Marketingplan Nielson Hays Libarybangkok Thailand


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Strategy and marketing plan, Nielson Hay library

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Marketingplan Nielson Hays Libarybangkok Thailand

  1. 1. Nielson Hays Library Thailand By Garvin Boonsong- 607-4349,
  2. 2. KEY AREAS THAT NIELSON HAYS LIBRARY TO FOCUS ON IN PLANNING 1. Nielson Hays library product 2. Children Stories 3. Membership, a. Adult b. Senior c. Children 4. Sponsorships 5. Donations 6. Private Events 7. Private Children Events 8. School Visits 9. Art galleries 10. Other eventsSituation of the program, Strengths weakness, questions, insights, issues have to deal in the keyareasWhere we at?Where do we want to be?What are goals?What types of people and organizations we need to achieve our goals?What messages that we will use for each target?a. Needs, desires, wants of people and organizationsb. Features and benefits of product, program, servicec. Value proposition and Unique Selling proposition of product, program, service
  3. 3. SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS OF NIELSON HAYS LIBRARYDue to the fact that Nielson Hays Library is a non-profit, Nielson Hays Library relies on thesupport and generosity of donors, volunteers, sponsorship to surviveThe endowment of Dr Heyward Hays has run out, therefore needs more moneyTo survive and meets its outs, Nielson hays needs to maximize its current revenue source, getmore revenue revenue, get more sponsorsThere are many threats to Nielson Hays library including political situation, econonomy, natureof the expatriot situationThe challenge with Nielson Hays Library is that the board of directors on Nielson Hays library isvolunteers. There is high turnover among board of directors due to fact of moving, jobresponsibility. Most board of directors can only put in limited of time to helping Nielson LibraryMembership with Nielson Hays library will fluctuate due to the fact that people come back totheir respective countries for vacation, have to move to workThere is lack of awareness of a lot Bangkok about Nielson Hays Lbrary.There is a perception that to have membership to Nielson Hays Library you have to be highclasss and have moneyThere is perception of Nielson Hays library that Nielson Hays library has old books onlyNielson Library has an old building and needs money to renovate the old building.It seems that there isn’t a coordinated marketing plan for Nielson Hays Library, everyone is busytaking care of responsibility. In terms of volunteers, we need to constantly get volunteers notonly help out at children and other eventsTo achieve more of its goals, Nielson Hays Library needs to be rebranded and getting more of itsmarketing message acrossMARKETING PROGRAM FOR NIELSON HAYS LIBARYDue to the situation of library, lack of funding, economy, books that need be added, renovation needed tobe done, the Nielson Hays library must have a strategic marketing plan that deals with achieving differentorganization goals including 1. Brand and distinguish the library from other library 2. Getting more visitors 3. GETTING PEOPLE TO ATTEND CHILDREN ACTIVITIES,
  4. 4. 4. Getting people to do SCHOOL VISITS 5. GETTING PEOPLE TO PAY FOR PRIVATE CHILDREN PARTIES 6. GETTING MORE PEOPLE DO FUNDRAISING FOR LIBRARY 7. GETTING MORE SPONSORSHIPS 8. Get more people to have MEMBERSHIP FOR LIBRARYTHINGS I PROPOSE THAT NIELSON HAYS LIBRARY DO IN THE NEXT 5-6MONTHS 1. Define Buyer Personals and different target markets for revenue source and stream, create messaging to get them to take massage 2. Redesigning messages and putting messages on website, brochure, marketing collateral 3. Add additional sections to the website 4. Get a website redesign, new content, SEO refriendly or create a brand new website from scratch (while keeping current one) 5. Add You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, 6. Find ways to use You Tube, Facebook, to market the library 7. Maximize current channels for a. Visitors to Nielson Hays library b. Membership i. Family membership ii. Adult membership iii. Senior membership iv. Children membership c. Children Stories d. Special Events/Worskhop e. Art Galleries f. School Visits g. Sponsorship/Donations h. Volunteers 8. Look for new channels for a. Visitors to Nielson Hays library
  5. 5. b. Membership i. Family membership ii. Adult membership iii. Senior membership iv. Children membership b. Children Stories c. Special Events/Worskhop d. Art Galleries e. School Visits f. Sponsorship/Donations g. Volunteers 9. Customer relationship strategy for Nielson Hays LibraryCHALLENGES FOR IMPLEMENTING CHANGES TO WEBSITE AND OTHERMARKETING 1. The road blocks of improving marketing strategy a. Wanting to keep the way the they are b. Not having the people to help implement marketing strategy c. Not having the expertise in marketing d. Not willing to invest the money and effort to improve marketing 2. Who is to update the website, change website? 3. Are we willing to invest money to investment in marketing 4. Who or Whom going to implement marketing
  6. 6. ROUGH MARKETING PLAN FOR NIELSON HAYS LIBRARYMESSAGE FOR NEILSON HAYS LIBARYExpectations for Nielson Hays LibaryThe library has good selection of books and staff. The books and magazines are up to date. Thelibrary is constantly adding more books and magazines. The library has comfortable chairs,places to read and browse magazine. The books and magazines are easy to find, its easy to findbooks and magazines. The staff is nice and friendly. The library has different type of events.Value Proposition for Nielson Hays LibaryNielson Hays Library is historic part of the Bangkok history. Nielson Hays library is a goodplace to spend a couple of hours in the afternoon, during the weekend to come and visit artgalaires, read books and magazine and eat at the near buy café. Nielson Hays Library is a placeto get away from the Hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Nielson Hays library is a good place to catchup with old friends and new friends in a relaxed enviorment.Nielson Hays library is important part of Bangkok community. Nielson Hays library hasprograms to enrich both children and adult like. Nielson Hays library has events that teach newskill. Nielson Hays library provides books for information for personal and professional growthMESSAGES FOR MEMBERSHIP:Nielson Hays library is a non-profit, the fees of that we get from the memberships helps to payfor things such as adding more books and magazines to our collection, renovation of the library,hiring of staff and basic life maintenance.Expectations for membershipThere is a variety of books, magazines, cds, DVDs that is constantly being updated. There books,magazines, cds, DVD’s that meet the different taste and different target markets. Its easy tocheck out book, its easy return books.
  7. 7. Value proposition for membershipInstead of buying books, members can borrow them, and only buy certain books. Get a piece ofhome, Books, magazines, cds, DVD’s provide vehicles for entertaining, information.Homework and college helpBy checking out all the books and readings you enjoy many benefits including 1. By reading, you think more and become smarter. 2. Books help clarify difficult subjects. Books provide information that goes deeper than just classroom discussion. 3. Books improve your vocabulary. While reading books, especially challenging ones, you will find yourself exposed to many new words you wouldn’t be otherwise. 4. Books can expand your horizons by letting you see what other cities and countries have to offer before you visit them. 5. Books help to improve your concentration and focus 6. By reading more books, you become better informed and more of an expert on the topics you read about. This expertise translates into higher self esteem. Since you are so well read, people look to you for answers. Your feelings about yourself can only get better. 7. Books help improve memory. By reading, you are improving your memory by stretching your memory muscle because reading requires remembering details, facts and figures and in literature, plot lines, themes and characters. 8. Books allow you to learn anywhere. Books are portable. You can take them almost anywhere. As such, you can learn almost anywhere too. 9. Books help to improve your creativity-by reading more books and exposing yourself to new and more complete information, you will also be able to come up with more creative ideas. 10. Books gives you something to talk about. If you read a lot of books, you’ll always have something to talk about. You can discuss various plots in the novels you read, you can discuss the stuff you are learning in the business books you are reading as well. The possibilities of sharing are endless. 11. Books are inexpensive entertainment 12. You can learn at your own pace – Where formal education requires time commitments, books have no late-bells or hourly commitments. So you can learn at your own pace when you read books. 13. New mental associations – I touched on this above. As you read more books the depth and breadth of your knowledge expands and your ability to form new associations increases. In reading a book to discover the solution to one problem, you find the solution to others you may not have considered.
  8. 8. 14. Books help to improve your reasoning skills. By reading you will be able to reason better with the knowledge you gain. Some of the arguments will rub off on you. Others you will argue against. Regardless, you’ll be reasoning better. 15. By reading books you will build your expertise. 16. Books help to save money- Apart from saving money on entertainment expenses. Reading books that help you develop your skills saves money. Reading books on how someone went bankrupt will be a warning to you against repeating their mistakes. Reading a book on how to build your own backyard deck saves the expense of hiring a contractor. 17. Books to help decrease mistakes- When you gather the deep and wide wisdom that books can provide, you are less apt to make mistakes. 18. ou’ll discover surprises - As you read more books as a source of information, you’ll learn stuff you weren’t looking for. 19. Books can change your life- How many times have you heard of a book changing someone’s life? 20. Reading books can get you out of a slump. Books are a great source of ideas, big and small. So if you find yourself in a slump, pick a book on the portion of your life you are slump-ing and get to reading 21. Books can help you reduce stress 22. Books can help you make more moneyMembership levels at Nielson Hays LibraryWe have various memberships to meet the various needs of the Bangkok community including • Adult membership • Adult 6 month membership • Child membership • Family Membership • Family 6 month membership • Senior Citizen 6 month membershipFamily MembershipWe have two types of Family membership 1 year and 6 month adult membership. The cost for 1year adult membership is 3,3000 TB. The cost of 6 month membership is 2,400 TBWith the family membership you are allowed to check out 12 hard cover at a time including 4new books at a time and have free membership to all children events
  9. 9. Adult MembershipWe have two types of adult membership 1 year and 6 month adult membership. Adult membership is forany one older than 22.A 1 year adult membership costs 2,500 thb or 1900THB for 6 months. People who have adultmembership are entitled to check out 6 hardcover at a time including 2 new books at a timeFor adult membership we are selling • Books that you can’t get in Thailand • Not having to buy books • Preview books for books • Ideas to help you get ahead • Pleaure readingSenior MembershipWe have two types of senior membership 1 year and 6 month senior membership. Seniormembership is for any one older than 65The cost of one year senior membership is 1500 thb, the cost of 6 month membership is 1,200thb. Senior membership are allowed to check out 6 hardcovers at a time, 2 books’ from newcollectionWhat we are selling when we are selling senior membership: 1. Pleasure 2. Ideas to improve hobbies 3. Keeps brain workingChildren membershipChild (age up to 12 years), 1,700 THB (1,200 or 6 month) entitled to 6 hard covers including 2 Booksfrom new categoryFor Children membership we are selling • Exposure to ideas • Imagination
  10. 10. • Homework help • Family • Great ideas • InspirationMESSAGE FOR CHILDREN CORNERWe have all sorts of books and games for your children including. Come and bring your childrento the children corner, snuggle up and cozy up and read your book to the bookWe have books to expand your children vocabulary. By reading your children get to learn newwords, learn new ways of using words they already and improve their soft skill. Reading books isa wonderful bonding experiences that nourishes emotional development. Parents can also helpthe child relate the incidents in the story to real events in their lives.Reading books to your toddlers is a great way to prepare them for the school environment and toadapt to the concept of daily schoolwork. Reading books regularly stimulates children’simagination, accelerates their emotional development and fosters natural curiosity. Readinghelps your child improve different books and knowledge on various subjects. Reading books canhelp your children become better students in schoo.Reading books can improves a child’s attention span. Reading can successfully replace TV as asource of entertainment, especially if the child is introduced to preschool books as soon as he/shelearns the alphabet. Reading helps children utilize their time in a more constructive manner.Children who learn to read at an early age have a better chance of getting a job later in life. Theyalso perform much better than those who grew up watching TV and playing games oncomputers.Developing the habit of reading regularly from an early age helps the child to cope better withthe rigors of academic education later on.Expections of Children CornerVariey of books on different subjects for various ages for children. There are games, DVDs,everything that are fun, simultaneous. There are good places to sit, comfortable where you readto your children. There is good lighting, the area is cozy.
  11. 11. Value Proposition for Children CornerWide range of books, education resources for all children of all ages in english. You can spendan afternoon reading to your children, you can snuggle up with children. There are books forhomework, school, as well as pleasure reading.The books that you check out at Children Corner can supplement the stuff they read at school,broaded their horizons, used to help in homework, and class room assignment. The books, dvds,is a good family bonding experienceMESSAGE FOR CHILDREN STORIES TELLINGEach week, the Nielson Hays Library host Saturday story telling routinely through out the yearat 10:30 am.Our Story Telling are hosted by enthuasthic volunteers and are suitable for 3-7 years old. Eachweek there is a story read in English.After the story telling event, there is a craft event.Saturday Story Telling is a great way to start a the weekend. While your children get read to, youcan read books, magazines, or read and relax at the caféAfter Saturday story telling is over, you and your family can snack and socialize.Saturday storytelling is free from members and 120 baht for non-members to cost the cover ofevents“Stories help people define their world. And by helping children develop the necessary skills tobecome an effective storyteller, you help them become effective communicators... a skill that isnecessary for the future.Expectations of Children Story TellingThe story telling events are fun and informative. Each week there are different types of stories,every month there is something different for children stories. The story tellers are nice,enthusiastic. The atmosphere is conducive for children stories. The area for story telling is safe.Value Proposition for Story TellingFun, informatative, family event. Good way to start a weekend. Children stories is a good wayfor your child to understand their place in the world, cope with a difficult situation orexperience, your child become socially proficient, impart a life lesson
  12. 12. MESSAGE OF SPECIAL EVENTSThrough out the year, Nielson Hays library hold many events including Halloween, ChineseNew Years, art festivalEach year Nielson Hays library host a book athon. The purpose of the book athon is to encourageBangkok Children to read as many goods books as possible and raise money for local charity andNielson Hays to buy more booksExpectations for Special EventsQuality events, different subjects, good value for money. Fun, informative eventsValue Proposition for Special EventsCome to expand your horizons, meet new people, come and relax. Learn new skills, Come expand yourhorizon for you and your. Do something that you have never done.MESSAGES OF SCHOOL VISITSNielson Hays library welcome schools to visit us. We can tailor your school visit to meet theneeds of your school visit. Coming to your Nielson Hays library is a great way to expand,enlighten your school children. We will tailor short cut program to the age, needs of schoolgroupExpectation of School VisitSafe, fun, entertaining school visit.View point of school visit from administrative point of viewTeachers must consider the logistics involved in field trips. For example, teachers must completea number of additional tasks before the actual trip.These include applying for administrative approval from the appropriate individuals, andnotifying parents/guardians to obtain permission for the children to participate in the tripGood planning must precede all field trips. Teachers must consider the needs of the children andthe requirements of the particular field trip site.
  13. 13. Meaningful field trips should tie into the childrens educational needs and interests. Planningmust also address the curriculum and, ideally, focus on the standards.Successful field trips planner must consider safety issues. Are there any hazards involved? Doyou have enough parents or volunteers? Have arrangements been made for children with specialneeds?Value Proposition for School VisitsBy schools bringing their children to Nielson Library, they get to 1. Field trips provide real experiences related to all content areas. 2. Field trips extend learning by expanding a childs world and provide a framework for learning. 3. Field trips enrich and expand the curriculum. Through field trips Children begin to think outside the box, as well as learning outside of the classroom. 4. Field trips strengthen observation skills by immersing children into sensory activities. 5. Field trips increase childrens knowledge in a particular subject area. 6. Field trips expand childrens awareness of their own community.Interactive LearningField trips help students interact with what they are learning.EntertainmentField trips provide entertainment for students. They often serve as a powerful motivator forstudents, stirring up excitement as the trip nears. Breaking away from the routine provides kidswith a refresher that might make them more focused back in the classroom. Learning and funmake a great combination. Field trips are considered fun, but the children learn as well, whetherthey realize it or not.Extension of Classroom StudyField trips take the book learning from the classroom and extend it to life. Students oftenquestion the importance of topics they study in class.
  14. 14. There are also plenty of opportunities to incorporate the field trip experience back into classroomactivity after returning to school. Through presentations, slide shows and answering questions,the kids can instill the lessons garnered on the field trip.Social InteractionLeaving the classroom for a field trip places the kids in a different social environment. Theyencounter a new set of adults and possibly other children during the course of the average fieldtrip. These interactions teach them how to behave in different settings. They employ more self-control because it is a less contained environment than the classroom. It fosters a sense ofteamwork and community among the students as they experience a field trip together.New Experiences Many children dont get to experience the typical field trip locations with their families. Aschool trip gives students the opportunity to experience new venues. Because of moneyconstraints or lack of resources, not all parents are able to take their kids to zoos, museums andother field trip destinations. While field trips take a great deal of work and energy, broadeningthe horizons of the students is worth it.