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  • Je fais le distingo entre les modeles qu’on voudrait savoir dupliquer (success) et la collection de clients qu’on a eus et qu’on n’a pas forcement gardes. Ca focalise leur choix sur les 2 premiers quand ils feront leur due dil…

Mobile Distillery professional services Mobile Distillery professional services Presentation Transcript

  • When Business Goes Mobile We Make It Happen Mobile Distillery Professional Services
  • Agenda
    • Business Profile
    • References
    • Our Value Proposition
    • Benefits of using Mobile Distillery
    • Effective Cross Platform Development
    • Rapid E-Form Development
    • Application Testing
    • Our Mobile Development Platform: Celsius 6
    • Use Cases and Success Stories
  • The Company
    • Founded Feb 2005
    • 32 Employees
    • Marseille, Paris, San Francisco,
    • Toronto, Montreal, Singapore
    • VC : US $3M Viveris
    • Awards: Tremplin Entrepreneur, TechTour, PACA Entrepreneur, Label WW Cluster SCS, UnderTheRadar, Innovation TIC-PACA 2008
    • Customers
      • Business Apps, Consumer Apps, Mobile Marketing & Service Integration; Mobile Games
      • 200+ customers, 10+ per month, worldwide basis
  • References
    • Success stories are global companies
      • American Express
      • Johnson & Johnson
      • Sony- Erickson
    • Business Design
    • App Spec
    • App Design
    • App Development
    • App Test
    • Deployment
    • Operation
    Our Value Proposition We have the knowledge, the technology and the services to help your clients go mobile.
    • Healthcare
    • Banking & Finance
    • Retail
    • Consumer Goods
    • Telco
    • Transport
    • Parametric Dev
    • X platform porting
    • Device Database
    • Bluetooth
    • NFC (RFID)
    • Secure Element
    • Camera
    • Geolocalization
    • Customization
    Business Goes Mobile We Make It Happen Technology & Know-How
  • Our Value Proposition Fast growing markets in need of mobile solutions… As mobile strategy becomes a crucial factor in all industry verticals, more and more companies are in need of innovative mobile content and services to address the full potential of their mobile teams and mobile market. We support corporations to face growing challenges: we deploy mobile applications across a wide range of back-end systems and a variety of handsets to reach their target users , while at the same time managing all the differences between each device.
  • Our Value Proposition … using innovative mobile technologies Mobile Distillery’s solutions and services have been developed to overcome the complexity of mobile platform fragmentation.  By simplifying the different steps of mobile application production, we help our customers to access existing and emerging mobile technologies such as RFID, NFC, Http, Bluetooth, SMS, Rich Multimedia, Touch Screen, and many more.
  • Our Value Proposition
    • Best in class Security features on largest range of phone
    • Security suited to the business ecosystem
    • Single Source Code
    • Multiple Security architectures
      • SIM
      • Secure SD
      • Internal Secure Element
      • Bluetooth connected Smart Token
  • Problems & opportunity : managing features GPS NFC / RFID Bluetooth SIM HD QR code capture http:// Access to PIM SMS Camera
  • New services & technologies emerging CREATE COMMUNICATE CONSUME CONTROL Blogs IM/Chat SMS Ringtones Music Search News Video TV Web browsing Games Maps Health Payment Commerce Banking Ticketing Travel Parking Social Networks Pictures E-mail / MMS PIM P2P / Video Voice Transport Alerts
  • Benefits to Going Mobile with Mobile Distillery
    • Reduce production costs: We cut development schedules by up to 30 percent
    • Increase end-user satisfaction with our 24/7 call centre support
    • Reach every device on the market: 1561 devices - 770 JavaMe properties - 192 general properties
    • Our highly innovative and patented Dynamic Version Reduction technology dramatically reduces the amount of binaries generated in the process.
  • Effective Cross Platform Development We provide the Best User Interface Experience per platform, in native mode
  • Rapid E-Form Development
    • Drag & Drop screen design
    • Screen design often 50% Mobile App effort
    • Accelerate create and update
    • Multiple Screen resolutions
    • Physical Access to 1300+ phones
    • Rigorous test plan development & execution
    • Professional testers
    Application Testing
  • Celsius V6
  • Celsius Development Alembic Device Database Single Source Code Celsius Development Framework Optimized Executable Code Per Handset
  • Celsius V6
    • One source code -> Native applications
      • iPhone look and feel on iPhone
      • Android look and feel on Android
    • Port to multiple security architectures
    • Rapid Application Development
    • + all the features of Celsius 6
      • NFC, Bluetooth, Snapshot, 1300+ phones
      • Profiling, Parametric development
      • ECLIPSE and NetBeans support
  • Celsius V6: Making it Happen Other & new
    • We support all existing operating systems that exist today.
  • Use Cases and Success Stories
  • Success Stories
    • Banking Sector :
      • Delivered an unified mobile application development framework for a leader of the US finance sector.
      • Close working with the customer to ensure the buy-in of all the actors.
      • The solution is now the official mobile development tool for the whole company.
    • Telco Operator Sector :
      • Delivered go to market solution for a major South African mobile network
      • Up-to-date application created, reducing twice the cost of its maintenance
      • The Mobile phone operator is regularly updated by our backfilling solution allowing to stay on the top of the new mobile phone
    • Health Sector:
      • Delivered a Prototype health application for 80 major US phones to A US leader in Medical Diagnosis Service
      • The Bluetooth solution was fully operational in few days. The source code and maintenance solution was delivered.
    • Phone Manufacturer Sector:
      • Delivered for a major mobile phone manufacturer the integration of services with many partners enriching the experience of the mobile consumers.
    Delivering Value in Challenging Environment
  • Sports Retailer: Product Innovation
    • Companion app to BT linked fitness product
    • Project start: Idea & business objective
    • Mobile Distillery provided
      • Application design
      • Ergonomics coaching
      • Development training
      • Phone qualification
  • Shopping Mall: Promotion
    • Project Start: iPhone prototype
    • Mobile Distillery provided
      • Porting to 160 phones (+ future releases)
      • Deployment on App Stores
      • Embedded usage recorder
      • Creation, installation of usage stat server
  • Medical: Administrative Efficiency
    • Project Start: Idea
    • Mobile Distillery provided
      • Advice on NFC market & future trends
      • Application design and architecture
      • Development training
      • Phone qualification
      • Support
  • Adaptive Business Model DESCRIPTION PRODUCT CODE RETAIL PRICE UNIT INTEGRATOR PRICE         Discount   Consulting / Design / Architecture MDCONS100 $2,200 per day 33.00% $1,474 Proof of concepts MDPROO100 $1,700 per day 33.00% $1,139 Prototype Creation MDPROT100 $1,700 per day 33.00% $1,139 Pilot Creation / Project Management MDPILOT100 $1,700 per day 33.00% $1,139 Training MDTRAIN100 $1,500 per day 20.00% $1,200 Software Development / Coding / Debug MDDEV100 $1,700 per day 33.00% $1,139 Application Testing / Qualification MDTEST100 $1,700 per day 20.00% $1,360 Roll-out MDROLL100 $200 per hour 20.00% $160 post sale support MDSUPP100 $200 per hour 20.00% $160 Integration of Specific phones MDPINT100 $1,500 per phone 33.00% $1,005