Seafloor Features
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Seafloor Features






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Seafloor Features Presentation Transcript

  • 1. SeafloorFeatures
  • 2. Seafloor Features
  • 3. Shoreline –the coast
  • 4. Continental Margin – includes: Continental shelf,continental slope, continental rise, submarinecanyons, and turbidity currents.
  • 5. Continental Shelf - Gently sloping part of thecontinent that is underwater. Used by nations as alegal boundary.
  • 6. Continental Slope - Zone of steeply sloped seafloor leading from the cont. shelf to the oceanbottom.
  • 7. Continental Rise - A mound of sediments thatseparates the cont. slope from the ocean bottom.
  • 8. Submarine Canyon - An area on the cont. slopecarved out by turbidity currents.
  • 9. Underwater landslides or avalanches called turbidity currentscommonly flow down submarine canyons. The debris settles outto build up a submarine fan at the base of the canyon.
  • 10. Abyssal Plain – broad, flat, and deepest part of theocean (2000 – 6000 meters deep).
  • 11. Continental Shelves, Slopesand Abyssal Plains….
  • 12. Coral reefs are warm, clear, shallow ocean habitatsthat are rich in life. The reefs massive structure isformed from coral polyps, tiny animals that live incolonies; when coral polyps die, they leave behind ahard, stony, branching structure made of limestone.
  • 13. 3 types of coral reefs:1. Fringing reefs - are reefs that form along a coastline. They grow on the continental shelf in shallow water. The fringing reef pictured here surrounds much of the Polynesian island of Mooréa.
  • 14. 2. Barrier Reefs - Barrier reefs grow parallel toshorelines, but farther out, usually separatedfrom the land by a deep lagoon. Great Barrier Island, Australia
  • 15. EasternAustralianCurrent
  • 16. 3. Coral Atolls - are rings of coral that grow on top of old,sunken volcanoes in the ocean. They begin as fringe reefssurrounding a volcanic island; then, as the volcano sinks, the reefcontinues to grow, and eventually only the reef remains.
  • 17. What are Coral Reefs…
  • 18. Trench - Narrow channels (deepestplaces on Earth) “pinched” bysubduction.
  • 19. Rift Valley - Runs along the center of the M.O.R.formed by faulting as magma pushed upward.
  • 20. Mid-ocean Ridge - Thetopographic expression of sea floorspreading centers and divergentplate boundaries.
  • 21. Volcano – cone like feature formed from theuprising of molten rock.
  • 22. Island – a body of land surrounded bywater.  Loihi is a new island forming off the Big Island Of Hawaii about 30 miles South west of Kilauea. Its summit is about 1000 meters below the oceans surface.
  • 23. Mountain Range – a row of connected mountainsformed from lava solidifying from the MOR.
  • 24. Seamount - Underwater mtn.s, usually volcanic.The biggest mtn. on earth is Mauna Loa (Hawaii)
  • 25. What are Seamounts…
  • 26. Guyots - Flat-topped seamounts,formed from being above sea level.
  • 27. Hydrothermal Vents• Cracks in the ocean floor through which boiling hot, chemical-filled water flows.• Chimneys form around these vents, and organisms surround these vents using chemosynthesis to feed.
  • 28. Under a microscope, a deep-sea worm’s tentacles—used for feeding—look like cooked spaghetti. WHOIscientists found this worm, called a terebellid, living athydrothermal vents on the Galápagos Rift off Ecuador.
  • 29. Hydrothermal Vents – 5 min
  • 30. Ocean Floor – the bottom of theocean.
  • 31. A. Submarine CanyonB. Continental SlopeC. SeamountD. MORE. AtollF. Continental ShelfG. GuyotH. TrenchI. Abyssal PlainJ. Spreading Center or RiftK. Continental RiseL. Shoreline