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SiG@MaRS reports back! 2011
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SiG@MaRS reports back! 2011






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SiG@MaRS reports back! 2011 SiG@MaRS reports back! 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • SiG@MaRS!October 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011! !"#$%&%""(&)%*+,-.%"% /$&.0%1%+%,&/&,"#2% Advisory Services and! 3-")4"5%-406%#$0% $0&4"5.%!"#$%&()*+#&+&( Educational Programming! !,,&-&./0&( The Centre for ! 7"89:&;7%+<%/)&.%&% Impact Investing =+>0%#+%/$&.0%11%<$",$% ",)-40.%*-6#$06% Innovative Solutions Labs! "#056&(+%+*%!"#$%*.1( 2&.#$,&%(/+"(3"4,/5*+/-( 6.*7./88$+7("#+%:&;7% ,+60%+/06&(+.?%%/)&"5% *+6%&%)&+0.&(9*.(:8;/,0( :+#&%5+7?%&4%0@/)+6"5% +//+6#-"(0.%*+6% :++*#/5#&(2*-45*+%(</=%A% Pg 1
  • SiG@MaRS
 Advisory Services (and Human Resources)! Active Client Clusters Emerging Evolving Developing Clients -  Over this reporting period the social innovation programs at MaRS:! -  Employed 17 staff and/or consultants" -  Engaged 11 active volunteer advisors! -  Secured 10 interns for the social finance programs as well as dozens of committee volunteers" -  Worked with 4 pro bono professional services! -  Provided services to 85 active clients, most of whom were categorized as Emerging, Evolving or Developing – with resources allocated accordingly" -  Worked with clients in 10 general clusters: education; agriculture, food & natural products; community hub; arts & culture; environment; employment; social technology; finance & philanthropy; housing and healthcare" -  Provided workshops to high potential clients" Pg 2Confidential Information - Not for Redistribution 

  • SiG@MaRS!Social Enterprise Marketplace at MaRS – December 2010 ! These social ventures sell products and services such as printing, courier services, catering, crafts and interpreter services. Many work within the not-for-profit sector to employ ʻmarginalizedʼ populations that creates both training and employment opportunities for people that are traditionally hard to employ – such as people with lived experience of homelessness or mental health challenges" Pg 3 View slide
  • SiG@MaRS! http://www.marsdd.com/news-insights/meet-the-entrepreneurs/tiffinday/"Case Examples! (Kevin Van Paassen/The Globe and Mail)"One Voice One Team! Blue W!Through the use of With a simple idea ofprofessional athletes as providing access to tapmentors; OVOT has worked water, Blue W haswith SiG@MaRS through all secured contracts with 10stages of development and municipalities and hashas recently secured a received extensivecontract with the Toronto business advice and legal services from Tiffinday!District School Board under SiG@MaRS to determine From walking into MaRS with athe banner of equity" the appropriate corporate tiffin and an idea, Tiffinday has structure for this venture" launched a triple bottom line business and has received extensive media attention for working to provide healthy meals, with zero waste, delivered by people with developmental challenges" Pg 4 View slide
  • SiG@MaRS!Innovations in Education Cluster!One of the most active clusters of activity is innovations in education: eight (8)different ventures have been taken through design thinking, strategic foresight andbusiness model generation to support their work in introducing innovations into theeducation system; this cluster is planning a national conference in the Fall 2011" Pg 5
  • SiG@MaRS! Convening – Net Change Week!Global thoughts leaders were brought to MaRS for Net Change Week – a week long festivalof training and inspiration that enables attendees to use social tech for social change. Withover 1500 participants and virtual attendees from over 45 countries, this has become of onethe pre-eminent events of the year for social change leaders." Pg 6
  • SiG@MaRS!Convening – Social Finance Forum! "This year the Social Finance Forum was a release of the report of the Canadian Task Force on Social Finance entitled: Mobilizing Private Capital for Public Good. ! !This video was shown at the launch and shows the global thought leaders supporting this work. http://socialfinance.ca/taskforce/video" With over 600 people registered to attend this event, the response was overwhelming. Two groups – Philanthropic Foundations of Canada and Phillips Hager & North – also held their “impact investing” events at MaRS following the Task Force launch thus turning the week of December 3rd into Social Finance Week at MaRS." Pg 7
  • SiG@MaRS! Convening – Social Entrepreneurship Summit ! The Series on Aging was held in partnership with the Ontario Trillium Foundation and featured speakers such as Atkinson fellow Judy Steed and SiG@MaRS social entrepreneur, Vickie Cammack of Tyze. Through a virtual tour of UK best practice initiatives, participants were inspired to understand the opportunities for the not- for-profit sector to better serve our aging population" Event Wordle! This event also launched the Community Accessibility Award to promote organizations that provide superior access for people with disabilities – SiG@MaRS staff Hadley Nelles and Nii Sakeyfio led this program"http://www.marsdd.com/2011/02/08/changing-age-at-this-years-business-of-aging-conference" Pg 8
  • SiG@MaRS! Thought Leaders !This group of global thought leaders wereengaged to support the launch of theCanadian Task Force on Social Finance! These thought leaders were given an opportunity to present at MaRS to advance our understanding of social innovation based on their experience as thought leaders in innovation; philanthropy; social technology and/or asset-based approaches to social change" Pg 9
  • SiG@MaRS!Events at MaRS with a Social Innovation Focus! MaRS opens its doors to the community to provide events that support social innovation. For this time period – eln studio – the Emerging Leaders Network, launched a high profile event to advance their initiatives; a celebration was held for John Mighton who was inducted into the Order of Canada; YSEC held their re-Vision session and Treehouse held several high profile events to encourage new communities to come together to accelerate social change." Pg 10
  • SiG@MaRS! Convening – Presentations at Strategic Events!In addition to bringing thought leaders to Ontario, SiG@MaRS is often asked to present at severalstrategic events – 21 in this reporting period or to attend key events – 15 in this reporting period.Below is an example of one such event. Annually The Muttart Foundation in Alberta holdsconsultations on regulatory issues. This year, SiG@MaRS was asked to attend to help the CRA settheir strategic plans in regards to the work of the charities division. This was an intensive four dayprocess with key connections made and input given and received."The Muttart Consultation process is an example of the Foundationʼs view that it can make contributions throughconvening people. Since 1997, the Foundation has hosted periodic discussions to allow the sector and government todiscuss regulatory issues…the Foundationʼs contribution is bringing together a group of people to solve a commonproblem. These consultation processes are marked by several traits that participants have said make them useful andoften successful: Participants are asked to leave their agendas at home. These are not negotiation sessions, they areattempts to use problem-solving techniques to resolve a common issue. No one is asked to commit to any decision.The object of the consultations is to have a full discussion about the nature of an issue and alternatives to dealing withit. Participants spend two full days concentrating on the one issue, something one participant termed “an incrediblegift.” Discussions remain confidential." Pg 11
  • SiG@MaRS! “SiG is a national collaboration addressing Canadas social and ecological challenges byConvening - Networks! creating a culture of continuous social innovation”" As part of a national collaborative, SiG@MaRS has access to enhanced communities, both geographic like BC, funders, and academia – that helps accelerate the uptake of social innovation" CAUSEWAY is a collaborative project anchored with Social Innovation Generation (SiG) National and hosted at SiG@MaRS. Causeway is a 3 year project whose objective is to fast-track Canadaʼs adoption of social finance, ensuring there is a healthy social finance marketplace supported by mainstream financial institutions serving a national constituency of charities, social enterprises, social economy entities, community economic development institutions and cooperatives. In this period the work of Causeway was focused on the Canadian Task Force on Social Finance." Pg 12
  • SiG@MaRS!Convening - Government Relations! SiG@MaRS has been working at the federal level to support the uptake of social innovation and social finance, in particular with HRSDC."SiG@MaRS works closely with several Government of Ontario ministries tosupport social innovation. In particular for this reporting period: thePartnership Project, social procurement, briefings on the Canadian TaskForce on Social Finance, the SVX and opportunities for positioning Ontario asa leader in the social innovation economy globally. We also worked with theGovernment of BC on their committee on Social Entrepreneurship." SiG@MaRS also works with municipalities to ensure they are aware of opportunities for social innovation to assist them in their work."SiG@MaRS also has the opportunity to work with governments in other countries to promotesocial innovation. In this period we were consulted by the Office of Social Innovation and CivicParticipation in the US and entertained governments from both Denmark and Sweden." Pg 13
  • SiG@MaRS!Convening - Key Networks! There is incredible momentum and interest in social innovation. Given our intention of integrating social innovation into the mainstream innovation agenda – we see this as a strong symbol of success. SiG@MaRS has worked with groups across the innovation spectrum. From our work with leaders in the field of social entrepreneurship like Ashoka and Volans to engagement of unusual stakeholders like Centennial College and the Social Investment Organization to work with Community Foundations and healthcare institutions like Toronto Rehab and CAMH.! Featured network: Ernst & Young, Entrepreneur of the Year. SiG@MaRS is an active advocate for the Social Entrepreneur category. Last year the winners were SiG@MaRS client:" Parker Mitchell, George Roter! Engineers Without Borders Canada | Toronto! ewb.ca! Engineers Without Borders engages 50,000 members in 35 chapters to promote the idea that lasting change in Africa will stem not from charity, but from helping foster opportunity.! Pg 14
  • SiG@MaRS!Accelerate – Knowledge Brokering!SiG@MaRS continues to contribute to thought leadership through knowledge brokering – researchmoved to action – through the white papers series and the extensive of scanning of informationresources which are then distributed through social media – facebook – twitter accounts – blogs –vimeo – flickr – mail chimp and through traditional presentations." SiG Canada" @sigeneration" MaRSDD Toronto" @MaRSDD" Pg 15
  • SiG@MaRS! Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council" www.sshrc-crsh.gc.ca"Accelerate - Research! Community-University Research Alliances SiG@MaRS is not a research institute but we do partner with others to ensure the success of their research and to ensure it reflects the needs of social entrepreneurs. Each of these groups is working on projects that examine the changing nature of the social economy sector in Canada." SiG@MaRS is currently working on the following projects:! Jack Quarter, Ph.D. (Toronto)" Professor" Adult Education and Community Development Program" Tessa Hebb, PhD – Aaron Good, Public Policy Carleton University" Forum on Social Enterprise" Pg 16
  • SiG@MaRS!Accelerate - Education! Over this time period, SiG@MaRS has formed and led a consortium to support the development of a School for Social Entrepreneurs in Ontario" Geoff Cape, founder of Evergreen presented at our Lived It Lecture for Entrepreneurship 101 in November 2011" Entrepreneurs Toolkit There are 17 articles aimed specifically at Social Entrepreneurs in the Entrepreneurʼs Toolkit, many of were revised I this reporting period! Allyson Hewitt of SiG@MaRS facilitates a panel of social entrepreneurs for our Meet the Entrepreneurs session in November 2011" Pg 17
  • SiG@MaRS!Accelerate – Enabling Change Partnership Project! In partnership with the National Quality Institute and funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services – SiG@MaRS developed a program to help entrepreneurs succeed in meeting their obligations under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act (AODA)." This program had three components:" 1.  Training advisors! 2.  Compliance promotion – including the development of an Accessibility Award; and" 3.  Education and Awareness through changes to the Entrepreneurʼs Toolkit, blogs and promotion at the Series on Aging" Pg 18
  • SiG@MaRS!Innovative Program Development – Social Finance! This report period saw extensive resources dedicated to the report of the Canadian Task Force on Social Finance. Several slides have already addressed this report and the launch which took place at MaRS on December 3, 2010 with MaRS CEO Ilse Treurnicht as the chair of the Task Force and host of the launch event." Task Force on Social Finance membership includes:" • Ilse Treurnicht (CEO, MaRS Discovery District)" • Paul Martin (former Prime Minister)" • Tamara Vrooman (CEO, Vancity)" • Nancy Neamtan (Le Chantier, Quebec)" • Tim Brodhead (McConnell Family Foundation)" • Tim Jackson (Accelerator Centre, Waterloo)" • Bill Young (Social Capital Partners) " • Stanley Hartt (Chair, Macquarie Capital Markets)" • Reeta Roy (President, Mastercard Foundation) " • Sam Duboc (Edgestone Capital)" And consists of seven (7) recommendations to mobilize access to private capital for public good." Pg 19
  • SiG@MaRS!Innovative Program Development – SocialFinance.ca! Resources on the Canadian Task Force on Social Finance were stored on SocialFinance.ca which has become a global resource for social finance" For this reporting period, 104 new blogs were posted and social media statistics show increases in all areas. The site is also a resource for information on Social Impact Research was conducted during this Funds and Products like the time period for an online Guide to Social Impact Bond, Careers Social Finance, it will be launched in in Social Finance, Metrics and Q1 2011" Measurement and many other timely topics" Pg 20
  • SiG@MaRS!Innovative Program Development – Social Venture Exchange (SVX)! A partnership between the organizations listed above, the SVX had a focus on Administration (regular meetings and engagement of interns); Profiling of ventures and investors (including a Social Venture Census, information sessions, and case studies); Impact Investor meetings; Research, Communications & Development, including work with B Corporations and impact metrics webinars; Business & Partnership Development, primarily focused on platform development and global network liaisons; and Design & Regulation, work with Torys on pro bono legal services." Work with B Corporations results in visits to US sites and partnership agreements which sees SiG@MaRS as the first partner for B Labs outside the US" Pg 21
  • SiG@MaRS!Communications! Blogging is of vital importance to the work of SiG@MaRS – over this reporting period 26 blogs on the MaRS site were tagged as social innovation but there were over 100 on SocialFinance.ca and many more on the sigeneration.ca! SiG distributes thousands of resources, such as this postcard on Social Innovation, brochures, white papers, and information resources on topics of interest and writes for others such as SEE Change Magazine! Pg 22