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Broadband in ireland
Broadband in ireland
Broadband in ireland
Broadband in ireland
Broadband in ireland
Broadband in ireland
Broadband in ireland
Broadband in ireland
Broadband in ireland
Broadband in ireland
Broadband in ireland
Broadband in ireland
Broadband in ireland
Broadband in ireland
Broadband in ireland
Broadband in ireland
Broadband in ireland
Broadband in ireland
Broadband in ireland
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Broadband in ireland


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  • Eircom, NTL (upc company), Perlico and Magnet are 4 of the leading broadband providers in the country but particularly in Malahide as they are some of very few available in this area as at January 2010.
  • Clearwire, WiMax (from the imagine company),Digiweb and BT Broadband again are some of the leading broadband providers in Ireland, yet neither are predominantly available in the Malahide area at present. January 2010.
  • *Must be purchased on line to receive the discount.Always on Broadband – as the name suggests, is unlimited use of broadband and you always remain connected to the internet without having to start up the connection.
  • Modem Charge; the price of the actual modem device charged by the broadband provider. Downstream; also known as downloading. This is when the internet user can download information, music etc from the web for use at a later date. Can be time consuming. Upstream; also known as uploading. This is when the user uploads his or her information onto the web or other forms of information sharing medium, for example; social networking sites, company server, email etc. SAN; Secure Area Network – where information can be held, saved for another time. This is highly secure. VAS Bundle; Value Added Services – this is the extra bundles and packages that a broadband provider may offer.
  • *Free mobile calls until 2011 - 30 minutes per month for the fixed line to any Republic of Ireland mobile network within Ireland - does not apply to SMS or calls to premium rate numbers. Calls outside the inclusive minutes are charged as per the rates on theprice plan thereafter.F-Secure Internet; is the name of the security package given. Similar to that of BitDefender and Fire Wall.
  • *€25 discount is for the first monthly paid bill and includes Internet Protect.
  • WiFi Router; enables theWi-Fi system provided to be connected to the broadband internet connection in a secure, safe and efficent manner. It is unique to the IP address of the computer user.
  • *3’s Business Quote from their website.*€16.52 is not a definitive price. It is correct at the time of print and prices may increase depending on package, download amount etc. *3 email at €10 per month is optional and not included in the above package described. Data Allowance; Amount of data one can download, upload or view at any one time. This may effect the speed of the internet connection.Out of Bundle Cost; is the amount to be paid for data uploaded, downloaded or internet/email usage out of the pre-paid and agreed price. This is an extra charge on top the current bill agreed.
  • Contention Ratio: Number of users online at any one time.
  • A list of the terminology that I found particularly interesting and useful. I did not know the meaning of these terms before this CA.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Broadband in Ireland MalahideGARY ANDREWSN00060095
      Best Broadband options
      For New Business Starters in this Area
    • 2. North County Dublin
    • 3. New Business Starter
      The following is an outline of the different Broadband Options for a New Business Starter in the area of Malahide
      Includes a comprehensive list of Broadband; Wi-fi, Wireless and Mobile best suited to a young entrepreneur
      My findings are based on the setting up of a new Events and Entertainment Management Company with an employee count of no more than five
    • 4. Broadband Available in Malahide –Landline Only
      NTL(A UPC Company)
      Xbox Live Broadband (if Xbox present)
      Vodafone Office Broadband
    • 5. Broadband NOT Availablein Malahide –Landline Only
      WiMax(from the Imagine company)
      • UTV Broadband
      Smart Broadband
      BT Broadband
    • 6. Broadband Available in Malahide –Mobile Only
      O2 Clear Broadband
      Vodafone Mobile Broadband
      Meteor Broadband
      3 Mobile
      Perlico(under the Vodafone Network)
      Ice Broadband (‘Malahide Marina’ Only – for the use of Wi-fi Broadband on Boats)
    • 7. Best packages available to me - at this time
      Best Broadband in Malahide for a New Business Starter
    • 8. Eircom Broadband
      Value Business 8Mb Bundle
      Up to 8Mb Always On Broadband
      Unlimited local & National Calls
      60 any network mobile minutes
      Line rental included
      Unlimited download allowance
      Free connection online
      Free WiFi access
      €67.99 per month
      *€32 off first month if bought online now
    • 9. Chorus NTL(A UPC Company)
    • 10. Perlico BroadbandPerlico Freedom - Home Phone & 3MB Broadband in a bundle;
      Unlimited Local and National Calls, Anytime
      30 minutes per month of free Calls to any Irish Mobile until 2011*
      3MB AlwaysOn Broadband for the price of 1MB
      FREE Connection and Wireless Modem
      Line Rental
      3 months FREE F-Secure Internet Security
      €46 per month including Vat
      Perlico do not offer a specific Business Package
      They require a Perlico phone-line to be in operation on the premises
      They work in conjunction with Vodafone
    • 11. Vodafone Broadband – Wireless
    • 12. O2 Clear Broadband - Wireless
    • 13. 3 Ireland – Office on the move
      “3's Broadband gives you web access on your PC or laptop wherever you are, helping your business reach new levels of efficiency and productivity.*”
      3's Broadband network covers 91% of Ireland’s population
      Monthly cost €16.52*
      Data Allowance 15GB
      Out of Bundle Cost per MB €0.04c
      Data Modem Cost FREE
      3 email from €10 per month*
    • 14. Ice Wireless Broadband – Malahide Marina Only
      “Ice Broadband delivers Wireless Broadband to Businesses and Homes that other broadband providers cannot reach”*
    • 15. The choice is…
      With so many different landline and mobile Broadband providers in the Malahide area it is difficult to choose one that best fits me and my business.
      I have made a choice and in the current economic climate and on the basis of success for my business I have chosen the Eircom‘Value Business 8Mb Bundle Package’.
      Price-wise Eircom is the most reasonably priced for the type of landline, phone and wireless broadband I would be requiring. It has all the benefits I need with no hang ups and add ons.
      I currently find them loyal, price-worthy, helpful and very accommodating. I will continue to use them for the foreseeable future, as long as I am living in Malahide.
    • 16. Australiain comparison to Ireland
      24 month contract minimum
      12GB Data
      Must be connected with an eligible Telstra home line
      Available throughout the different regions where internet and broadband is available
      $39.99 per month
      Not very informative – Bad Marketing
    • 17. Yet another cheap Broadband provider in Australia
      ‘Yes’ Optus
      No fixed Contract
      €39.99 per month or
      Bundle can include phone line at a fixed price of €79.94
      Not very informative – Bad Marketing
    • 18. Glossary/Definitions
      Broadband – Quick and easy access to the web via a particular internet, phone-line or Wif-Fi provider throughout Ireland. It is a paid subscription, usually in conjunction with the phone company your are with.
      Upstream - Uploading
      Downstream - Downloading
      SAN – Secure Area Network
      VAS Bundle – Value Added Services
      Wi-Fi Router - enables the Wi-Fi system provided to be connected to the broadband internet connection in a secure, safe and efficient manner, from anywhere. It is unique to the IP address of the computer user and a subscription service
      Contention Ratio – is the amount of individual users enabled on the internet, how many can use the different computers and phone lines at any one time
    • 19. References
      Chorus NTL:
      3 Mobile:
      Ice Broadband: