Discovering Accessible Educational Resources via and Learning Registry (ATIA 2014)
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Discovering Accessible Educational Resources via and Learning Registry (ATIA 2014)






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Discovering Accessible Educational Resources via and Learning Registry (ATIA 2014) Discovering Accessible Educational Resources via and Learning Registry (ATIA 2014) Presentation Transcript

  • Discovering Accessible Educational Resources via and LR ATIA 2014
  • Food for Thought… Page 2
  • Food for Thought… Page 3
  • Food for Thought… Page 4
  • Food for Thought… Page 5
  • Food for Thought… Page 6
  • Food for Thought… Page 7
  • Food for Thought… Page 8
  • Food for Thought… Page 9
  • How it Works – metadata describes ‘things’ on the web as agreed upon by the major search engines to improve search & discoverability Page 10
  • Recipe Metadata Example <div itemscope itemtype=""> <div itemprop="nutrition” itemscope itemtype="http://"> Nutrition facts: <span itemprop="calories">240 calories</span>, </div> Ingredients: - <span itemprop="ingredients">3 or 4 ripe bananas, smashed</span> - <span itemprop="ingredients">1 egg</span> Page 11
  • Learning Resources Metadata Page 12
  • Why Now? Kinda’ Perfect Storm Goal: Make it easier and more convenient to find learning resources that meet specific student and class needs. Curriculum and Accessibility Standards LRMI Intersection of three opportunities Resource Registries (Learning Registry) from a representation by Brandt Redd, Gates Foundation Page 13 1
  • The  LRMI  Proper-es  v1  (­‐specifica-on)   General  Terms  ( Educa-onal  Terms:   •  intendedEndUserRole   •  -tle/name •  educa-onalUse       •  URL •  -meRequired   •  Descrip-on •  typicalAgeRange       •  Image •  interac-vityType       •  Topic •  learningResourceType   •  created  (date) Competency  related:   •  Creator •  educa-onalAlignment   •  Publisher •  Descrip-on   •  inLanguage •  URL   •  Mediatype •  Alignment  Type     •  technologiesRequired •  educa-onalFramework   •  technologiesRecommended   •  targetDescrip-on   •  targetName   •  Use  RightsURL •  targetURL   •  is  based  on       Page 14
  • Page 15
  • Page 16
  • What About Accessibility? Addressing the needs of ALL Students Discover Learning Resources based on disability needs and learner preferences ●  Compatible with AT, WCAG guidelines ●  Leverage MathML, tactile graphics and image descriptions Have closed-captioned video ●  Page 17
  • Leveraging Access For All ●  Gates Foundation funded Benetech to develop a proposal for Accessibility Metadata that would be complementary to LRMI ●  Benetech assembled a broad Working Group of experts –  AEP (LRMI), APH, Dublin Core, EDItEUR (ONIX), Gooru Learning, IMS Global, IDRC, NCAM, SRI (Learning Registry) ●  Proposal accepted by in November 2013 –  Influenced heavily by IMS Global Access for All –  Released under a Creative Commons BY-SA License Page 18
  • Accepted 1.0 Properties AccessibilityFeature   •  alterna-veText,  longdescrip-on,   MathML,  cap-ons,  transcript,  …   AccessibilityHazard   •  noFlashingHazard,  mo-onSimula-on,   noSoundHazard,  …   AccessibilityAPI   AccessibilityControl   •  AndroidAccessibility,  ARIA,   MacOSXAccessibility,  ...   •  fullKeyboardControl,   fullTouchControl,  ... Page 19
  • Proposed 1.1 Properties AccessMode   •  auditory,  textual,  visual,   colorDependent,  …   hasAdapta-on   •  URI/URL   isAdapta-onOf   •  URI/URL Page 20
  • Application to Books Part 1 <span itemscope=”” itemtype=””> <meta itemprop=”accessMode” content=”textual”/> <meta itemprop=”accessMode” content=”visual”/> <meta itemprop=”accessibilityFeature” content=”longDescription”/> <meta itemprop=”accessibilityFeature” content=”structuralNavigation”/> <meta itemprop=”accessibilityFeature” content=”MathML”/> … Page 21
  • Application to Books Part 2 <meta itemprop="hasAdaptation" content="https://…&downloadFormat=DAISY_TEXT_ONLY"/> <meta itemprop="hasAdaptation" content="https://…&downloadFormat=BRF"/> … Page 22
  • Application to Books Part 3 <div class="adaptationLinks”> <span itemscope itemtype=""> <meta itemprop="isAdaptationOf" content="https://"/> <meta itemprop="bookFormat" content="Ebook/DAISY3"/> <meta itemprop="accessMode" content="auditory"/> <meta itemprop="accessibilityFeature" content="structuralNavigation"/> <a itemprop="url" href="https://someurl">Audio</a> </span> Page 23
  • The End Result Search for “history” titles on Bookshare and filter by presence of image descriptions: Page 24
  • Application to Web Pages <div itemscope=”” itemtype=””> <meta itemprop=”accessMode” content=”textual”/> <meta itemprop=”accessMode” content=”visual”/> <meta itemprop=”accessibilityFeature” content=”alternativeText”/> <meta itemprop=”accessibilityFeature” content=”longDescription”/> <meta itemprop=”accessibilityFeature” content=”displayTransformability”/> BLOG CONTENT HERE </div> Page 25
  • Application to Video <div itemscope=”” itemtype=””> <meta itemprop=”accessMode” content=”visual”/> <meta itemprop=”accessMode” content=”auditory”/> <meta itemprop=”accessibilityFeature” content=”audioDescription”/> <meta itemprop=”accessibilityFeature” content=”captions”/> YOUR VIDEO HTML CODE HERE </div> Page 26
  • Video Search Can Be Fixed ●  ●  ●  Closed-captioned search limited to YouTube domain +%22Dame+Tartine%22&tbm=vid&tbs=cc:1 Should also be extended to audio description Page 27
  • Application to Images <span itemscope=”” itemtype=” ImageObject”> <meta itemprop=”accessMode” content=”visual”/> <meta itemprop=”accessMode” content=”tactile”/> <meta itemprop=”accessMode” content=”auditory”/> <meta itemprop=”accessibilityFeature” content=”tactileGraphic”/> <meta itemprop="accessibilityFeature" content="braille"/> <meta itemprop="learningResourceType" content="illustration" /> <meta itemprop="typicalAgeRange" content="15-16" /> IMAGE HTML MARKUP HERE </span> Page 28
  • Adoption Status ●  Bookshare book detail pages are tagged ●  Learning Registry integration with –  Bookshare and Khan Academy videos ●  EPUB 3.0.1 support metadata –  which includes LRMI and soon accessibility properties ●  Wordpress Plugin for Captions (YouTube Lyte) ●  Exploring use for accessible image registry ●  In discussions with eBook publishers, distributors and tool providers Page 29
  • OERPUB Editor Integration Page 30
  • Upcoming Filters for Free.Ed.Gov Page 31
  • Resources and Contact Info ● ● ● ●  Gerardo Capiel Twitter: @gcapiel Page 32