Continuous Delivery in Agencies


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This presentation goes through some of the challenges faced by agencies when moving towards Continuous Delivery and how to address them.

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Continuous Delivery in Agencies

  1. 1. London Continuous DeliveryIn Digital / @theg
  2. 2. It’s very / @theg
  3. 3. Late 90sEdited code on live servers (yes we did)vi, FTP, HomeSite anyone?Heard of CVS but was deemed too geeky even for / @theg
  4. 4. NaughtiesSubversionVSSMost agencies barely used source / @theg
  5. 5. NaughtiesSubversion and git popularMost agencies use source control, appearance of TFS,Team City (2006), Cruise Control (2001)Some agencies still use source control as check-in / @theg
  6. 6. Issues with agenciesALL about the doing not the improvingA client we have today might not be there tomorrowDo we really need to spend all this time and money?We have to sell internally and to / @theg
  7. 7. Issues with agenciesVery different types of projectsDevelopers’ levels are variedInterruption driven developmentWe don’t always control / @theg
  8. 8. There’s good stuff tooWe get exposed to very varied set-upsSome clients are advanced (ASOS)Some clients are willing to invest (Diageo) / @theg
  9. 9. How do we start?All about people not TechnologyWhat’s in it for me?Finding motivation is / @theg
  10. 10. Creating new habitsToo much focus on doingAdd automation to the habit / @theg
  11. 11. Creating new habitsPush people to be curious and supportthemMake failure acceptable but contain it usingshort feedback / @theg
  12. 12. Creating new habitsAutomated all new projects to a minimumlevel using templatesRetro fit automation in older projects whenchanges are / @theg
  13. 13. Sell itOur bosses will not buy software and man hours becauseit makes senseJump on big fuck ups like a rash and sell them asolutionYou have to measure its impact to show improvementand secure more / @theg
  14. 14. Sell itThe most expensive thing in an agency isdev time not license costShow you are saving time, multiply by dayrate, easy / @theg
  15. 15. Sell itSell it to your clientsHow much time you are savingReducing human errorIt helps build / @theg
  16. 16. How we are doingWork in progressDifferent strategy for different types of projects, notalways about sizeWe are / @theg
  17. 17. How we are doingSkillsTraining and experimenting is not enoughBring somebody in to speed up learning / @theg
  18. 18. How we are doingSmall stepsMaster one tool at a / @theg
  19. 19. How we are doingAll new project have at least automateddeployment to QA serversComplex projects have unit tests and UIautomated regression / @theg
  20. 20. Lynx CaprioComplex projectMultiple applications, multiple agenciesSVNTeam CityAutomated (manual trigger) all the way to / @theg
  21. 21. Lynx CaprioComplex client agencies set-up = lost trackof how many deploys we didWe must have saved a week’s worth ofrelease / @theg
  22. 22. ASOSLocated on siteGreat set-upMixture of technologiesAutomated to stagingManual push to / @theg
  23. 23. DiageoSVNBDD with SpecflowSelenium web driverTeamCityMSbuildNUnit (400 tests) / @theg
  24. 24. / @theg
  25. 25. / @theg
  26. 26. We are getting thereBest achievement is that we are all alignedThe team is fully behind itSome clients get itOur board get / @theg
  27. 27. And let’s face itWe are geeksIt’s all about the new toys / @theg