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2011 Ps Experience Exec Summary Greggroup
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2011 Ps Experience Exec Summary Greggroup


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  • 1. Bringing the “Magic” to Humana throughthe Disney Perfect Service Experience. Measuring Perfect Service Experience Humana Confidential - For Internal Use Only
  • 2. Perfect Service Experience Key ElementsSeptember 12-14 Session Pre-Experience Orientation  Establish Expectations  Target metrics to impact via Action Plan Measurement of  Determine baselines for comparison Return On Orientation Investment (ROI) August 1 – September 9, 2011  Four Levels of Evaluation: • Reaction 9/14 • Learning 8/29 and Disney Field Experience 9/28  Inspire adoption/ • Action & Disney adaptation of Disney Measurement Behavior 12/1 – Field best practices of ROI 1/1/12 Experience  Network  Create and commit to • Business Impact Perfect Action Plans 3/1/2012 Service Experience September 12 – 14, 2011Bi-Weekly Roundtables  Strengthen participant network and ongoing support  Share ideas, advice, best practice Bi-Weekly 1x1 Guide Meetings  Discuss progress, challenge,  Provide ongoing discussion and opportunity support on Action Plans  Promote ongoing commitment to 1x1 Guide  Examine metrics Roundtables action plan Meetings  Discuss specific progress and/or challenge September 15 – March 31, 2012 September 15 – March 31, 2012 Humana Confidential - For Internal Use Only
  • 3. Perfect Service ExperienceReward With Responsibility Unique opportunity to participate in an interactive experience hosted onsite at Walt Disney World by the Disney Institute Each Participant will be required to:  Create an action plan  Commit to execution of the action plan  Commit to meeting biweekly with assigned guide  Commit to meeting biweekly for roundtable discussions  The biweekly meetings will occur on opposing weeks  Commit to sharing progress on action plans, status of metrics and barriers to executing action plans with assigned guide Humana Confidential - For Internal Use Only
  • 4. Why Evaluate?  Determine the effectiveness of the program  Determine how the program was received by the participants  Understand ways to improve the program  Determine if the program should be repeated Humana Confidential - For Internal Use Only
  • 5. Perfect Service ExperienceFour Levels of EvaluationLevel 1 – Reaction Level 2 – Learning Return Level 3 – Application/ On Investment* Behavior Change Level 4 – Business Impact *Source: Kirkpatrick Model four levels of evaluation Humana Confidential - For Internal Use Only
  • 6. Humana Confidential – For Internal Use Only
  • 7. Loyalty Profit Chain: Quality High>Employee satisfaction. Satisfied Employees stay longer. Internal Retention saves replacement costs. Sharehold Service Quality Employee er Performance>build relationships. Value satisfactio n High Quality>Satisfied Customer. Revenue Creating Superior Customer Value. Growth Profitabilit Employee retention y Superior Value>Exceeded Expectations. Loyalty =Complete Customer satisfaction. Employee Revenue,Growth,Profitability:5%Increase Customer Loyalty Performan ce In Customer Loyalty can produce profit Increases from 25% to 85% Superior Customer External Service Quality Value Shareholder Value : When revenues and Customer satisfactio n profits create growth for the company Humana Confidential - For Internal Use Only
  • 8. Defining Success: The Success Formula  Quality Cast Experience (Who will make it Happen)  Quality Guest experience (Why we’re in Business)  Quality Business Practices (How We’ll Be successful)  Balanced Approach To Quality QualityQuality Cast Quality Business FUTUREExperience Guest Experience Practices Humana Confidential - For Internal Use Only
  • 9. Disney’s Chain of Excellence  Careful measurement of the Important aspects of the business and its leadership have validated the relationship between effective leadership and the continued success and improvements of the business.  Walt & Roy Disney set High Standards.  Faced challenges, took risks , strive to improve  Even as organization grows , true to values put in place. Financial Leadership Cast Guest Results/ Excellence Excellence Satisfaction Repeat Business Humana Confidential - For Internal Use Only
  • 10. The Power of Story & Vision  Walt Disney is a story telling Company  The Disney Product thrives on the ability to tell a story that connects to people’s emotions.  The “power of story” contributes to the Disney difference in leadership.  Every leader is telling a story about what he or she values.  Vision is a picture of the future that is created in the imagination and which motivates action.  To do this effectively , a leader at any level must: – Know and understand the vision of the organization. – Create a vision that supports and contributes to the overall vision of the organization. – Communicate the organization’s vision in a way that is compelling and inspirational. Humana Confidential - For Internal Use Only
  • 11. Continuous Improvement Process: Listen &  “You can dream, create, Learn design, and build the most SHARE Measure wonderful place in the world, but it requires people to make Continuous the dream a reality” Improvement Process  Walt Disney Recognize & Celebrate ACT RE- Measure Humana Confidential - For Internal Use Only
  • 12. What is the Corporate Culture?  Operationalizing the Culture  System of values and beliefs  Language and symbols: Affects an organization holds and thinking and behavior drives behaviors and  Heritage and traditions: influences Relationships.  Friendly informal work  Four Components of a environment. Successful Corporate Culture:  Support Training & Education  By Design  High Quality Products  Well-Defined  Pride in Disney Image  Clear to all  Shared Values: Honesty, integrity,  Goal-oriented respect, courage, openness, diversity, balance.  Traits and Behaviors: Make guests happy, work as a team, encourage risk-taking and paying attention to detail. Humana Confidential - For Internal Use Only
  • 13. External Casting Process:TraditionsProgram Applicant walks into Casting/Visitsdisneycareers.c om/Applicant calls Job-line Applicant directed to complete on-line application Applicant listens to openings Screened Applicant invited to take on-line survey. Applicant not right fit or opts out. Assessed applicant invited to interview at Casting At Casting, applicant:*Watches film/*Completes Interview Offer Extended or not right fit and opts out Humana Confidential - For Internal Use Only
  • 14. Developing Quality Standards: Courtesy>Respect Safety>Provide for welfare of guests Treat each guest like a VIP Environmental protection Making resources available to all Emergency services Meeting the needs of the individual Prevention and loss control Providing for service recovery Security Treat employees like Guests Walt Disney World Resort Quality Standards Show>Create seamless guestEfficiency>Provide for smooth operation experience Capacity of facility “Good show/bad show” Guest flow patterns Quality review Operational readiness Theming Teamwork “On stage/backstage” Humana Confidential - For Internal Use Only
  • 15. Disney Service Basics:  I stay in Character and play the part  I project a positive image and • Preserve and protect the magic energy • Provide excellent Show Quality • Smile and Safety • Look approachable • Performs the role efficiently by • Look happy and interested reducing hassles and • Model the Disney look inconveniences • Keep conversations positive  I go above and beyond  I am courteous and respectful to • Anticipate needs and offer all guests including children assistance • Make eye contact and smile • Create surprises and magical • Engage in guest interaction moments • Treat guests as individuals • Provide immediate service recovery • Greet and welcome each guest • Thank all guests and invite them back Humana Confidential - For Internal Use Only
  • 16. Creating a Memorable Experience:Experience Mapping  A point of contact is any representation of the company that a consumer comes into contact with. Brochure Referral  Experience mapping is a Billboard method for analyzing the Provider DMS Call Center effectiveness of the Contact experience at each point of Humana contact. Member  See service through the Humana “eyes” of the customer Customer Service Agent contact Center  Align ideas to your core Humana Guidance strengths Center  What will it take to move from meeting Expectations to “Exceeding Expectations”? Humana Confidential - For Internal Use Only
  • 17. The Disney Care PhilosophyRecognition and Rewards  Disney expects cast members  What Disney Recognizes to treat each other the way we • Guest satisfaction treat our guests. • Performance  Disney Leaders show concern, • Behaviors support, and empathy for cast members. • Longevity  Recognize accomplishments,  Types of Recognition involve in guest relation • Global Programs strategies, make best use of • Area recognition programs talents and skills. • Day to day  Disney believes the feeling of care will be passed on to the guests. Humana Confidential - For Internal Use Only
  • 18. Objective: Expand the Cincinnati HMO Foot PrintYear over Year with 25 days less time to do it in. Accomplished By :  AEP lessons learned/Road-Map 4000  Agent Time Management 3500  Positioning the PCP in HMO 3000  Tracking the Metrics Daily 2500  Leveraging the Guidance Center Overall Sales  Feedback and clear expectation 2000 HMO Sales  Team Building/Inspiration 1500  Recognition & Fun Rewards 1000 52% 500 34% 0 2011 AEP 2012 AEPContinuous MemorableImprovement Experience Story Telling Process Oct - Nov. 15 – Sept Ongoing Dec 7 Customer Disney Fun At Work Loyalty Communication Dec, Af Oct Principles ter AEP Nov Humana Confidential - For Internal Use Only
  • 19. Humana Confidential - For Internal Use OnlyHumana Confidential – For Internal Use Only
  • 20. Leadership Excellence Humana Confidential - For Internal Use Only Humana Confidential – For Internal Use Only
  • 21. Duckburg, Inc.Humana Confidential - For Internal Use OnlyHumana Confidential – For Internal Use Only
  • 22. Monorail ChallengeHumana Confidential - For Internal Use OnlyHumana Confidential – For Internal Use Only
  • 23. On StageHumana Confidential - For Internal Use OnlyHumana Confidential – For Internal Use Only
  • 24. Humana Confidential - For Internal Use OnlyHumana Confidential – For Internal Use Only
  • 25. Humana Confidential - For Internal Use OnlyHumana Confidential – For Internal Use Only