for a rate of minimum at least 10USD an hour,If our team serve for government then salary ranges from minimum of $1000 a month 40 hours work a week. If work in private company the average salary should not be less than $3000 If managerial then a lot bigger, just really depends to your skills, but this job specifically available for locals. Ukrainian developers earning from $4600 to $6666 a month, we don't have outsource telemarketing!
    This comparison is absolutely different, because Ukrainians are highly professionals, they are not sitting to call abroad to offer products or to sit many hours to wait for a call.They sit to improve new software technologies and sell in the market. And it is wrong to say that they earned less than a dollar an hour, because Ukrainians average rate is 15$ an hour, and they have extra job that gives them $20 an hour, my husband rate from $30 and soon he will climb to $50 an hour.
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  • 1. An Outsourcing Comparison
  • 2. Ukraine – An Alternative
    • Labor Cost
    • Multi-Lingual Capability
    • Location
    • Call Center Infrastructure
    • Geo-Political
    • Culture
    • Talent Supply
    • Education
  • 3. Labor Cost
    • Philippines
    • Ukraine
    • Minimum Wage
      • 382 PHP (PESOS) per day
        • $0.99 per hour
    • Corporate Tax
      • 30%
    • Individual Tax
      • 5-32%
    • VAT
      • 12%
    • Minimum Wage
      • 625 UAH (HRYVNIA) per month
        • $0.45 per hour
    • Corporate Tax
      • 25%
    • Individual Tax
      • 15%
    • VAT
      • 20%
  • 4. Multi-Lingual Capabilities
    • Philippines
    • Ukraine
    • English
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Japanese
    • English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Hungarian, Slovak, Moldavian, Romanian, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, French, Austrian, Chinese, Japanese, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Greek, Finnish
    • Many people in Ukraine are bi-lingual and tri-lingual as it is required to work abroad.
  • 5. Location
    • Philippines
    • Ukraine
    • East of Vietnam.
    • Between Philippine and South China
    • More than 7000 volcanic islands make up the territory
    • Capital is Manila
    • 20-24 Hours by plane from Detroit
    • Located in Eastern Europe
    • Neighboring country to Euro zone
    • Boarders with 7 countries in Europe
    • 12-13 Hours by plane from Chicago
    • Capital is Kiev
  • 6. Geo-Political
    • Philippines
    • Ukraine
    • President elected to a 6 year term.
    • Human rights issues especially in Muslim areas.
    • Bullying from China has resulted in occasional spats between the 2 countries.
    • Democratic government modeled from US.
      • Good relations with US
    • Visited by US Vice President, Joe Biden last week
      • USA supports Ukraine’s ambition to join NATO and European Union.
      • USA will not compromise relations with Ukraine at the sake “resetting” relations with Russia.
    • Democracy
      • Pro-Western Government
  • 7. Culture
    • Philippines
    • Ukraine
    • 30% of high school grads get a college/university education
    • Predominantly Roman Catholic religion
    • Many traditions from prior colonial history
    • 11% of Filipinos live and work abroad
    • Majority of the people have contemporary lifestyles
    • Working more 40 hours per week is common
    • Time differential pay difference is uncommon
    • Very friendly to foreigners and highly interested in Western culture
    • Employee loyalty is considered very important to staff
  • 8. Talent Supply
    • Philippines
    • Ukraine
    • Turn over is high due competition by many outsourcing suppliers
    • Use of internet is less developed for job hunting than in the West
    • Ownership of home computer less common
    • Philippines has a population of 70,0000,000
    • Unemployment is at 25% officially
      • 50% unofficially
    • Many graduates have multiple degrees when entering the labor market
    • Competition for any employment is high
    • Turn over is extremely low due to historic economic conditions
  • 9. Education
    • Philippines
    • Ukraine
    • 30% of high school grads get a college education.
    • Less than 60 percent of students graduate high school.
    • Bi-lingual English program adopted by schools in 1974.
    • 3 rd largest English speaking nation.
    • Ukrainian university students often obtain their Masters degree in comparison with the West.
    • Ukrainians are able to accelerate through college based on good grades.
    • Over 900 universities
    • Education reforms continue to improve the quality of Ukraine’s education system
  • 10. 247HR Ukraine Offers
    • Services
    • Call Center Infrastructure
    • 2000 Seats
      • Expansion to 5000 by end of 2009
    • 6 Locations
      • Lvov, Kharkov, Nikolayev, Simferopol, Vinnitsa, Kiev
    • Technology partnerships with all of Ukraine’s leading communications, software, hardware and consulting companies
    • Help Desk
    • Technical support
    • Order line
    • Bookings
    • IVR
    • Contact validation and discovery
    • Database creation and management
    • Lead generation, profiling
    • Appointment setting
    • Multi-channel campaign execution
    • B2B and B2C sales
    • Customer retention and up-sell
    • Credit collection
    • Data entry
    • Application processing
    • Accounting
    • Market research, customer satisfaction surveys
    Up Sell / Cross Sell Lead Capture Conference & Seminar Registration Fulfillment Lead Generation Customer Follow Up Customer Acquisition Live Phone Support Email Response Direct Response Live Web Chat Services Click To Talk Telesales Emergency Response Bilingual / Multilingual Service IT support, system monitoring Inbound Services Customer Service Customer Care & Retention Order Taking Toll Free Services