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The code

  1. 1. THE CODE Genre: Sci-fi BBCF certificate: PG Starring Mila Kunis, Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake, Jack Whitehall, Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Kanye West, Robert Downey Jr and Will Smith
  2. 2. Plot • Four teams, each with unique individual super powers, are called upon to save the world. In a nail-biting fight to the moon, 4 rival teams must race against each other and put their powers to the test to retrieve the continuum transfunctioner (a secret Government missile), stolen by bad-guy, the DELL (Dirty Evil Little Liar.) Only one team will be heroic, but when the DELL reveals his army of barks, can the teams put their differences aside and work together to defeat him?
  3. 3. Why did we chose our film title? • The name for our film, ‘THE CODE’ was chosen as it has a mysterious enticing feel about it to draw the target audience in. What is the code? Why is there a code? Who has the code? When can I see ‘THE CODE’? All of these questions will hopefully be on the target markets’ mind. • The film will finish with a code having to be entered into the continuum transfunctioner to shut it down, so the name of the film will nicely link into this.
  4. 4. ALPHA TEAM • Character name: Captain Mason • Played by Ben Affleck, he is helping to direct the film, as he is a very successful director as well as a fabulous actor. • Power: super strength and endurance • Character name: Jack Bale • Played by Jack Whitehall, the English comedian/ actor would bring a bit of home grown talent to this all star cast. Can bring a good comedy value as well. • Power: can breathe under water. • Character name: Dr James Lawson • Played by Justin Timberlake, he has plenty of acting experience as well as his music, he has worked with Kunis before and we think he would fit in well with the sci-fi genre. • Power: able to blow things up with his mind, but does not know this to begin with. • Character name: Zara Smith • Played by Mila Kunis, she has a very wide fan base, male and female, which we will look to get on board and watch the film. • Power: she can turn people to ice by touch.
  5. 5. BRAVO TEAM • Character name: Captain Stannard • Played by Robert Downey Jr, as he is a very powerful, assertive actor and will fit into his role of a captain suitably. • Power: has the ability to mind read. • His team is also made up of three extras.
  6. 6. CHARLIE TEAM • Character name: Captain Rhodes • Played by Adam Sandler, his acting style will complement his partner played by Ben Stiller. • Power: Rhodes has super speed. • Character name: Captain Keane • Played by Ben Stiller, we feel he would work well as a double team with Adam Sandler. • Power: Keane has the ability to fly. This team is also made up of three more extras.
  7. 7. ECHO TEAM • Character name: Captain East • Played by Will Smith, he has tonnes of acting experience especially with the sci-fi genre a brilliant actor. • Power: has mind control powers along with his co- captain. • Character name: Captain West • Played by Kanye West, despite his lack of acting experience, we think he would go very well with Will Smith and attract his large musical fan base to see the film. • Power: mind control powers. This team is also made up of three more extras.
  8. 8. Characters, stars and why we’ve chosen them for our film • Bad guy – AKA the DELL (dirty evil little liar) (Played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse – we chose him because he has a reputation of being a comical-bad guy actor. ...and his evil army of BARKS (bear sharks):
  9. 9. How are we going to create interest for the audience straight away? • Enigma code: • Our opening sequence will show the DELL (bad guy) stealing the continuum transfunctioner from The Pentagon (America), and placing it on the moon. • This should plant questions in the audiences’ minds such as: • Who is he? Why did he steal that? Why put it on the moon? What is the purpose of that? What is the object he has stolen? What importance does that object have?
  10. 10. What will the narrative be? • Storyline: a race to retrieve a stolen item and defeat the bad guy to become heroes. • Settings: set mainly in space in the modern day, however when the actors and actresses are on earth in the opening scene it will be set in America. Most of the film will be filmed outside, with the occasional scenes inside when reassuring the president his country will be safe etc. The weather will also co- inside to the mood of the film, e.g. when there is hope it will be sunny, when there is dark times ahead it will be gloomy. • Themes: justice, hope, determination, violence (minor due to PG), love, a fight to the finish.
  11. 11. Conventions within the genre • To make the audience aware our genre is a sci-fi, we will have the following things included in our film: • Bluey lighting to create an extra-terrestrial out-of-space feel about our movie. • Our film is mainly set in space, so this automatically makes the audience aware it is a sci-fi.
  12. 12. What makes our film different from any other... • There is an all-star cast, so we are reaching out to many types of people. • The story line is unique and has never been done before. • Although it is a PG, it isn’t just aimed at this audience. Hopefully, it also entices other age groups, e.g. teens, adults and the older generation who are interested in Sci-Fi, which is not the case in all PGs around today.
  13. 13. Film marketing (advertising) • For marketing we are looking to hold an online premiere of the film. Involving which, anyone can pay £12 and subsequently receives the ability to stream the premiere of the film live to their computer or television. • In terms of advertising, we are looking for TV adverts, giant billboards in prime locations such as London and New York. These film loving markets are also family locations (our target market) so we are getting close to our target audience.