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Pinterest Presentation

  1. 1. The Pinterest Revolution March 23, 2012
  3. 3. • Founded by Ben Silbermann (29)• Launched in March 2010• Raised more than $27 million in venture capital - USAToday• Some call it, “Social Scrapbooking”• It is “Invitation Only”• Must be linked to Facebook or Twitter account• You can like, comment, and “re-pin” others’ posts• Boards can be either private and public• Follow different users and boards• Browser bookmark allows you to pin on the go• Embed videos in pins Travel
  4. 4. Terminology (courtesy of USAToday):• Pin: A pin is an image added to Pinterest. You can link to an image from a Web site or upload an image from your computer. Pins can include captions, like "A great way to reuse a coffee creamer bottle."• Repin: Once something is pinned, it can then be repinned by other Pinterest users. This is how content spreads virally. If you see something you like on, repin it to share it with your friends.• Board: This is where your pins live. You can have separate boards for subjects such as a wedding, rooms in your house or favorite recipes.
  5. 5. Interior DesignCraft Tutorials Recipes Party Planning Fashion Travel
  7. 7. “The site is addicting because a user tailorstheir Pinterest experience to her own interests.” – Everspark Interactive, • “In January, Pinterest drove more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined, per Shareaholic.” – • “According to Compete, the number of Pinterest’s unique visitors increased by 429% from September to December 2011 to reach 7.21m users…” – • “Pinterest is retaining and engaging users as much as 2-3 times as efficiently as Twitter was at a similar time in history.” – RJMetrics • 58% of users are women, and 59% of users are between the ages of 25-44. –
  9. 9. “Theyre monetizing already by taking a cut onsales that pins on their site help generate. Theypartnered with a firm called SkimLinks, whichautomatically scans through every link posted onthe site to see if it goes to a retail site with anaffiliate program. If it finds that kind of link, itsecretly adds an affiliate code that ensuresPinterest will make some cash from sales thatderive from that link. Its a clevergame, particularly given the sites users retailfocus, but Pinterest probably should havedisclosed the practice more openly.”– The Atlantic
  10. 10. • How are companies using it? o Show behind-the-scenes content for big events o B2C - Promote products • Include pricing • Enticing product images o Interact with consumers o Service - Share infographics and industry news o Development – Share images of web design
  11. 11. Big Brands on Pinterest
  12. 12. Big Brands on Pinterest
  13. 13. Big Brands on Pinterest
  14. 14. Big Brands on Pinterest
  15. 15. Big Brands on Pinterest
  16. 16. Big Brands on Pinterest
  17. 17. Pinterest and Nonprofits• Amnesty International posts fair trade products, quotations, infographics
  18. 18. Pinterest and Nonprofits• Amnesty International posts fair trade products, quotations, infographics
  19. 19. Pinterest and Nonprofits• AARP posts quotations, recipes, music and movies for 50+
  20. 20. Pinnovative Ideas• British airline “bmi” created a Pinterest lottery to give away free flights o Encouraged users to re-pin favorite travel destinations to enter
  21. 21. Pinnovative Ideas• A design company in Oregon encourages customers to upload images of items and designs that they would like to see produced
  22. 22. Pinnovative Ideas• GUESS Color Me Inspired Contest
  23. 23. Pinnovative Ideas• Kotex took advantage of Pinterest’s high percentage of female users to reach out to their customers
  24. 24. Brown Bag and Pinterest• Social media resource for clients o Girl Talk pinning inspirational quotations o Rimadyl pinning Rimadogs• Pin infographics and approved creative work• Company board o Each employee’s favorite brown bag and what is inside
  25. 25. WTF Pinterest?
  26. 26. THANK YOU!
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