Symantec Vision 2012: Event Sustainability Report


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Discover the Power of Taking Action: Inaugural sustainability report of Symantec Vision conference from Barcelona.

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Symantec Vision 2012: Event Sustainability Report

  1. 1. DISCOVER THEPOWEROF TAKING ACTIONVision 2012 Barcelona:Event Sustainability Report
  2. 2. p. 2 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability ReportCONTENTS03 Executive Summary04 About Symantec Vision05 Management Approach09 Performance Review14 Strengths, Opportunities and Innovations21 Community Outreach24 Increasing Sustainability Performance29 About This Report
  3. 3. p. 3 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability ReportExecutive SummerySustaining our Global Corporate Events Discover the Power of Taking Action While we achieved some notable successes in Barcelona, we know that there is a lot more that we can and shouldSymantec’s Vision events are well-known in the IT For Vision Barcelona 2012, we developed a sustainability do to improve the sustainability of our conferences andindustry and beyond. Over time we are proud to have strategy aligned to our Corporate Responsibility strategy. build a leadership position. As a next step on our journey,established a strong reputation for the quality of our Significant steps were taken to engage suppliers and we will be reviewing the findings and recommendationsVision Conferences: including the high educational level implement better environmental event practices whilst of this report and asking:of the conference sessions, the business opportunities on the social front we worked closely with NGO partnersat the tradeshow as well as the range of networking to support two community projects raising awareness • What else can we do to make our events well-known notand social activities. While less visible, just as essential about climate change and social issues. To support our just for their quality, but also for their sustainability?to the event organization process is the issue of efforts we engaged a third-party organization to review • How can we better engage our supply chain and staff tosustainability. our sustainability processes, assess practices onsite, deliver our events more sustainably? measure our event footprint and make recommendationsAt Symantec, we are striving to embed corporate • Where can we rethink, refine and standardize our for future improvement. As a conclusion to thisresponsibility throughout our business. We see our processes to make the sustainable organization of our stage of our journey we prepared this, our first eventcorporate events as a great opportunity to walk the talk, events, simple, cost effective and impactful? sustainability report to transparently disclose ourand to put into practice our commitment to sustainability. approach, impact and progress. In the meantime, we invite you to read our report and toWe believe that by integrating sustainability principles let us know your opinions and questions. Collaborationwe will not only, improve the environmental and social Key results achieved at this year’s Barcelona is key if we are to make a difference. Read on to discoverimpact of our conferences, but also improve their quality event include: the “power of taking action” at Vision Barcelona 2012.and business results. • The venue, all key suppliers and 59% of the hotels provided sustainability measurement data • Carbon emissions were measured at 1,017 tons CO2e • 55% of event waste was diverted from landfill • $40,000 of costs were avoided through sustainability David R Hunt program Vice President Global • 55% of all food served was sourced locally Corporate Events, Symantec Corporation • $15,000 donated to community projects • Attendee satisfaction of the sustainability initiative was evaluated at 78%
  4. 4. p. 4 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability ReportAbout Symantec VisionSymantec™ is a global leader in providing security, Planningstorage and systems management solutions to help The event management team at Vision Barcelonaour customers, from consumers and small businesses 2012 was led by Symantec’s Senior Manager, Globalto the largest global organizations, secure and manage Corporate Events EMEA. The core Vision EMEA team istheir information and identities independent of device. comprised of a large group of cross-functional SymantecSymantec does this by bringing together leading employees from different countries and regionssoftware and cloud solutions that work seamlessly including several event suppliers. Symantec’s Globalacross multiple platforms, giving customers the freedom Corporate Events sustainability champion initiated andto use the devices of their choice and to access, store and leads the corporate sustainable events initiative. MCItransmit information anytime, anywhere. Sustainability Services were provided consulting and reporting support.Symantec VisionVision is Symantec’s flagship annual technology userconference that brings together the largest gathering Vision Barcelona 2012: At a glanceof Symantec Executives, Product experts and partners • November 13th to 15th, 2012.with a goal to discuss technical innovation and support • 162,537 m2 conference space Corporate responsibility is increasinglyfuture business growth. The conference includes keynote • 2042 attendees important to customers, employees,program, breakout sessions, hands-on labs, exhibition,1:1 meetings with product experts and Symantec • 26 Sponsors and investors. It is also an integral partexecutives, roundtables and several networking events. • 120 breakout sessions of my vision for Symantec’sThis year three Vision conferences were held: in the US, • 20,375 social media interactions future success.Europe and South America. Steve Bennett, President and CEO
  5. 5. p. 5 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability ReportMANAGEMENT APPROACH
  6. 6. p. 6 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability Report MANAGEMENT APPROACHSymantec Approach to Corporate ResponsibilitySymantec is committed to fulfilling its core purpose of protecting customers’ information and identities with fullattention to and respect for ethical operation, the environment, and positive societal impact. Symantec is vigilantin maintaining strong governance and ethics policies and procedures. Employees are also supported and engagedby providing meaningful opportunities to develop professionally, grow within the company, and contribute to theircommunities. Corporate Responsibility efforts are also aligned with and supported by Symantec’s core values, whichserve to direct relationships between stakeholders and one another. To learn more about Symantec’s CorporateResponsibility, visit our Corporate Responsibility Website.Materiality AnalysisFor the 2012 Corporate Responsibility Report, analysis was conducted to determine which issues stakeholders findmaterially important as a way to prioritize Symantec’s Corporate Responsibility priorities.As a first step in the event sustainability strategy, the key global Corporate Responsibility issues were mapped againstthe main event sustainability issues and opportunities were identified that could be taken to address these risks andissues. This process helped to better understand and communicate the business case for integrating sustainability intothe event business model, and to align Vision’s social responsibility projects with Symantec’s philanthropy focus areas.The Business Case for Sustainable EventsMaterial issues, challenges and opportunities Symantec Corporate Responsibility Event Sustainability Challenges Business Opportunities Relevant Issues • CO2 emissions from participant transportation • Minimize environmental footprint and associated cost • Climate Change and event operations • Leave a legacy of positive social impact • Stakeholder Engagement • Waste: from food and beverage, production and Expo • Engage suppliers to create a more sustainable • Securing Information • Sustainability of food and beverage options supply chain • Customer Satisfaction • Sustainability knowledge, engagement • Raise awareness of global sustainability issues and performance of event suppliers and Symantec response • Delegate satisfaction and event experience • Use sustainability as a catalyst to drive event innovation
  7. 7. p. 7 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability Report MANAGEMENT APPROACHStrategySustainability planning for Vision started in February2012. The new APEX/ASTM EnvironmentallySustainable Meeting Standards were used to provideinitial guidance and direction. An implementationstrategy with five key action areas was developed, incollaboration with the internal corporate responsibilityteam and approved by management. As this was the firstmajor sustainable event initiative, key focus was puton understanding and benchmarking of environmentalimpacts, awareness raising, community action, teamengagement and improvement recommendations.The brand claim for event sustainability communicationwas Discover the Power of Taking Action. It wasdeveloped in line with the conference theme “DiscoverThe Power”, in order to demonstrate that Symantec alsotakes action. ENGAGE The CCIB venue holds both the EMAS and ISO14001 Environmental Finding and working with the right certifications. 50% of waste was recycled onsite in ten streams of garbage for processing. The clearly labeled recycling garbage partners is critical on our journey cans serve as an example of how strikingly visible and prominent E UN OV signage can help attendees to recycle correctly. DER towards sustainability. It’s important I MP R STAND to build a supply chain that shares a common language, and understands the challenges and opportunities of CO implementing sustainable events. M NI U CA T Tina Ferrari. EMEA Category Manager, TE AC Symantec Global Procurement
  8. 8. p. 8 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability Report MANAGEMENT APPROACHObjectives and PerformanceStrategic Area Strategic Objective Approach/Result At Symantec, we are committed toUnderstand Develop methodology to measure the CO2 Achieved: Event measurement approach developed in emissions of events collaboration with Symantec Global Sustainability team and fulfilling our core purpose of securing aligned with existing corporate emissions measurement methodology and managing your information-driven Measure and understand the environmental Achieved: Key impacts independently assessed and benchmarked world with full attention to and respect impacts and sustainability performance of using the MeetGreen calculator Vision for ethical operation, the environment,Engage Engage internal team and key suppliers to Partial: All key suppliers and 65% of the hotels responded to and positive societal impact. support sustainability program and provide Sustainability Assessment. 19% of suppliers were eco-certified. measurement data Data was collected about the flights, venue, hotels, marketing We regard sustainability as both an and production. Better food and beverage data could have been collected about the side events and gala dinner. imperative of responsible operation,Communicate Raise awareness of global sustainability Achieved: Charity partners included into opening and closing and an opportunity to improve our concerns and Symantec’s commitment to sustainability throughout the conference plenary. Sustainability wall created to communicate initiative. Tree planting at the venue. Communication through all media channels. business performance including the Produce Sustainability Report following GRI Partial: Report produced using GRI guidelines but not externally way we plan and run our conferences G3 Guidelines and the Event Organizers Sector Supplement assessed, as not deemed necessary at this stage. and events. Cecily Joseph, Senior Director Corporate ResponsibilityAct Demonstrate Symantec’s commitment to Achieved: Partnership with Plant-for-the-Planet resulting in Corporate Responsibility by organising three 36,851 tree planting pledges and a $10,000 donation. $5,000 social responsibility projects to support and was donated to Fundación Fatima Children’s Home as well as the raise awareness among event stakeholders donation of leftover conference materials. about specific environmental and social issuesImprove Review progress and develop standard Ongoing: Key learnings from the project already being integrated operating procedures to simplify and improve into strategy and planning of Vision 2013 in Nice, France. sustainable event management performance
  9. 9. p. 9 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability ReportPERFORMANCE REVIEW
  10. 10. p. 10 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability Report PERFORMANCE REVIEWSustainable Event Management Process PerformanceEvent Audit System Sustainable Event Management ProcessMeetGreen® was used to evaluate the overall Performance Symantec is among a too small groupperformance of the event management processes Using the MeetGreen calculator, Vision Barcelona of leaders who are active in pursuitfrequently referred to as the “Management System”.The MeetGreen® system aligns with the APEX-ASTM 2012 earned an overall meeting sustainability of sustainable event innovation. The score of 52%. The conference was benchmarkedEnvironmentally Sustainable Meeting standards, against the sustainability practices of other events size and attendance at these typeand evaluates over 150 best practices and measured in the MeetGreen system. As can be seen below of events represents a tremendousperformance achievements to determine an overall the Vision Barcelona score is above the average ofmeeting sustainability score and individual scores in 45% demonstrating the results of the event team`s opportunity to influence change10 different areas of meeting management (see graph commitment to improving processes and supplier in corporations, destinations andnext page). performance. At the same time the chart shows there venues around the world. I commend is considerable scope for improvement. The other event examples demonstrate what can be achieved by Symantec for their approach. At organisations who have taken a leadership approach to Oracle, our focus on sustainable integrating sustainability into the event management processes. events has helped us to significantly improve our environmental footprint,Event Sustainability Benchmarking avoiding over $1 million in costs andUsing MeetGreen® Calculator driving innovation into the way we organize OpenWorld. Average Audited Event 45% Paul Salinger, VP Marketing Oracle. Symantec Vision 2012, Barcelona 52% European Ecology Federation Congress 55% European Wind Energy Congress 62% UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 74% Oracle OpenWorld 2012, San Francisco 89%
  11. 11. p. 11 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability Report PERFORMANCE REVIEWBenchmarking Management Procedures 100 76% 80 66% 60% 57% 56% 60 48% 44% 40 31% 22% 20 1% Destination Meeting Exposition Comm. Onsite Accommodations Food Transportation Audio Offset Venue Marketing Office Beverage VisualAreas where Symantec event planners and suppliers performed well in Areas where Symantec event planners and suppliers could have improvedsustainability: sustainability practices:• Destination Selection: Barcelona has good green infrastructure (recycling, public • Accommodation: Selection of eco-certified hotels and requirement to perform transport, renewable energy) and local government commitment to minimum standards• Meeting venue management: CCIB venue has two environmental certifications and strong • Food and beverage: More local menus and sustainable service options leadership commitment to social responsibility • Transportation: Use of more sustainable vehicles and fuels, and inclusion• Expo design: Excellent use of modular stands, carpeting and good recycling procedures of carbon offsetting scheme• Communication: Inclusion of sustainability initiative into plenary program and all attendee • Audiovisuals: Contractual integration of sustainability in set design, equipment selection communication channels including sustainability information wall and info stand in Expo and management and registration area • Measurement: Accuracy, completeness and responsiveness of team in providing sustainability data for this report
  12. 12. p. 12 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability Report PERFORMANCE REVIEWPerformance IndicatorsKey performance indicators were selected from and measured according to the Global Reporting Initiatives Event Organizers Sector Supplement. Impacts KPI Data GRI Indicator Economic Participation Number of attendees 2,042 Investment in event Total expenditure to improve event sustainability $ 10,000 EN30 sustainability Total saving from event sustainability initiative $ 40,000 EN30 Attendee satisfaction Attendee importance of sustainability program 80% PR5 Attendee satisfaction with sustainability program 78% PR5 Overall attendee conference satisfaction rating 98% PR5 Social Stakeholder engagement Suppliers signing sustainability clauses in contract 0 HR2, EO7 Number of suppliers evaluated for sustainability 31 HR2,EO7 Suppliers with eco-certification 6 HR2,EO7 Health and quality of air Space designated smoke free in venue 100% EO7 Accessibility Hotels and venues with accessibility programme 92% PR1 Community Action Donations of cash or in-kind by Symantec $ 15,000 EO11 Number of charities and NGOs supported 3 EO11 Number of delegates and staff participating in community action projects 86 EO11 Environmental GHG emissions Total Carbon footprint (tonnes co2 equivalents) 1,015 EN16, EN17 Flight Emissions (tonnes co2e) 898 EN16, EN17, EO2 Local transport emissions (tonnes co2e) 1 EN16, EN17, EO2 Venue based emissions (tonnes co2e) 7 EN16, EN17 Food based emissions (tonnes co2e) 38 EN16, EN17 Paper based emissions (tonnes co2e) 54 EN16, EN17 Exhibitor based emissions (tonnes co2e) 16 EN16, EN17 Emissions per delegate (tonnes co2e) 0.50 EN16, EN17 Emissions offset 0 EN26
  13. 13. p. 13 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability Report PERFORMANCE REVIEWPerformance Indicators continuedImpacts KPI Data GRI IndicatorEnvironmentalEnergy Total electricity consumed (kwh). 91,918 EN4 Total energy consumer for heat and air conditioning (kwh) 97,300 EN3Water Total water used (m3) 397 EN8Paper and materials usage Sheets of A4 paper used for printing. 37,415 EN1, EN26 Signage (m2) 1,317 EN1, EN26 Carpet used for event (m2) 2,747 EN1, EN26 Carpet landfilled/incinerated through event (m2) 2,200 EN1, EN26 Badges recollected (number and %) 1000 (50%) EN1, EN27Waste management Total waste from event (kg) 9,804 EN22 Co-mingled (90% incinerated + 10% recycled) 5,044 EN22 Organic waste (composted) 200 EN22 Paper and cardboard 2,360 EN22 Glass 980 EN22 Metal - EN22 Plastic 560 EN22 Carpet 660 EN22 Diversion rate 49% EN22 Total waste per event participant (kg) 4.8 EN22Food Number meals served 7,479 Local (160km) food sourced for meals 50% EN26, EO5 Organic food sourced for meals 15% EN26, EO5 Vegetarian meals served 15% EN26, EO5 Plastic water bottles used in event 8,000 EN26, EO5 Plastic bottles not served due to bulk water dispenser 2,460 EN26, EO5MeetGreen Event sustainability performance score 52%
  14. 14. p. 14 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability ReportSTRENGTHS, OPPORTUNITIES AND INNOVATIONS
  15. 15. p. 15 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability Report STRENGTHS, OPPORTUNITIES AND INNOVATIONSSTRENGTHS, OPPORTUNITIES AND INNOVATIONSCustomer Satisfaction Greenhouse Gas EmissionsVision 2012 was a resounding success. 98% of Responsible event management requires planners to Our customers and investors areattendees who replied to the post-event survey said identify and track greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions demanding greater rigor in measuringthat they would recommend the event to a colleague. through an assessment of event related energy andThe three key reasons for attending were relationship fossil fuel usage. The measurement approach was and analyzing our environmentalbuilding/networking, information/knowledge increase developed in alignment with Symantec’s global footprint. Symantec began measuring,and improvement of skills. When questioned about greenhouse gas measurement methodology. tracking, and reporting GHGsustainability 80% of respondents thought thatSymantec should address the environmental and social The Event produced a measurable total of 1,017 metric emissions in 2008. Since that time, tons of Carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), or an averageimpacts of the conference. 78% of whom were satisfied of “0.5” tons CO2e per participant. In practical terms, we have made great improvementswith Symantec’s initial approach and performanceimproving the environmental and social sustainability this is equal to the average annual GHG emissions of in both the quantity and quality of 138 Spanish families (source UNFCCC).of the event. our data and a reduction in our direct As expected, the biggest GHG emissions impact is from air transport, which represented nearly 90% of the emissions. We continue to refineSymantec Barcelona Vision Event emissions total. Emissions resulting from the use of our understanding of our indirect the event venue represented approximately 5% of theGHG Emissions by Catagory (tCO2e) emissions total, with the remaining 5% coming from emissions and better measurement 5.33% 1.56% paper and food production, hotel energy use, and local of our event and travel impacts is 3.79% 0.68% Air travel. The emissions produced by the manufacturing therefore critical.0.12% and transportation of the merchandising products were 88.52% Kelly Shea – Global Program Manager, Sustainability not included in the calculation. Event and Gala Dinner 5.33% Hotel 3.79% Food and Paper 1.56% Car 0.68% Rail and Bus 0.12% 88.52%
  16. 16. p. 16 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability Report STRENGTHS, OPPORTUNITIES AND INNOVATIONSUnderstanding and Reducing Event Waste a series of very clearly marked and prominent waste Event Waste containers. Working with the CCIB, placement of garbageAn estimated 9.8 metric tons of waste was produced cans was assessed and improvements made to ensure Co-mingledduring the entire conference; equivalent to the weight of 7% sufficient cans were provided throughout the event. (incinerated +seven Mini Cooper cars. 6% recycled) 51% Recycling of materials from the exhibition, signageZero waste to landfill: The waste diversion rate (waste Paper and and registration areas could have been improved 10%diverted from landfill) was 55%. The CCIB venue cardboard 24% during the set up and breakdown of the event. This ismanaged to sort 50% of this waste on site for recycling. Glass 10% generally when over 75% of the event waste is created.The remaining waste was co-mingled and sent for offsite 51% Carpet 7% Breakdown in particular is when all the team are keen toreprocessing where an average of 10% is recycled, and go home, and recycling is not on the top of mind of tired Plastic 6%the remaining 90% is incinerated at the local energy contractors as they race against the clock to dismantle. 24% Organic wasteplant to create electricity for Barcelona. To improve this situation, the entire exhibition was (composted) 2%With this system, zero waste from the event is expected dismantled and shipped back to Amsterdam where the Metal 0%to have ended up in landfill sites. This sounds very majority of materials could be recycled, reused andpositive as landfills are the largest human-created donated without time pressure. This resulted in only 2%source of methane gas in the world, and consequently two large bins of waste for the expo (150kg).a significant contributor to global climate change. The Branding Challenge: A key waste challenge forOn the other hand, burning of waste is known to corporate IT conferences such as Vision is the amounthave many negative environmental, social and health of single use carpet, signage and branding materialsconsequences. Incineration produces dangerous employed to decorate the plenary room, Expo andpollutants and in particular dioxins and other general areas. Over 2,200m2 of standard expositionchlorinated organic compounds, which are toxic to carpeting, 1,317m2 of signage and 408m2 of bannershumans and the environment. were produced for single use at the conference. TheSymantec can influence and encourage venues and Symantec production team worked proactively with thehotels to develop waste management systems that favor venue to only use carpet in the walk ways of the plenarythe reuse, recycling and composting of materials over room, reducing the amount of carpet used by 2,410m2incineration or landfill. Besides the health benefits, (52%). In the Expo, exposition carpet was replaced withrecycling saves three to five times the energy that waste reusable modular carpet tiles. This significantly reducedincinerator power plants generate (source: Gaia) cost and improved the aesthetics of the tradeshow area.Improving Recycling: The CCIB operations team In the future, opportunities will be evaluated to reduceimplemented an effective waste management program the use of carpeting, use reusable rented carpetthat diverts over ten streams of waste at the back of tiling, use carpeting made from more sustainable andhouse (non-public areas). In the public areas (front of recyclable materials, and to donate leftover carpet tohouse) – the CCIB recycle six streams of waste through community social projects.
  17. 17. p. 17 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability Report STRENGTHS, OPPORTUNITIES AND INNOVATIONSA key environmental impact of tradeshows andconference is often the carpeting used to decorate theexhibition and plenary areas. As a single use item,carpeting is commonly a low cost and low qualityconsumable that is thrown away after each event. Forthe exhibition at Vision, carpet tiles are now rentedas a superior replacement for standard expositioncarpeting. With their easy reuse and very low disposalrates, waste is reduced to almost zero; saving moneyand providing a higher quality and more aestheticallypleasing result for attendees.
  18. 18. p. 18 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability Report STRENGTHS, OPPORTUNITIES AND INNOVATIONSManaging E-Waste Merchandising – Procuring responsibly future, and discussions are already in progress with the EMEA procurement team.A key environment impact at Vision is the electricity Over 22,000 items of merchandising in 28 differentconsumed by over 200 servers and PCs used in the 200 categories of products were procured for Vision A badge and backpack collection point was establishedplus workshops, labs and breakout sessions. For Vision Barcelona. This varied from conference bags, to T-shirts, close to the exit of the venue, and participants were2012, the Symantec Event IT team replaced the previous water bottles, badge holders, ceramic mugs, lanyards invited to recycle these products. More than 50% of alleight PC Server racks with four Mini Mac servers. In and wristbands. While a number of selected products badges issued were collected and will be reused and/addition to the energy saving, the reduction in size and including the notepads and pens were made from or recycled. This is above the average for this type ofweight of equipment to be shipped saved $40,000. more sustainable options, the majority of products initiative. Symantec donated 132 conference backpacks were not sourced from sustainable materials or were to two charity organizations.To save on costs and to reduce the amount of e-waste, selected using environmental or social responsibility The Print Smart strategy used during the eventall computers used in the Internet Café, registration and criteria included in the procurement process. Many planning resulted in less than 4000 pages of A4 beingfor session access were redundant obsolete models. products were purchased in bulk and ordered from printed. Over 32,000 printed items were providedFor the labs and training classes, all handout materials China with long lead times and shipping costs, by sponsors for inclusion in the Conference bag.were eliminated. In place, participants were provided making any change of suppliers difficult. Using local Consideration will be given to this practice, to see ifwith Kindles and iPads. Not only did this eliminate manufacturers for merchandising would align with there are better ways to innovate and give sponsorsthe printing and waste of over 22,000 sheets of paper Symantec’s corporate sustainability plan, potentially brand visibility and more return on their investment(equivalent to 3 trees), the innovation improved the improving the environmental footprint and improving with less environmental impact.student experience and simplified the instructor’s the socioeconomic benefits to local communities. Thesepreparation work.   issues will be further investigated and evaluated in the
  19. 19. p. 19 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability Report STRENGTHS, OPPORTUNITIES AND INNOVATIONSFood and Beverage AccommodationOver 60% of the produce procured by the CCIB for the Symantec sourced rooms from 20 hotels for staff andconference buffets was sourced locally in Catalonia, clients. All hotels were sent an in- depth study aboutwithin a radius of 250km. their sustainability commitment and performance. 14 replied to the survey Key conclusions identified:Organic menu options were provided by suppliersbut were significantly more expensive and therefore • Only four hotels (20%) had a third party recognizedavoided. Plastic food service options for the cups, eco-certification (ISO14001, Biosphere and EMAS)glasses, plates and cutlery were used in place of reusable • 38% had a policy and a sustainability managermetal cutlery and ceramic plates due to their costadvantage. • Seven hotels (35%) could provide carbon emission dataTo feed a large amount of guests in a short time, • 100% of hotels have implemented recycling back ofbuffets were used as the preferred form of food service. house. However less than 31%, recycle hotel room wasteUnfortunately buffets result in significantly more organic • Less than 15% have a policy of sustainable food andwaste and the plastic food service waste is normally not beveragewell recycled by participants. Unfortunately in Barcelona • 31% donate used amenities to charityand much of Europe local legislation and the risk of legalaction stops unused safe food from being donated to Due to other priorities it was decided not to gathersocial causes. exact data of hotel energy consumption and their waste production for this year’s event. For the next VisionWhen questioned through the post-event survey, EMEA event Symantec will engage with hotel partnersattendees expressed dissatisfaction with the quality and early on in the planning process and work to influencequantity of food and beverage, rating the offering at 2.73 and improvetheir sustainability procedures.out of 4 (68%). Improving the sustainability of food andbeverage service has the potential to act as a catalyst to  redefine the eating experience for attendees, and will beclosely evaluated for the Vision 2013 conference.
  20. 20. p. 20 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability Report STRENGTHS, OPPORTUNITIES AND INNOVATIONSAttendee CommunicationThe slogan for communication was developed in lineThe environmental theme for the conference, “TakingAction”, was an outgrowth of the conference theme:Discover the Power of Taking Action.Internal and external communication with anobjective of raising awareness of the sustainabilityinitiative started in September with articles includesin the conference newsletter, and a section dedicatedto sustainability on the website. During the event,sustainability was included in event news updates,mobile and applications, keynote sessions and thesustainability wall. The wall was a double sided displaypositioned near the registration area, designed to raiseattendee awareness about the social and environmentalactions of Symantec, and to provide recommendationsto attendees about how they could reduce their ownenvironmental footprint during their stay in Barcelona.On social networks, there were 73 Tweets about thesustainability initiative: accompanied by a Symantec pressannouncement, various blog posts and newsletter articles. Another important thing that I like and see for the first time at Vision isthe Sustainability initiative, especially the environmental and social action. Javier Serna Royo – Technical Support Analyst, Symantec
  21. 21. p. 21 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability ReportCOMMUNITY OUTREACH
  22. 22. p. 22 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability Report COMMUNITY OUTREACHThroughout Vision, Symantec supported the global children’s initiative Plant-for-the-Planet, which aims toraise awareness of and respond to the issue of climate change. Plant-for-the-Planet held a training session at theconference for 50 children from 3 local schools. The Plant-for-the-Planet Academy is recognized as an official projectof the UN-Decade “Education for Sustainable Development”, a concept which conveys sustainable thinking andbehavior to children and adults.Felix Finkbeiner, the 15 year old founder of Plant-for-the-Planet was the inspirational speaker during the openingkeynote session. His dynamic performance earned a satisfaction rating of 89% from participants. His presentationcan be watched by clicking on this link. Afterwards he joined Symantec staff to plant a symbolic tree in the groundsof the city of Barcelona. In response to his plea, Planet-for-the-Planet received 86 pledges to plant 36,851 trees: 14 of these were made bySymantec employees, including a significant contribution from a Symantec employee who pledged to plant 14,000trees. Symantec corporation pledged $10,000 to plant 10,000 trees.As part of the event strategy to support a local community initiative, Symantec donated $5,000 and unusedconference materials (bags, pens, water bottles) to the Fundacion Fatima foster home in Barcelona.
  23. 23. p. 23 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability Report COMMUNITY OUTREACH“At one of the Academies a young ambassador told usabout an interesting science report he had seen. In thereport it was explained that if you let a monkey choosebetween having one banana now, or six bananas later,the monkey will always choose to have one bananastraight away.We children are global citizens. For us children, thefuture means another 70, 80, or even 90 years. Butfor many adults the future may stretch only as far as20 or 30 years. We kids have noticed some strikingsimilarities between the story about the monkeys, andthe behaviour of many adults. Basically, if we humansonly think and act for the short-term (like the monkeys),then everybody would be making the choice to live morecomfortably today, at the expense of future generations.If adults continue to act even a little bit like the monkeysdo, then our future will be looking pretty bleak. If wewant to have a more positive future ahead of us, we willneed to do a lot more.”Felix Finkbeiner,15 year old founder of Plant-for-the-Planet
  24. 24. p. 24 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability ReportINCREASING SUSTAINABILITY PERFORMANCE
  25. 25. p. 25 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability Report INCREASEING SUSTAINABILITY PERFORMANCEAt the final stage of the Symantec 1. Integrate sustainability into event design and Assessing the sustainability performance of the supply start early chain during the planning and after the event wouldsustainable event approach, it is provide opportunity to address performance issues, Looking towards Vision 2013, greater results could becritical to review progress and identify achieved if sustainability is considered as one of the implement process efficiencies and identify new ways for partnership around sustainability. This isareas to elevate performance. core design principles of the event, rather than an “add particularly important as many suppliers have their own on”. By integrating sustainability into event strategy, CSR initiatives, and collaboration can be a more efficientThe following key points were team meetings, and site inspections at the initial way for all parties to achieve their goals and make aidentified as actions where the planning stages it is much easier to engage internal more significant combined impact. team members and suppliers; which increases theVision events team could increase potential to improve performance , cost efficiencies andsustainability performance. These to spur innovation. 3. Educationrecommendations will be discussed The sustainable event strategy should be documented There are varying levels of knowledge and experience of and shared with all team members and suppliers. The sustainable event management within the internal andand used in the creation of the 2013 team should be encouraged to share their feedback, external supply chain. Symantec would be advised toVision sustainability strategy. ideas and comments. develop a simple guidebook with checklists to share best practices and standard operating procedures. Regular communication via internal newsletters, meetings and 2. 4Ps: Policy, procurement, performance, training classes could also develop knowledge. partnership Participation in the Green Meeting Industry Council Performance will be increased if a sustainable event (industry association) would provide a cost- efficient policy is developed as a tool to formally communicate way for the sustainability team to grow, develop and sustainability expectations and requirements to share their experience. suppliers and partners. This policy can be formally integrated into the procurement processes including request for proposals, and the contracting of new and existing suppliers.
  26. 26. p. 26 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability Report INCREASEING SUSTAINABILITY PERFORMANCE suppliers are best engaged at an early stage in the event and reused. Large signage can also be produced using planning process to find local suppliers and sustainable aluminum frame construction which can reduce waste. options at reasonable cost. Similarly the team can look at replacing the PVC banners used for large signage for a more sustainable It is important to state that event menus do not have material. PVC is generally toxic to produce and to to be 100% “FLOSS”. Switching to 100% organic, for recycle, and should be phased out. example, would be too expensive in many markets; however an evolving approach to incorporating these An interesting mid-term opportunity would be to principles can be started and incorporated into different identify certain elements of the event branding that areas of the event. Ie An organic coffee break, a fresh could remain constant and be reused for multiple fruit juice stand, a buffet of locally produced cheese. events. Clearly the yearly branding of the event is4. Food and beverage A key challenge for Symantec is the increasing tendency important to Symantec, however many other organizers have found ways to neutrally brand and reuse 30%Improving the sustainability of the food and beverage of conference venues to use disposable food service of signage. After considering the cost of storage andoffering is relatively simple and can deliver significant ware. As a minimum, Symantec can challenge venues transportation, this has proved to help reduce costs andimprovement to the participant experience at parity to provide biodegradable or recyclable service ware environmental impacts.cost. Food inspires powerful emotions and feelings, and at parity costs. However, most centers are unable tomenus can be designed to powerfully communicate the properly and efficiently process this waste. A better On a social note, it could be possible to donate materialslocal culture and identity of the event. solution is to use ceramic plates and cups, and metal to local community groups. For example vinyl banners cutlery (utensils) which have a significantly lower could be repurposed as event bags or iPad cases.Rethinking menus provides a perfect opportunity to carbon and environmental footprint. In most culturescreate more exciting, healthier and diverse options. people prefer ceramic ware as it represents a quality ofMessaging boards, story cards and food labels could 6. Measurement and reporting service, which could increase attendee satisfaction.emphasize “Greener, tastier and healthier” options, The effort to collect data for a sustainability reportand be supported by assurance marks such as Fairtrade, as most partners and vendors are still unfamiliar andMarine Stewardship Council and SOIL. This labeling can 5. Onsite event branding unaccustomed to providing sustainability data. Withbe used to share facts about the producer and to weave While good results were achieved in Barcelona with practice and focus, these measurement processes cana story about commitment of Symantec to better food the eco-conscious design of the tradeshow, additional become the “new normal” and a culture of sustainabilitysourcing. benefit could be achieved by rethinking design to reporting is created. Symantec’s measurement needsThe “FLOSS” methodology could be used as a guide to reduce carpeting, use modular carpet systems and by are best explained to suppliers at project initiation andassist menu design and procurement: FLOSS stands for employing more sustainable branding materials. requirements included into procurement contracts.“Fresh, Local, Organic, Seasonal and Sustainable”. For example panel prints (folios) and signage could For the future, it could be advantageous to developSymantec event planners can communicate and discuss be made from recycled materials and designed to be two types of approach: a more in-depth measurementthe FLOSS concept with catering partners (venue, hotel recycled more easily. New modular systems feature strategy for large conferences such as Vision and aand restaurants), and invite them to propose more panel boards with a thin disposable film that can be simpler approach for smaller events.balanced, healthier and exciting options. Catering removed and recycled allowing the board to be reprinted
  27. 27. p. 27 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability Report INCREASEING SUSTAINABILITY PERFORMANCE7. Reducing carbon emissions 8. Communication • Community projects: Developing social responsibility projects with the local community is an excellent vehicleSymantec took an important step this year by As a next phase, Vision planners and the Symantec to not only communicate the commitment of Symantec tomeasuring and evaluating carbon emissions. As a Corporate Responsibility team could consider how to Corporate Responsibility, but also to leave a social step and in line with corporate commitments, use Vision to invigorate selected core messages and Consideration should be given to a longer term corporateSymantec can start to develop an emissions reduction elements of the Symantec corporate sustainability partnership with an NGO, as the time involvement to findstrategy. By organizing regional Vision conferences strategy. For example Vision can be used to not only and develop a good relationship is considerable.instead of a single global conference, Symantec already raise awareness about global sustainability issues, but tohave significantly reduced carbon emissions. However promote more sustainable and healthy living. Continual focus on communication can help to make thelooking to future events, destination selection is key to sustainability initiative easier to understand, simpler to To improve communication and engagement,an emissions reduction strategy: implement and relevant to stakeholders. sustainability messaging is best integrated within the• Over 80% of the CO2 footprint is created by air travel. mainstream communication channels and key touch Emissions can be reduced by choosing a destination points relevant to attendees. The following suggestions 9. Build a Sustainable Event Team which is located closest to the majority of event pull together many of the recommendations made in The results from Barcelona prove what can be achieved participants, and that has good direct flights and train this section and actions already incorporated into Vision through a strategic approach to event sustainability. connections, Barcelona: An excellent first step would be the creation of an• Reductions will be achieved by choosing a city with a • ravel: Encourage attendees to walk, exercise and use T event sustainability team composed of members of high percentage of renewable energy, efficient waste public transport. Ensure and improve accessibility at Symantec’s event planning team and key suppliers management and with good availability of eco-certified venues from the US and Europe. This network could help to venues and hotels. create sustainability ambassadors who can engage • ood: Promote quality, choice, greener and healthier F colleagues, facilitate education and share knowledge,While corporate strategy does not endorse carbon options impart standardized processes and accelerate globaloffsetting, Symantec could continue to support climate • aste: Implement strikingly visible and prominent W implementation. From here it would be easier forprotection initiatives such as the Plant-for-the- signage for recycling. Use positive reinforcement to Symantec to expand the sustainable event initiative toPlanet program used in Barcelona. By engaging in a recognize sustainable behavior include other events.longer term partnership, Symantec can make a moresignificant contribution to the cause, better engage • erchandising: Ensure merchandise and gifts are made Mevent participants and leave a longer lasting legacy. For from ethical and sustainable sources. Indicate this clearlyexample, a fixed donation for example could be made on labelingper participant of a Vision event and included into event • Inspirational keynote: A non-core business speakerbudgets. such as Felix Finkbeiner adds variety, relevance and entertainment to the conference program
  28. 28. p. 28 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability Report INCREASEING SUSTAINABILITY PERFORMANCE For Barcelona it was important to set a baseline, measure and learn. Withthese insights, we are now establishingsystematic processes for implementing and verifying sustainable event practices that coupled with consistent operational rigor will help us toinnovate, improve results and enhance our customers’ experience at Vision. Claudia van’ t Hullenaar – Principal Marketing Specialist, Global Events, EMEA
  29. 29. p. 29 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability ReportABOUT THIS REPORT
  30. 30. p. 30 Symantec Corporation Vision 2012 Barcelona: Event Sustainability ReportReport Scope Contact UsData in this report relates to the Symantec Vision We welcome your comments, questions and ideas.Barcelona Conference, which took place from November These can be submitted by email to13th through to November 15th, 2012. It covers all areas Claudia_Hullenaar@symantec.comof event logistics and production that are managed bySymantec This report was written by Guy Bigwood, SustainabilityThe information in this report is intended to address Director, MCI.the primary concerns of Symantec’s employees,customers, investors, and NGOs whose missions relateto Symantec’s business and areas of operation. Measurement data and photos were provided by:This report has been developed with direction from CCIB, WSP Environment Energy, Events That Matterthe Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 Sustainability Ltd, BK Productions, A-Booth B.V., Kopfwerk, MCI, ActiveReporting Guidelines and the Event Organizers Sector Networks, Brunetto Photography.Supplement.Symantec’s latest Corporate Responsibility Reportcan be found on the Corporate Responsibility© 2013 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. Symantec and the Symantec Logo are registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.