Spring 2014 lunch dinner
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  • Rivel - a very small dumpling made of a batter of butter, egg, flour, and seasoning, cooked in broth. <br /> Very similar to German Spaetzel <br />
  • ramp <br /> This wild onion grows from Canada to the Carolinas and resembles a scallion with broad leaves. Also known as wild leek, ramp has an assertive, garlicky-onion flavor. It can be found—usually only in specialty produce markets—from March to July. Choose those that are firm with bright-colored greenery. Wrap tightly in a plastic bag and refrigerate for up to a week. Trim the root ends just before using. Though the flavor of a ramp is slightly stronger than the leek, scallion or onion, it can be used—raw or cooked—in many dishes as a substitute for any of those three. <br />
  • Diver scallops is a term used for those that are hand-picked by divers, whereas traditionally scallops are harvested by trawling boats using chains and nets. The shells of hand-harvested scallops aren&apos;t damaged as they might be with trawling, and the scallops don&apos;t contain as much grit. Naturally, this relatively labor-intensive harvest method means diver scallops command higher prices <br />
  • pastrami <br /> A highly seasoned beef made from a cut of plate, brisket or round. After the fat is trimmed, the meat&apos;s surface is rubbed with salt and a seasoning paste that can include garlic, ground peppercorns, cinnamon, red pepper, cloves, allspice and coriander seeds. The meat is dry-cured, smoked and cooked. Pastrami can be served hot or cold, usually as a sandwich on rye bread. It&apos;s widely available in chunks or presliced in most supermarkets <br />
  • grits <br /> Though now commonly used to mean &quot;hominy grits,&quot; the term &quot;grits&quot; actually refers to any coarsely ground grain such as corn, oats or rice. Most grits come in a choice of grinds — coarse, medium and fine. Grits can be cooked with water or milk — usually by boiling or baking — and eaten as cereal or served as a side dish <br /> buffalo <br /> The American buffalo, now being raised by approximately 2,000 producers in the United States, is really a bison—a shaggy, humped member of the cattle family. Buffalo meat is surprisingly tender and tastes somewhat like lean beef. It has no pronounced gamey flavor. Buffalo can be found on some restaurant menus and is available in some specialty meat markets. The cuts are similar to beef and can be substituted for beef in most recipes. However, because buffalo meat is so lean, it should be cooked slowly at a low heat. Buffalo is higher in iron than beef and lower in fat and cholesterol than most cuts of beef and chicken—as well as some fish <br />
  • Florence fennel, also called finocchio, is cultivated throughout the Mediterranean and in the United States. It has a broad, bulbous base that&apos;s treated like a vegetable. Both the base and stems can be eaten raw in salads or cooked in a variety of methods such as braising, sautéing or in soups. The fragrant, graceful greenery can be used as a garnish or snipped like dill and used for a last-minute flavor enhancer. This type of fennel is often mislabeled &quot;sweet anise,&quot; causing those who don&apos;t like the flavor of licorice to avoid it. The flavor of fennel, however, is sweeter and more delicate than anise and, when cooked, becomes even lighter and more elusive than in its raw state <br /> goat cheese <br /> Goat cheese is also called chèvre. French for &quot;goat,&quot; chèvre is a pure white goat&apos;s milk cheese with a distinctively tart flavor. <br />
  • chorizo <br /> A highly seasoned, coarsely ground pork sausage flavored with garlic, chili powder and other spices. It&apos;s widely used in Mexican and Spanish cookery. <br />
  • pecorino <br /> In Italy, cheese made from sheep&apos;s milk is known as pecorino. The most widely known is Pecorino Romano. These hard, dry cheeses are good for grating and are used mainly in cooking. They can be used in any recipe that calls for parmesan cheese, especially if a sharper flavor is desired. <br />
  • confit <br /> This specialty of Gascony, France, is derived from an ancient method of preserving meat (usually goose, duck or pork) whereby it is salted and slowly cooked in its own fat. The cooked meat is then packed into a crock or pot and covered with its cooking fat, which acts as a seal and preservative. Confit can be refrigerated up to 6 months. Confit d&apos;oie and confit de canard are preserved goose and preserved duck, respectively <br />
  • poach <br /> To cook food gently in liquid just below the boiling point when the liquid&apos;s surface is beginning to show some quivering movement. The amount and temperature of the liquid used depends on the food being poached. Meats and poultry are usually simmered in stock, fish in court-bouillon and eggs in lightly salted water, often with a little vinegar added. Fruit is often poached in a light sugar syrup. Poaching produces a delicate flavor in foods, while imparting some of the liquid&apos;s flavor to the ingredient being poached. <br />
  • Manchego, also know as Queso Manchego, is a rich, golden, semihard to hard cheese that has a full, buttery flavor that&apos;s still somewhat piquant. The two versions that are most commonly exported are curado, aged between 3 and 4 months, and viejo, aged 9 to 12 months. It is made from Sheep’s Milk and is similar to a Swiss. <br />
  • pappardelle <br /> A kind of pasta that translates as &quot;gulp down.&quot; They&apos;re long, flat wide (about 5/8-inch) noodles, sometimes with rippled edges. <br />
  • Pronunciation: [ray-muh-LAHD] <br /> This classic French sauce is made by combining mayonnaise (usually homemade) with mustard, capers and chopped gherkins, herbs and anchovies. It&apos;s served chilled as an accompaniment to cold meat, fish and shellfish. <br />
  • shank <br /> The front leg of beef, veal, lamb or pork. Though very flavorful, it&apos;s full of connective tissue and is some of the toughest meat on the animal. It therefore requires a long, slow cooking method such as braising. Beef shank is used for ground beef; a popular veal shank preparation is osso buco. <br />
  • gastrique <br /> Pronunciation: [gah-STREEK] <br /> French for &quot;gastric,&quot; referring culinarily to a syrupy reduction of caramelized sugar and vinegar, sometimes with the addition of wine. Gastriques are typically used in savory dishes that include fruit, such as oranges or tomatoes <br />
  • rib steak <br /> This tender, flavorful beef steak is a boneless cut from the rib section (between the short loin and the chuck). If the bones are removed, the result is the extremely tender rib-eye steak. Both should be quickly cooked by grilling, broiling or frying. <br />
  • Chicken from Rettland Farms <br /> Beer brined – Yuengling Beer, Pottsville, PA <br />
  • The high-fat albacore weighs in the 10- to 60-pound range, has the lightest flesh (white with a hint of pink) and is the only tuna that can be called &quot;white.&quot; Its mild flavor and prized white flesh make it the most expensive canned tuna <br />


  • 1. Spring 2014 Lunch & Dinner
  • 2. Soups All Soups are Lunch and Dinner
  • 3. She-Crab Soup [L/D] • Lobster Base • Sherry Wine • Paprika • Cayenne Pepper • Shallots • Thyme • Corn starch • Water • Heavy Cream • Jumbo Lump Crab - Maryland Allergies: • Soy • dairy • gluten • shellfish To Garnish: • spoonful of lump crab • chives
  • 4. PA Dutch Chicken Rivel Soup [L/D] Ingredients •Chicken Breast, diced •Carrots, celery, onion – diced •White wine •Chicken stock •Mixed herbs •S&P •Saffron •Rivel •/flour, egg, salt, pepper, baking powder, mixed herbs Mis en place • Soup Spoon Allergies • Soy • Egg • Dairy
  • 5. Black Bean Soup [L/D] Ingredients •Black beans •Cumin, Coriander, paprika, oregano, chili powder •Garlic •Yellow onion •Vegetable Stock •Blended Oil •S&P •Cilantro Sour Cream – Cilantro, coriander, lemon, S&P, Cream Mis en place Allergies Farms •Ham Hock- Groff’s Meats (Smoked in-house) •Beans/Onion - LFFC Prep Time: < 2 min
  • 6. Appetizers All Appetizers are Lunch & Dinner
  • 7. Chicken Wings $10 • 1 dozen Fresh Large Local Chicken wings. Choice of; Chocolate BBQ w/scallion ranch, Buffalo w/ blue cheese, Garlic Buffalo • Celery sticks & carrots 4ea. • Allergies: Gluten, Soy, Fish, Shellfish, Egg, Dairy • Server Mis En Place:bone plate, wet naps • Farms: Bell & Evans Chicken (Fredericksburg, PA); House- Made Sauces • Prep Time: 10 minutes • Buffalo/garlic Buffalo – Draft IPA • Choc. Buffalo – Milk Stout
  • 8. Steak Fries Mis en place •.Sharing fork or spoon • Ketchup Allergies Farms •Prime Rib – Bow Creek Farms •Onions/Tomatoes – LFFC •Fries – Keystone Potato Products (Hegins, PA) Prep Time/ Beverage Pairing •5-10 min Ingredients •Fresh Cut Fries •Shaved Prime Rib •Caramelized Onions •Roasted Tomatoes •Ramp Aioli – Ramp, White Wine, Aioli Base, S&P
  • 9. Pan Seared Scallops Ingredients •2 each Diver Scallops •3 oz Fennel Puree – Fennel, garlic, heavy Cream, Bay Leaves, S&P, White Wine •Charred Ramp Vinaigrette – Grilled Ramps, Garlic, Rice Wine Vinegar, English Mustard, Honey, Blended Oil, Salt Mis en place Allergies Farms •Scallops – Samuels & Son Seafood Dist., Philly •Ramp/Fennel - LFFC Prep Time/ Beverage Pairing •William Hill Chardonnay
  • 10. Pretzel Crusted Calamari Ingredients •8oz squid •Wheat Beer Mustard •Lemon wedge •Mixed herbs • Pretzel flour •Hanover Pretzels and Organic Flour Mis en place • No marinara sauce in house. Allergies • Soy • Shellfish • Gluten • Fish Farms •Pretzels – Hanover of PA •Squid – Samuels & Son, Philly •Mustard – House made Prep Time/ Beverage Pairing •Castle Rock Pinot Noir
  • 11. House Made Pastrami Sliders Ingredients •Pretzel Slider Bun •Red wine Mustard •Local Swiss Cheese •Crispy Onions •Sliced Pastrami Mis en place • Sharing plates Allergies Farms: •Swiss Cheese – Hope Springs Farm (LFFC) •Onions – LFFC •Pretzel Roll – •Pastrami – Bow Creek farms Prep Time/ Beverage Pairing •Yuengling
  • 12. Anson Mills Grits Cake Ingredients •Grit Cakes – Rice grits, cream, vegetable stock, butter, cheddar cheese, S&P, Hot sauce •Creamed Buffalo •WaterCress Mis en place Allergies Prep Time/ Beverage Pairing •Pinot Noir Farms •Grits – Anson Mills, SC •Cheddar Cheese/WaterCress – LFFC •Buffalo – CL Buffalo, Lancaster Co.
  • 13. Cured Salmon Flat-bread Ingredients •Flatbread •Tomato Goat Cheese •Caramelized fennel •Broccoli rabe •House-Cured Salmon Mis En Place Allergies Prep Time/ Beverage Pairing •Waltz sauvignon Blanc Farms •Flatbread – Amaranth’s, Lancaster •Goat Cheese – Apple Tree dairy (LFFC) •Fennel/Broccoli Rabe – LFFC
  • 14. Crab Stuffed Organic Mushroom Caps Ingredients •5 ea. Mushroom caps •Crab cake Mix •Crab •Arugula •Chorizo Aioli – Raw Chorizo, aioli base, herbs, S&P Mis en place Allergies Prep Time/ Beverage Pairing •Chardonnay Farms •Mushrooms/Arugula – LFFC •Chorizo – House made •Crab- Samuels & Sons Dist., Philly
  • 15. Salads
  • 16. Hotel Hershey Caesar Salad [L/D] • Chopped Local Romaine (Green and Red When Available) • Oven Roasted Tomatoes • Caesar dressing (House Made) • Shredded Local Pecorino Cheese • Choice of 6oz chicken, 4oz Flank steak, 5ea 16-20 shrimp (marinated) • Farms: House-made croutons, LFFC lettuce, house-made ceasar, tomatoes from LFFC, local pecorino cheese
  • 17. Lobster Cobb Salad [L/D] • Poached Maine Lobster Meat • Avocado (3oz) • Diced Tomato • Maytag Blue Cheese Crumbles • Crispy Bacon (Hatfield) • Hard Boiled Egg (Local Organic Eggs) • “Landisdale Farms” Mixed Lettuces • Ranch Dressing • Allergies: Dairy, Egg, Soy, Shellfish
  • 18. Harvest House Salad [L/D] • Comes in Entrée portion ($9) and Small Portion ($4). • Mixed greens • Cucumbers • Tomatoes, • Red onions • House dressing (Maple Hazelnut) • S&P
  • 19. Pittsburgh Steak Salad [L/D] Ingredients •Hanger Steak (4oz) • House-smoked Cheddar Cheese •Romaine Lettuce • Tomato • Hard Boiled Eggs • Red Onions • French Fries • Buttermilk Herb Dressing Mis en place • Salad fork • Dressing comes tossed • Need temp on Steak Allergies • Soy • Egg • Dairy Farms •Hanger Steak – Rastelli’s of NJ •Fries – Keystone Potato Products, Hegins, PA •Lettuce/tomato/onions/eggs -LFFC •Dressing- Housemade Prep Time/ Beverage Pairing •Cabernet
  • 20. Duck Confit and Spinach Salad Ingredients • Duck confit 3oz • Baby Spinach • Pecans • Red Onions, julienned • Maytag Blue Cheese • Maple Vinaigrette • Salt Mis en place Allergies Farms •Duck – Jurgielewicz Farms, Bucks Co. PA •Baby Spinach/Onions – LFFC •Maple – Sommerset Co. PA Prep Time/ Beverage Pairing
  • 21. Poached Shrimp Salad L/D Ingredients •Poached Shrimp •Water Cress •Baby Spinach •Feta Cheese •Pickled Rhubarb •Tarragon Vinagraiette Mis en place Allergies Farms: •Shrimp – Samuels & Son Dist. Philly •Baby Spinach/Rhubarb – LFFC •Feta Cheese – Hope Springs, Lancaster Co. Prep Time/ Beverage Pairing
  • 22. House Cured Salmon and Beet Salad {Lunch Only} Ingredients •Cured Salmon •Roasted yellow/red Beets •Arugula •Pickled Onion •Lavender Syrup Mis en place Allergies Farms •Salmon – Samuels & Son, Philly •Beets/Onion/Arugula - LFFC Prep Time/ Beverage Pairing
  • 23. Petite Iceberg Wedge [Dinner Only] Ingredients •Baby Iceberg Lettuce: •House Made Bacon: •Maytag Blue Cheese: •Roasted Tomatoes •Beet Vinaigrette Mis en place •Salad fork • Dressing on side if guest requests Allergies • Soy • Dairy • Peanut • Gluten Farms: •Lettuce/Tomatoes – LFFC •Bacon – Groffs, E-Town, House-made Prep Time/ Beverage Pairing
  • 24. Roasted Beet and Asparagus Salad Ingredients •Roasted Beets •Asparagus •Arugula •Manchego Cheese •Toasted Almonds •Herb Vinaigrette Mis en place Allergies Farms •Beets/Asparagus/arugula – LFFC •Manchego Cheese – Hope Springs Dairy, Lancaster Co. Prep Time/ Beverage Pairing
  • 25. Entrees
  • 26. Fish and Chips $20 [L/D] • 8 oz haddock Filet • Yuengling Beer Battered • House-Made Cole Slaw (Local Cabbage) • Tartar Sauce, French Fries • Ingredients: Eggs, Flour, Spices, Yuengling Beer • Allergies: Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Fish, Shellfish, Soy • Mis en place: fork knife • Wine pairing:
  • 27. Smoked Baby Back Ribs [L/D] • Chocolate BBQ sauce, French fries, coleslaw. • Ingredients: • Allergies: Dairy, Egg, Soy, Gluten, Shellfish, Fish • Mis en place: Bone plate, wet naps, fork, knife
  • 28. Pan Seared Rainbow Trout Filets [L/D] Ingredients •Two Rainbow trout filets •Orzo •Snap peas •Julienned Carrots •Beet Vinaigrette Mis en place Allergies Farms •Snap Peas, Carrots, beets – LFFC •Trout – Rainbow Paradise Trout Farm, Poconos Prep time/ Beverage pairing
  • 29. Creamy Anson Mills Rice Grit Cakes Ingredients •Two grit cakes •Grilled & sliced Portabella •Squash •Rainbow Swiss Chard •Tarragon Vinaigrette • Garlic, shallot, S&P Mis en place Allergies Farms •Grits – Anson Mills, SC •Portabella, squash, swiss chard - LFFC Prep time/ Beverage Pairing
  • 30. Seafood Pasta Ingredients: • House made spaghetti • Shrimp (3 each) •Bay scallops (7 each) • Crab Meat (2oz) • Arugula • Seafood Broth – Lobster, tomato paste, celery ,onion ,leeks, fennel, parsley stem ,tarragon stem, sherry, water, peppercorns, bay leaves Mis en place . Allergies Farms •Crab, Scallops, Shrimp – Samuels & Son Dist. •Spaghetti – House made using Daisy Organic Flour – Lancaster Co. Prep time/ Beverage Pairing
  • 31. Red Wine Braised Short Rib [Dinner Only] Ingredients •6oz Beef Short Rib •Potato & Goat Cheese Gratin – Golden potatoes, goat cheese, heavy cream, egg, parmesan cheese, S&P, herbs •Sauteed green beans •Pan Jus Mis en place Allergies Farms •Short Rib – Bow Creek farms – Hershey •Goat cheese – Apple Tree farms Lancaster Co. •Green Beans - LFFC Prep Time/ Beverage Pairing
  • 32. Pan Roasted Duck Breast Ingredients •Duck Breast •Garlic •Swiss Chard •Red Potatoes •Duck Confit •Herbs •Rhubarb Gastrique – Chopped rhubarb, white sugar, honey, red wine vinegar, thyme, garlic Mis en place Allergies Farms •Duck Breast/Confit – Jurgeilwicz Farms, Bucks Co. •Swiss Chard, Rhubarb - LFFC Prep Time/ Beverage Pairing
  • 33. Pan Seared Salmon Filet Ingredients •Salmon Filet •Whipped potatoes •Squash •Creamed leeks – Leeks, garlic, herbs, heavy cream, S&P Mis en place Allergies Farms •Salmon – Samuels & Son Dist •Squash, Leeks - LFFC Prep Time/ Beverage Pairing
  • 34. Burger Board
  • 35. Black Bean & Portabella Vegan Burger [L/D] Ingredients •Black bean Burger – Black beans, garlic, onion, chili powder, paprika, oregano, cumin, vegetable stock, mushroom, spinach, S&P •Arugula •Caramelized fennel Vegannaise Mis en place • Choice of fries, chips, salad Allergies • GF bread is avail. Farms. •Beans, arugula, portabella – LFFC •Kaiser Roll – Philly Bread Market Merchants Prep Time/ Beverage Pairing.
  • 36. American Burger [L/D] Ingredients • Choice of: • house made bacon • roasted mushrooms • grilled onions • tomato jam • Brioche Roll Mis en place • Choice of fries, chips, salad Allergies • GF bread is avail. Farms: •Ground Beef – Bow Creek Farms •Bacon – Groff’s meats, E-town •Mushrooms, onions – LFFC •Brioche – Philly Bread Market Merchants
  • 37. Pittsburgh Burger [Lunch Only] • 8oz Charred Rare Beef Patty • Fried Egg • Coleslaw • Grilled Onions • Maytag Blue Cheese • Fries • Kaiser Roll • LT, Pickle • Choice of Martins Potato Chips, Fries or Small Salad • Allergies: Dairy, Egg, Gluten, Soy, Shellfish, Fish
  • 38. Northern Atlantic Albacore Tuna Burger Ingredients •Ground Albacore Tuna •Grilled Onion relish – Red onion, garlic, brown sugar, red wine, S&P, thyme •Baby Spinach •Brioche Roll Mis en place • Choice of fries, chips, or a salad Allergies Farms •Tuna – Samuel’s & Son, Philly •Onion, baby spinach – LFFC •Brioche – Philly Bread Market Merchants Prep Time/ Beverage Pairing
  • 39. House-Made Turkey Burger [Lunch Only] Ingredients •8OZ Turkey Burger •Wheat beer Mustard •Caramelized Onions •Pretzel roll Mis en place • Choice of fries, chips, salad Allergies Farms •Turkey – Groff’s Meats, E- Town •Onions – LFFC •Pretzel Bun – Philly Bread Market Merchants Prep Time/ Beverage Pairing
  • 40. Sandwiches [All Sandwiches are Lunch Only]
  • 41. Short Rib Grilled Cheese Ingredients •Sourdough bread – Butter, parmesan cheese, chopped herbs •Cheddar Cheese •Tomato Goat Cheese •Short Rib Mis en place • Choice of fries, chips, salad Allergies • GF bread avail. Farms •.Sourdough – Philly Bread market •Cheddar Cheese – Hope Springs Dairy, Lancaster Co. •Goat Cheese – Apple Tree Farms, Lan. Co. •Short Rib – Bow Creek Farm Prep Time/ Beverage Pairing.
  • 42. Open Faced Prime Rib Sandwich Ingredients •Texas Toast •Shaved Prime Rib •Caramelized Onions •Smoked provolone Cheese •Black pepper gravy – Veal stock, pepper, red wine, onions, celery, carrot, garlic, roux, salt Mis en place • Choice of fries, chips, salad Allergies • Farms •Prime Rib – Bow Creek Farms •Texas Toast – Philly Bread market •Provolone Cheese – LFFC •Onions - LFFC Prep Time/ Beverage Pairing
  • 43. Portabella Reuben Ingredients •Marble rye Slices •Swiss Cheese slices •Sauerkraut •1000 Island dressing •Grilled portabella mushroom Mis en place • Choice of fries, chips, salad Allergies Farms •Marbled Rye – Philly Bread •Swiss – LFFC •Portabella - LFFC Prep time/ Beverage Pairing
  • 44. Blackend Rotisserie Pork Butt Ingredients •Blackened Pork Butt – Blackening spice, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, thyme, pepper ,cayenne, oregano •Asparagus and Cabbage Slaw •Cilantro Aioli •Martin’s Potato Roll Mis en place • Groff’s Meats • Choice of fries, chips, salad Allergies Farms •Pork Butt – Groffs Meats, E-Town •Asparagus – LFFC •Potato Roll, Chambersburg, PA Prep Time/ Beverage Pairing
  • 45. Rotisserie chicken Salad Ingredients •Brioche Roll •Pulled chicken meat •Red onion, celery, grapes, •Cheddar cheese •Mayo •Lemon juice & zest •Aioli base Mis en place • Choice of fries, chips, salad Allergies . Farms •Chicken – Rettland Farms, Gettysburg •Brioche – Philly Bread •Cheddar cheese - LFFC . Prep Time/ Beverage Pairing .
  • 46. Grill & Rotisserie Menu [Dinner Only*]
  • 47. Sauces/Add-ons • Bordelaise: Veal Stock, Shallots, Garlic, Carrots, Tarragon, Thyme, Marrow Bones, Red Wine, Salt, Peppercorns, Mushrooms • Béarnaise: Tarragon Vinegar, Cracked Black Pepper, Shallots, White Wine, Salt, Tabasco, Lemon Juice, Egg Yolks, Butter • Birch Beer Reduction: See Bordelaise (No Wine) and Birch Beer • Maytag Blue Cheese $2 • Crab Cake $9 – Allergy: Gluten, Soy, Egg, Shellfish • Lobster Tail $18 • 3-Scallops $9
  • 48. Sides Starches • Hand Cut Fries • Bacon Scallion Whipped • Baked Potato • Mac & Cheese Vegetables • Roasted Wild Mushrooms • Creamed Spinach • Broccoli Rabe • Vegetable of the Day
  • 49. 12 oz NY Sirloin Ingredients • Prime • Dry- Aged 21 Days • Rastelli’s Meats Mis en place • Steak Knife Allergies
  • 50. 12 oz Rib Eye Steak Ingredients • Choice cut • Rastelli’s Meats Mis en place • Steak knife Allergies
  • 51. Filet Mignon Ingredients • Choice • 6 or 8oz cuts • Rastellis of NJ Mis en place • Steak Knife • Butterfly cut if well done Allergies
  • 52. 8 oz Hanger Steak [L/D*] Ingredients • Choice Cut • Rastellis • Choice of two sides (dinner only) Mis en place • Steak Knife • Recommend MR or Rare • Birch beer red. Allergies
  • 53. Rotisserie Chicken BBQ Spice ½ Chicken: Paprika, chili powder, mustard, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, coriander, cayenne, ground pepper, brown sugar, salt, oregano. Lemon-Herb Roasted Beer Brined
  • 54. Grilled Albacore Tuna Ingredients • Mis en place Allergies
  • 55. Fennel Crusted Rotisserie Pork Loin Ingredients • Mis en place Allergies