Management With Red Hot Chili Pepper


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A presentation I deliver on management in the 21th Century & what makes the difference from a good to great executive? You are mostly welcomed to share & comment!

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  • Zach stern do most ad people do?
  • Management With Red Hot Chili Pepper

    1. 1. Management with red hot chili pepper
    2. 2. Lets start with a shortstory…
    3. 3. once Upon A Time…A task force of mangers & their staffshave worked on a project of paving a paththrough a thick jungle on a secluded islandto get to estuary on the waterfront, whichis a great place for a seaportestablishment
    4. 4. The managers have organized the taskforce into efficient work groups. They havecontrolled & monitored the use anddistribution of resources. Progress ratewas great ....
    5. 5. The managers continued to track & monitorthe work, to assess the progress & makeadjustments on the fly, to ensure continuedefficient progress as much as possible.
    6. 6. And then, one day, in the middle of worksounds & bustles, one-man climbed up on oneof the trees nearby, surveyed thelandscape seen from the top of the tree &yelled at a group of employees below …
    7. 7. Wrong way!
    8. 8. This is not good enough anymore
    9. 9. This is not good enough anymore
    10. 10. planorganize coordinate control command
    11. 11. Working assumptions of the industrial ageare outdated & insufficient ...
    12. 12. We are shifting from Industriall workers…
    13. 13. To knowledge workers
    14. 14. Who is the ideal manager?
    15. 15. Whoops: The Ideal Manager Does Not Exist.
    16. 16. Cause Life Is Change. (And Change Is Life…)
    17. 17. Searching for the holy Grail of management…
    18. 18. If It Ain’t Broke … Break It. 181
    19. 19. If It Ain’t Broke … Break It. 191
    20. 20. Its not all about Me
    21. 21. “The director allows an actor to becomemore than they have ever dreamed of being” — Robert Altman/Lifetime Achievement Oscar
    22. 22. Herbert von Karajan“The worse damage I cando to my orchestra isgiving them a clearorder.”
    23. 23. Drop Carrot.Drop Stick.Bring Meaning
    24. 24. Agility
    25. 25. The story ofsilver-back thegorilla
    26. 26. The Gorillas follow the silverback leader. It leads them to water sources, food sources, It is theabsolute role model - and he alsoconvenes them to defend as a teamto predatory animals, so that theyform a large group threatening the tiger or bear, for instance.
    27. 27. But then, its a new kind of forest hunter: Man, equipped rifle. Leader gorilla, silver back, did exactlywhat he knows - tribal group called the dense one. The end...
    28. 28. Is insight...……
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