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Marketing, Advertising, Promotion, New Business Development

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Magoo Marketing

  1. 1. In the Business of Growing Business<br />
  2. 2. A small overhead agency that is effective in saving you money while<br />achieving your goals. We are a full service company with a tremendous<br />passion for the product. We love what we do; are committed to give 110 <br />percent; and strive toward creating unique experiences for our customers.<br />It is our goal to provide superior customer service and simple, yet effective<br />marketing solutions for every project with financial responsibility and <br />passion for achieving the goal.<br />(c) 2010 Magoo Marketing<br />
  3. 3. Magoo Marketing will help bring your current plans to life or work with you to<br />establish the most targeted marketing program to suit your needs.<br />We will use our expertise to develop a plan using some or all of the following<br />disciplines.<br />(c) 2010 Magoo Marketing<br />
  4. 4. New Business Development<br />Have an idea, but just don’t know how to move it forward; looking to take the next step with your<br />business; or just seeking ideas to start a business. We can take your vision and bring it to life.<br />Brand Management<br />Don’t have the time or the resources to effectively manage your brand. We will oversee the day to day<br />activity of your product or service.<br />Integrated Marketing<br />Looking to go from good to great. We can take assets that already exist and create unique ways to further<br />grow your business.<br />In-house Event Management<br />From creation to execution, we can work with you to build a trouble free, easily executable production.<br />(c) 2010 Magoo Marketing<br />
  5. 5. Mobile Marketing<br />From determining site locations to staffing, mapping routes and event promotion; we can assist you in<br />building a successful mobile marketing program.<br />Sponsorship Management<br />Working with an advertiser and struggling on how to activate. We can provide unique solutions in<br />attaining a high return on investment and will insure that once you have committed to a sponsorship you<br />are maximizing your investment.<br />Project Consulting<br />Seeking guidance on a particular project or situation. We can provide one on one professional consulting<br />services.<br />Destination Travel Management<br />From weddings to corporate meetings we will manage your event from start to event. Our detailed<br />planning allows for a stress free event for you.<br />(c) 2010 Magoo Marketing<br />
  6. 6. Multicultural Marketing<br />Your audience is diverse and you need to determine the best way to reach them. We have many programs<br />which speak directly to your multicultural needs.<br />Social Media Marketing<br />Looking to stay current and involved in the most modern ways to market. We can place you in front of<br />your specific audience through the newest and best social media sites that meet your demographic.<br />Wireless Communications<br />Want to instantaneously reach your public. We can create instant messaging and promotions that grab<br />attention and raises the interest in your product.<br />(c) 2010 Magoo Marketing<br />
  7. 7. Sponsorship ManagementToyota / BASS <br />Overview:<br />Twelve BASS Elite Series events had sponsor activation opportunities. Toyota Tundra wanted to take their involvement to the next level and make a difference in each community that was visited. In one market, Toyota Tundra sponsored the parking meters in the downtown area for three days over the event. In another market, Toyota engaged local Toyota employees to build picnic tables at their event display and donate them to charity.<br />Who Was Involved: <br />BASS Marketing, The Convention and Visitor’s Bureau in each market, The Chamber of Commerce’s in each market and Toyota. <br />Results:<br /><ul><li>Toyota was extremely pleased with the variety of</li></ul> programs and the unique way they touched the<br /> audience in the local community.<br /><ul><li>Toyota increased their commitment to BASS – ESPN</li></ul> Outdoors by 50%.<br />In the Business of Growing Business<br />(c) 2010 Magoo Marketing<br />
  8. 8. Multicultural Marketing Miami Speedway / Ford<br />Overview:<br />The automotive sponsor of the Miami Speedway was looking for additional opportunities to reach out to the multicultural community. Because dance is a popular activity in the multicultural community, dance competitions were held throughout Miami over a three month period. Finals were hosted the day of the Ford 100 Race. Ford surveyed people attending the competition as well as spectators of the race.<br />Who Was Involved:<br />Miami Speedway Marketing, Ford, Latin Dance Schools throughout the Miami area.<br />Results:<br /><ul><li>Ford felt the awareness that was created for the race</li></ul> from the dance competitions was very worthwhile and<br /> utilized the data collected to further build their<br /> multicultural marketing programs.<br /><ul><li>Ford continued to support and grow the program (with</li></ul> increased financial backing) for multiple years.<br />In the Business of Growing Business<br />(c) 2010 Magoo Marketing<br />
  9. 9. Mobile MarketingESPN the Truck <br />Overview:<br />ESPN the Truck was an expanding, 73 foot long, 18-wheel mobile unit. The Truck visited various affiliate events, industry events, major sporting events and ESPN owned events. <br />ESPN the Truck offered its sponsors (NFL FLAG Football, Sirius Satellite Radio, Mazda) the opportunity to promote their brand on a mobile marketing exhibition. <br />Who Was Involved:<br />ESPN, NFL FLAG, Sirius Satellite Radio, Mazda.<br />Results:<br /><ul><li>NFL FLAG Football was able to increase brand awareness and utilize the truck for consumers to learn able the FLAG program for their local town and schools. NFL FLAG was able to increase their affiliates by 60%.
  10. 10. Sirius Satellite Radio utilized their partnership to increase their subscriber base. The Truck provided sampling opportunities for Sirius and over the course of the partnership, over 500,000 people were able to experience Satellite Radio.
  11. 11. A local cable affiliate was able to sell The Truck to a client who had stopped advertising with them. The “truck stop” was promoted over a 2-week period. Attendance at the client’s business (surf shop) increased 125%. The shop continued as an advertiser.</li></ul>In the Business of Growing Business<br />(c) 2010 Magoo Marketing<br />
  12. 12. New Business Development2 Minute Drill / Cox Communications<br />Overview:<br />ESPN and Coca-Cola designed 32oz plastic cups that were used in 87 McDonald’s stores in the Las Vegas market. The cups were designed to include 2 Minute Drill trivia, the ESPN 2 Minute Drill logo and Cox Communications logo. <br />McDonald’s ran a 3-week promotion highlighting the trivia cups. The locations also received 50 copies of ESPN the Magazine and 2 ESPN premiums per store.<br />Additionally, the store with the highest sales had the 2 Minute Drill set at their location. A local radio promotion ran to obtain competitors for the game. Todd Wright of ESPN Radio hosted the competition. Winner received an all expense paid trip for 2 to Walt Disney World.<br />Who Was Involved:<br />ESPN, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Walt Disney World and Cox<br />Communications.<br />Results: <br /><ul><li>200,ooo cups were created for the 87 McDonald’s stores. </li></ul> All were distributed well with-in the 3-week flight. Many<br /> McDonald’s stores supply ran out within the first week this<br /> creating a high demand for more product.<br /><ul><li>Coca-Cola and McDonald’s were very pleased with the</li></ul> promotion. The promotion far exceeded their goals and added<br /> thousands to their sales bottom line.<br /><ul><li>Both parties expressed strong interest in expanding the</li></ul> opportunity within other McDonald’s markets.<br /><ul><li>Cox Communications continued to develop the relationship that</li></ul> resulted in millions of incremental ad dollars.<br />In the Business of Growing Business<br />(c) 2010 Magoo Marketing<br />
  13. 13. Multicultural Marketing / NFL<br />Overview:<br />ESPN Deportes and the NFL (corporate and local teams) partnered to execute local market NFL en Espanol Clinics. The clinics took place in California, Denver, Phoenix, Houston, Chicago, Miami and New York. Clinics were hosted by NFL talent and included local team players, coaches and city officials. The clinics (held in Spanish) consisted of football 101 training, athlete meet and greet, tour of the stadium and VIP hospitality. The clinics took place at the local stadium, one week prior to a local game. <br />Who Was Involved:<br />ESPN Deportes, NFL, local NFL teams, local cable affiliate, local ad sales sponsors.<br />Results:<br /><ul><li>Exposure for newly created ESPN Deportes.
  14. 14. NFL met and exceeded one of their yearly initiatives : increasing the number of Hispanic viewers to the NFL.
  15. 15. The Clinics became a one of a kind, greatly in demand fan</li></ul> experience.<br /><ul><li>Exposure for cable affiliate’s product / service.</li></ul>In the Business of Growing Business<br />(c) 2010 Magoo Marketing<br />
  16. 16. Integrated MarketingDisney’s Miracle / NHL All –Star Weekend<br />Overview:<br />For the first time ever, ESPN and Disney partnered together to bring their affiliates an integrated, revenue generated opportunity. The Walt Disney Company and the NHL teamed up to celebrate, Miracle, about the 1980 US Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Team. A consumer promotion was held with the winner attending the<br />NHL All Star Weekend, including a special screening of the movie, a meet and greet with the star of Miracle, Kurt Russell, and VIP access to all the weekend’s events.<br />Who was Involved:<br />ESPN, Disney, NHL, local cable affiliates.<br />Results:<br /><ul><li>Local cable affiliates sold in the promotion to advertisers who normally didn’t advertise on cable.
  17. 17. Affiliates saw an increase in ad sales of 60%.
  18. 18. Disney was very pleased with the promotion of the movie and the execution of the promotion that they continued to partner with ESPN and local cable affiliates on more and more Disney movies and events.</li></ul>In the Business of Growing Business<br />(c) 2010 Magoo Marketing<br />
  19. 19. Integrated MarketingNBA / WNBA Fantasy Camp<br />Overview:<br />ESPN, the NBA and the WNBA offered a chance to win a trip to an ESPN Fantasy Camp, held at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, FL. The grand prize winner s were able to dribble, pass and shoot hoops with NBA and WNBA athletes and ESPN talent. Plus, have access to a private reception at the ESPN Club on Disney’s Boardwalk.<br />Who Was Involved:<br />ESPN, NBA, WNBA, Disney, local cable affiliates and advertisers.<br />Results:<br /><ul><li>Disney noted that this was one of the most successful and issue free partnership events ever held.
  20. 20. Bill Walton and Robert Parrish hosted the basketball camp and indicated that they would be interested in hosting the event again.
  21. 21. The NBA and WNBA were pleased with the promotion (both on-air and on-site) the league received.
  22. 22. Consumer winners (one plus guest from each basketball market) thoroughly enjoyed the trip. One consumer saying, “Never before have I been on such a first class event. Everything was first rate.”</li></ul>In the Business of Growing Business<br />(c) 2010 Magoo Marketing<br />
  23. 23. Brand ManagementESPN The Weekend<br />Overview:<br />An initiative from the Marketing Synergy areas of ESPN and Walt Disney World. The goal was to increase attendance for the Disney Parks, raise awareness of the ESPN /Disney partnership and to add value to the guests,. An event was planned for MGM Studios at Walt Disney World. The 3-day weekend offered a sports themed fan fest, athlete appearances, ESPN personalities, Parades, Main Stage Q & A sessions, an interactive sports zone and sports themed rebranded attractions.<br />Who Was Involved:<br />ESPN and Walt Disney World Marketing.<br />Results:<br /><ul><li>Walt Disney World secured thousands in sponsorship dollars.
  24. 24. Walt Disney World has included this event in their promotion plans for seven years plus.
  25. 25. The “synergy” developed by all areas working cohesively lead to additional opportunities at the Park , namely Grad Night Celebration at The Magic Kingdom.</li></ul>In the Business of Growing Business<br />(c) 2010 Magoo Marketing<br />
  26. 26. Who We Are<br />About Gayle<br />Gayle McMillan is highly regarded as a “can- do, go-getter”. She is known for turning $1.00 into $100. Gayle has a knack for creatively<br />implementing marketing programs with a high return on investment.<br />Gayle has over 20 years experience in the communications industry going back to the days when she tirelessly worked at the Local<br />Access Cable and Radio Station run from her local High School. The station became nationally recognized as one of the best local<br />student run stations in the country. Many thought that was her home residence, but it was just the beginning of a passion that<br />turned into a successful career.<br />Gayle not only has an extensive background in Sports Marketing, but has also successfully created award winning National and Local<br />Ad Sales Marketing Departments in the cable industry, developed New Business for Worldwide Companies and has expertise in<br />Special Event Marketing.<br />Born in Massachusetts, Gayle has lived the majority of her life on the East Coast. She spent some time in Southern California<br />working in the Entertainment Industry . She came back to the East Coast to complete her Master’s Program and to resume a role in<br />Marketing. <br />Gayle comes into her projects with a unique passion all her own. Some even refer to her as, “Hurricane Gayle”. She is able to<br />prioritize projects, focus on the big picture and implement successfully in a timely fashion. A trait that was cultivated in her time at<br />Cablevision and ESPN / Disney.<br />In the past few years, Gayle has been working with a National Equipment Rental Company managing grand opening events and with<br />an International Retail Company to further develop their web presence and trade show marketing.<br />Along with other activities, Gayle also focuses on the growth and development of her two young children. <br />(c) 2010 Magoo Marketing<br />
  27. 27. Who We Are<br />About Dolores<br />Dolores Jones is legendary for record-setting performance. Over the years, she has built an impeccable reputation for honest,<br />reliable, insightful and effective dedication to whatever position she is undertaking.<br />Dolores has over 20 years experience in the marketing industry. Dolores has extensive experience in sports and food and beverage<br />marketing. Extensive up to date knowledge and unprecedented compassion have set her in a class all her own.<br />Born in New Jersey, Dolores has resided in a handful of East Coast states before moving to Eastern Shore of Maryland. Having<br />spent time in various states as well as England and Barbados, has given Dolores a broad understanding of people. Traveling<br />extensively around the world has also given Dolores the gift of insightfully understanding different cultures.<br />In Dolores’ own words, “I look forward to bringing the experience I have gained in the past to future projects. I have great<br />experience to bring to new opportunities. I am driven by a passion to see projects completed.<br />Dolores is back on Maryland’s Eastern Shore after living elsewhere for sixteen years. Dolores really feels as if she has come back<br />home after previously living in Florida and Connecticut. After working in the Sports Marketing Business for ESPN and International<br />Speedway Corporation, Dolores is combining all the learning’s from those positions, as well as vast experience in the Food and Wine<br />Industry from managing events for Connecticut Public Television and marketing for the spirits industry to be able to offer clients<br />great passion and service along with a wealth of knowledge.<br />Dolores has been managing all of the events for a county club on Maryland’s Eastern Shore for the past two years. Combining all of<br />her past experiences, Dolores is in a position to offer potential clients the best service available.<br />Among other community activities, Dolores sits on the marketing committee for Hospice of Queen Anne and is the President of her<br />Homeowner’s Association.<br />(c) 2010 Magoo Marketing<br />
  28. 28. Contact Us<br />We invite you to contact us to discuss how Magoo Marketing can assist you in<br />achieving your marketing needs.<br />Gayle McMillan<br /><br />860-985-6778<br />Dolores Jones<br /><br />410-200-8892<br />(c) 2010 Magoo Marketing<br />
  29. 29. References<br />Heather Campbell Marketing Executive 917-549-9907<br />Joel Luddie Sales Executive – Edward Jones 203-421-7074<br />Brad Bergen Senior VP – GMR Marketing 262-780-5682<br />Dave Munroe National Account Manager -National CineMedia 303-304-9393<br />Ron Hebshie Director of Marketing – G4 213-713-9438<br />Arnaud Chauvot Global Internet Manager – Swiss Army Brands +41 79 808 7859<br />Beth Albert PR – ESPN 973-783-8072<br />Sherry Adams Director – Air Lauderdale 954-762-7000<br />Amy Skiff Senior Director – ESPN 407-566-2277<br />Carol Silver Director – Six Flags Theme Parks 310-857-8911<br />Terry Tesch VP- Susser Petroleum Co. 832-234-3777<br />Dean Kessell VP – Hole in the Wall Gang 704-632-7908<br />Chris Flynn VP – Connecticut Public Broadcasting 860-278-5310<br />Sir David Seal Foursquare Distillery – Barbados 246-426-6003<br />(c) 2010 Magoo Marketing<br />