Beyond Budgeting "On the fly!"

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Consulting format for single persons or small groups.

Consulting format for single persons or small groups.

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  • 1. Make it real! beyond budgeting transformation network. > “Beyond Budgeting” On the Fly! The on-the-job consulting approach for boards and individuals © 2008 - Niels Pflaeging - Gebhard Borck
  • 2. Make it real! beyond budgeting transformation network. > “No time to attend courses? You’ve got other work to do?” We all know these types: Some short-sighted Managers believe courses and outside help are a waste of time and money. Always. They are convinced they already know “how the cookie crumbles”. And that they’ve got everything under control... You are wiser than that? Good! But there is a real issue to be addressed, with regards to change and learning: That many leaders find it hard to attend courses - while other, important work has to get done. You might work in a small organization with limited resources, (thus demanding change to be “nimble”). Or, although you’re truly interested, you have to find a way to get the learning done alongside the job. We understand your needs. And for this, we thought about coming to you, instead of you coming to us. Welcome to Beyond Budgeting On the Fly! © 2008 - Niels Pflaeging - Gebhard Borck
  • 3. bbtn services Titelmasterformat durch Klicken About the BBTN The BBTN was founded in early 2008, in order to take bearbeiten the Beyond Budgeting movement to the next level: wide- Pillar 1: spread organizational transformation. the mind set As understanding of the emerging new model has for your • Textmasterformate durch Klicken bearbeiten become more common, we believe now is the time for gathering organizations around the world, regardless of everyday work their size, industry or location, to make it real. • Zweite Ebene The commitment of the BBTN thus is to continue the Beyond Budgeting movement in a way that is consistent with the need for practical transformation. • Dritte Ebene The BBTN´s vision is: “The Beyond Budgeting model is Pillar 2: the standard management model.” Transformation, in maturing the consequence, is for everyone. Period. • Vierte Ebene leadership model Our mission is to help organizations to transform their as an organization management models from command & control to beyond and as a team budgeting, in order for them to sustain superior compe- • Fünfte Ebene titive success. The BBTN is the most important platform for both achieving transformation & improving the model. This brochure outlines the BBTN´s proprietary “on the fly” consulting service offering, which is a stepping stone towards achieving transformation in practice. An over- Pillar 3: view over the concepts offered in this service package is designing the shown on the right. Beyond Budgeting “On the Fly” is designed to provide specific support for managers and new organization company owners who want to learn aside their work life for sustainable about how to make it real. You can access full superior success information about BBTN on 3 © 2008 - Niels Pflaeging - Gebhard Borck
  • 4. the idea Titelmasterformat durch Klicken Beyond Budgeting On the Fly! Don’t come to us. We come to you. bearbeiten Unlike other management concepts, Beyond Budgeting is neither a tool, nor is it a one-size-fits-all solution. It is a model, and a mindset. This mindset rests upon a set of 12 principles that help you solving everyday problems as well as key challenges for sustained wealth-creation, such • Textmasterformate durch Klicken bearbeiten no time as: innovation, investment, risk and quality, or making decisions with a long-term impact. Principles, different than rules, don't solely apply to • Zweite Ebene to study known problems. Principles are highly effective, even in the face of not knowing future problems. This is because principles can be adopted to whatever situation, as it far from home? • occurs. Principles are guidelines that help you testing Dritte Ebene whether your envisioned actions are aligned with your mental model, or not. Principles help you to solve problem within your mental model. Understanding the difference • Vierte Ebene between principles, and rules is crucial to making Beyond • do it Budgeting real: The principles of the model apply to any firm and to any situation you will encounter in your work. Anywhere. At all times. Fünfte Ebene alongside Beyond the principles, we will introduce you to a bunch of tried an tested methods, tools and settings As a “Beyond Budgeting On the Fly!” client, you will have access to the full scope of the BBTN’s unique “Master Course” series. Our advice will, of course, be totally your work. tailored to your needs. Get a BBTN director on-site. With “On the Fly!”, you have a BBTN director at your disposal. We will regularly assist you as long as it takes - typically: 6 to 18 months. The package includes live meetings, as well as unlimited virtual access telephone and email . Our aim is to make you fit in the Beyond Budgeting mindset, enabling you to lead your organization to sustained wealth creation. 4 © 2008 - Niels Pflaeging - Gebhard Borck
  • 5. content, I Titelmasterformat durch Klicken Pillar 1: The 12 principles of the model. 1. bearbeiten Customers - Focus everyone on their customers, not on hierarchical relationships 2. Organization – Organize as a lean network of • Textmasterformate durch Klicken bearbeiten 3. accountable teams, not as centralized functions. Autonomy - Give teams the freedom and capability to act; don’t micro-manage them. • Zweite Ebene 4. Responsibility – Enable everyone to think and act like a leader, not merely follow ‘the plan’. • 5. A model based Values – Govern through a few clear values, goals Dritte Ebene rules and boundaries, not detailed regulations. 6. not on , Transparency - Promote open information for self • Vierte Ebene management; don’t restrict it hierarchically. • 7. Goals - Set relative goals for continuous but on improvement; don’t negotiate contracts. Fünfte Ebene 8. Rewards - Reward shared success based on relative performance, not fixed targets. principles. 9. Planning - Make planning a continuous and inclusive process, not a top-down annual event. 10. Controls - Base controls on relative indicators and trends, not variances against plan. 11. Resources - Make resources available as needed, not through annual allocations. 12. Coordination - Coordinate interactions dynamically, not through periodic planning cycles. 5 © 2008 - Niels Pflaeging - Gebhard Borck
  • 6. content, II Titelmasterformat durch Klicken Pillar 2: The Double Helix Method and Tools. bearbeiten Traditional management focuses on threats: • managing a structured, linear process, • thinking through all steps & solutions in a small group, before confronting all others with the actual • Textmasterformate durch Klicken bearbeiten problems, • avoiding conflict & confrontation, by negotiating • compromises up-front, before really facing the conflict, Zweite Ebene • “convincing” employees, stop • having only a small group that is aware of the big picture, painting over what's • Dritte Ebene • making big changes e.g. software investments right long broken… at the beginning of the initiative, in order to build up pressure during the process. • Vierte Ebene Double Helix focuses on sense bonding: • …start • awakening and communicating purpose, to make the organization as a whole responsible for its reality, Fünfte Ebene • offering everyone to join in, by making a strong case for change first, looking at new • letting people decide individually over and over again about them taking part in the changes, and letting them face the consequences of their decisions, possibilities! • giving emotions lots of space, so that fear, euphoria, anger, skepticism and fun can be expressed. Don’t prevent them!, • making everybody understand the big picture, before asking people to take action and to make fundamental changes, • letting people change their organizational structure and processes themselves. 6 © 2008 - Niels Pflaeging - Gebhard Borck
  • 7. content, III Titelmasterformat durch Klicken Pillar 3: The Cell Structure Design: stop Make your firm a network of cells, bearbeiten instead of relying on hierarchy… thinking like this… Highly devolved organizations are not structured hierarchically. In fact, since hierarchies don’t accept any • Textmasterformate durch Klicken bearbeiten other rulers but the management, or “bosses”, radical decentralization and customer focus is impossible within structures based on power relationships and hierarchy. • Zweite Ebene Although it is well known that many organizations are ruled by informal networks the common way to make people responsible is by giving them a leading position. • Dritte Ebene However, Beyond Budgeting organizations want to achieve something entirely different: They want everybody in a company to be and act responsible, in • Vierte Ebene …start order to increase the value and wealth. Therefore, a Beyond Budgeting organization never believes in hierarchy, but in empowerment. The best-known and • Fünfte Ebene successfully practiced way to organize for empowerment thinking like that! is to turn organization into a network of interrelated cells. Learn how to create cells instead of departments , which are capable to interact situational, and which don’t need orders to be controlled - just “market pull”. Create a network of these cells that makes business simple and as straight-forward as you always dreamt it to be. Find sexy solutions for never-before-solved problems in your organization, together with your BBTN director, and within direct and frank conversations. For this, we have build up knowledge in how to design a cell structure! 7 © 2008 - Niels Pflaeging - Gebhard Borck
  • 8. consulting concept Titelmasterformat durch Klicken This awaits you: • A period of serious fun. bearbeiten You can expect a smart, profound, emotional and mind-boggling quest, set over a period of at least 6 months • Textmasterformate durch Klicken bearbeiten • Let’s get intimate. What we will do together We’re there, on the fly – just for you. • On site execution. We come to your place! Achieve mastery in the Beyond Budgeting model. As • Zweite Ebene • Look forward to: Fresh ideas and upsetting visions for your organization. If you are not willing to a client, you get the insights, personally and directly. We work on your everyday work challenges, not on any kind of virtual cases. We will develop specific solutions for you develop a fresh idea or vision for your organization: and your firm, based on the Beyond Budgeting mind set. • Dritte Ebene Don’t call us! Personal mentoring and access to the BBTN’s resources. You will be attended by a BBTN director, no less. In personal meetings on-site, and through unlimited • Vierte Ebene Your Consultants: virtual contact, the expert guides you through obstacles and thinking traps, while you get used to applying • Niels Pflaeging is a BBTN Director, and president of Beyond Budgeting thinking to your organization. In • Fünfte Ebene MetaManagement Group, a consulting firm based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Niels´ second book “Leading with flexible Targets. Beyond Budgeting in Practice” was addition to that, you will automatically become a Tier 3 member of the BBTN community, with full access to BBTN services. Participation in the BBTN Master Courses awarded the 2006 Financial Times Germany Best is free. Business book award. Prior to co-founding the BBTN, The scope of the cooperation. “On the Fly!” entails he was a director with the prestigious BBRT. candid give-and-take. Within a trusted relationship, we • Gebhard Borck is a BBTN director, and president of will ask each other tough, in-depth questions that get to gberatung, a consulting firm based in Pforzheim, the heart of any business problem. As part of the Germany. Gebhard develops and applies change program, you receive direct and honest feedback, and management and group communication methods derive actionable ideas that entirely make sense and that based on his experiences on how change really you are able to implement. After the program, you will be works. He is widely regarded as a frank and practical a “Beyond Budgeting Master” for your organization, consultant. One who calls a spade a spade. enabling it to harvest the full benefit from this mastery.8 © 2008 - Niels Pflaeging - Gebhard Borck
  • 9. how to hire us Titelmasterformat durch Klicken Who should be interested: • You are a top manager, president, bearbeiten company owner or leader from any kind of industry and a small or medium sized company. • You have a serious interest in knowing “how deep • Textmasterformate durch Klicken bearbeiten the rabbit hole goes“. In other words: in understanding the nuts and bolts of what the Beyond Budgeting model has to offer to you and adopt it in your • Zweite Ebene organization. • You have a basic knowledge of the model, and it means more to you than just being a topic for coffee- • Dritte Ebene break small talk. Hire us now! • Vierte You can get on with it … Signing up: Ebene Or get in touch with the BBTN for further information on this offering. …as a top manager, president or leader: • Fünfte Ebene – Pay a fixed price of EUR 30.000,00* …as an owner: – Pay a fixed price of EUR 30.000,00* – Pay a fixed price of EUR 6.000,00* – and give the BBTN director who assists you a profit participation of 0,6% to 3,6% of your company’s profits, over a period of 20 years. …as a group of individuals: – Pay a fixed price of EUR 30.000,00 + EUR 15.000,00 for any additional participant.* * plus VAT where indicated, plus travel expenses 9 © 2008 - Niels Pflaeging - Gebhard Borck
  • 10. get in touch, now! beyond budgeting transformation > Inform us about your interest, by mailing us this subscription form! network. • By email to or • Through the BBTN website registration I confirm my interest in the “Beyond Budgeting On the Fly!”. Please get in touch with me about the details! Name, First Name: Firm: Street, Nr.: ZIP, City: Country: I/we will participate as a: top manager/ president/ leader owner group of people Date, signature: Niels Pflaeging Gebhard Borck BBTN & MetaManagement Group BBTN & gberatung Al. Santos 1.991, 01419-002 São Paulo – SP, Brazil Fritz-Neuert-Str. 13a, 75181 Pforzheim - Germany Skype: npflaeging Skype: gborck © 2008 - Niels Pflaeging - Gebhard Borck