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Diridon Station EIR workshop slides
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Diridon Station EIR workshop slides


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  • 1. DIRIDON STATION AREA PLAN ~ REFRESHER Greenbelt Alliance, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, Working Partnerships, USA
  • 2. Workshop Partners !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  Greenbelt Alliance Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition Working Partnerships, USA Public Advocates Friends of Caltrain Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter TransForm Silicon Valley Leadership Group SPUR
  • 3. Details "  "  "  "  Site Area = 250 acres Existing Transit= Caltrain, VTA Light Rail and bus, Amtrak, ACE * Avg. weekday ridership for Caltrain= 5,800 passengers Proposed Transit= BART, Bus Rapid Transit, High Speed Rail Preferred Land Uses: * Commercial/R&D/Light Industrial= 4,963,400 sq. ft. * Retail/Restaurant= 424,100 sq. ft * Residential= 2,588 units * Hotel= 900 rooms * Ballpark= 32,000 seats* (now what?)
  • 4. Constraints/ Assumptions Proposed new baseball park (what might go there now that MLB made a decision?) "  CA High Speed Rail alignment "  Realignment of Autumn Parkway "  Completion of the Los Gatos Creek Master Plan (the section between Santa Clara St and Park Ave) "  Protection of employment lands "  Building height restrictions due to airport " 
  • 5. Other considerations Alameda Urban Village "  West San Carlos Urban Village "  Good Neighbor Committee s Framework for Implementation " 
  • 6. Envision San Jose 2040
  • 7. Our Goals Homes, including affordable homes "  Complete Pedestrian/ Bicycle connectivity "  A focus on parks and creeks "  Parking and Transportation Demand Management "  Transit connectivity "  Placemaking: An economic generator "  Quality local jobs " 
  • 8. GREENBELT ALLIANCE Adam Garcia Policy Researcher Diridon Station Area Plan Commenting on the Program Environmental Impact Report Jan. 30, 2014! Draft EIR Commenting 201
  • 9. CEQA’s Role in Development ◽ Passed by Governor Reagan in 1970 after the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) ◽ Ensures environmental impacts are considered during the decision-making process for public or private projects ◽ No CEQA police, public/private influence or Agency lawsuits
  • 10. CEQA’s Role in Development Purpose ◽ Disclose environmental impacts ◽ Identify ways to avoid damage ◽ Prevent significant unavoidable damage with reasonable mitigations ◽ Provide reasons for a project’s approval despite significant environmental impacts ◽ Encourage interagency cooperation ◽ Enhance public participation in the planning process
  • 11. Hire a consultant to draft an EIR. Notify the public there will be a draft EIR released on a certain date for a given amount of time. Incorporate public comments on project into a final EIR including our agency response to each question asked. PUBLIC REVIEW PERIOD Consider mitigations to significant impacts produced from the project. Make a final decision on the project.
  • 12. CEQA’s Project Review & Timeline ◽ Awareness of planning activity or projects in your area ◽ Write a form letter to the lead agency to receive future notices on a project ◽ Review the environmental determination of a project ◽ Familiarize yourself with the key findings of the document ◽ Strategize how you can use your resources to send your informed analysis on the project ◽ Write a comment letter to the lead agency regarding your concerns on the impacts of the project and potential mitigations
  • 13. EXAMPLE'DATES' Reviewing and Commenting on an Environmental Impact Report Comment Letter Due Date 5/10/13 Comment Letter Timeline 30-day 45-day 60-day 3/16/13 3/1/13 2/14/13 Familiarize yourself with the proposed Project or Plan and develop your own goals in the context of the project's goals 3/18/13 3/3/13 2/21/13 Consider additional secondary goals 3/21/13 3/6/13 2/27/13 Review and familiarize yourself with mitigation measures that are appropriate to addressing your goals 3/26/13 3/16/13 3/1/13 Conduct a thorough review the relevant Elements/Sections of the proposed Project 4/5/13 3/21/13 3/6/13 Determine what allies should be contacted to support particular sections, or specialties 4/10/13 3/26/13 3/11/13 Begin to review the Plan's EIR 4/15/13 4/5/13 4/15/13 Following your review, compile resources to begin drafting EIR comments based on your analysis 4/20/13 4/15/13 4/20/13 Make bullet points of the main findings from your review 4/25/13 4/25/13 4/25/13 Draft a letter with your main findings from the Plan's EIR analysis 4/28/13 4/28/13 4/28/13 Send draft letter to colleagues for review 5/2/13 5/2/13 5/2/13 Edit and update EIR comment letter 5/6/13 5/6/13 5/6/13 Submit EIR comment letter 5/10/13 5/10/13 5/10/13 Comment Letters Due
  • 14. Measuring Environmental Impacts ◽  Aesthetics ◽ In what way are you an every day expert? ◽  Air Quality ◽  Hydrology/Water Quality ◽ Whose expertise could you rely upon for ◽  Land Use/Planning support? ◽  Noise ◽  Population/Housing ◽  Public Services ◽  Recreation ◽  Transportation/Traffic ◽  Utilities/Service Systems
  • 15. Measuring Environmental Impacts & Mitigations ◽ Global Warming Impacts ◽ Cumulative Impacts ◽ Environmental Setting, or ◽ Mandatory Findings Baseline Conditions of Significance ◽ Compare Anticipated Impacts ◽ Mitigation Measures to Baseline Conditions ◽ Alternatives Analysis ◽ Significant Effect on the Environment ◽ Direct vs. Reasonable Foreseeable Indirect Effects ◽ Significant Irreversible Changes ◽ Growth-Inducing Impact
  • 16. How to Comment Effectively ◽ Awareness of current planning activity for the project ◽ Write a form letter to the lead agency to receive future notices on the project ◽ Review the online resources describing the project ◽ Anticipate the key findings of the project’s documentation and potential shortcoming in the project's environmental review ◽ Strategize how you can use your resources to send an informed analysis on the project ◽ Draft an outline of an comment letter to the lead agency regarding your concerns on the impacts of the project and recommended mitigations
  • 17. How to Comment Effectively ◽ Decide on your concerns/goals and read relevant sections first; think through your questions as you read the project’s documents ◽ Emphasize your local expertise but base your comments on data, not emotion ◽ Be specific, succinct and professional ◽ Use standard intro, body and conclusion format ◽ Cite sections of the project’s documents directly, focus on facts and quote relevant professionals and reports ◽ Make sure your take home message is clear
  • 18. How to Comment Effectively Does the Draft EIR provide a clear line of reasoning in its conclusions related to impacts, their level of significance or non-significance, and the level of mitigation that would be achieved by proposed mitigations measures?
  • 19. Diridon Station Area Plan Issue Areas for this Workshop ◽ Transportation ◽ Parking ◽ Bicycle and Pedestrian Realms ◽ Riparian Corridors ◽ Affordable Housing What are your biggest concerns?