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About Senserit - Multi-media organizations at the intersection of health + design
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About Senserit - Multi-media organizations at the intersection of health + design


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Senserit is a social enterprise at the intersection of health and design that produces television, networks, events and communities for the 70 Million Baby Boomer and others who know that design …

Senserit is a social enterprise at the intersection of health and design that produces television, networks, events and communities for the 70 Million Baby Boomer and others who know that design should work for them. We support beauty, dignity and independence regardless of age, ability of health.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Senserit Beauty | Dignity | Independence T h e I n t e r s e c t i o n o f H e a l t h + D e s i g n
    • 2. Channels We take engagement to a whole new level including television, radio & web. Curation Trusted content curation audiences depend on enables experts to expand their reach. Communities Established, targeted, engaged communities on our ever-expanding sites and social media.
    • 3. Multichannel Your voice heard above the noise. We ensure that your messages are consistent across all channels. Fully Integrated
    • 4. Baby Boomers Connect To survive and thrive - all industries must change to delight Baby Boomers. 70 Million $14 Trillion 80 Percent 70 MillionBabyBoomers are turning65 over the next 20 years. Thisaffects everyone: healthcare, design,the home industries,travel,fashion and more.After a lifetime of leadingchange, Boomer needsmeet the needsof many others. Baby Boomers will inherit $14 Trillion in the next 20 years and plan to spend it- 85% to stay in their own homes. Less than 15% have started the remodels. Already, they have over 50% of disposable income and are the fast growing group on social media. Baby Boomers represent 80% of luxury travel, over 95% of CPG. Price is not a top reason they select brands to which they are proven to be long-term loyal. They will not only reward those who serve them well, but 2/3rd will refer friends.
    • 5. At the intersection of better design and better health are similar challenges and shared solutions for consumers and businesses. Disability,Outcomes,Patient-CenteredCare,Associations Healthcare, Architecture, Interior Design, Public Policy, Government, Hospitality, Travel, Transportation, ADA Education,Parenting,Technology,Retail,Fashion,Media Experience Design, Evidence Based Design, Accessibility, Product Development, Sustainability, Universal Design
    • 6. Everyone wins through networks of influential leaders. Media Networks EventsEducation Community Services Vetted recognized hosts, authors & curators serve their own communities while sharing revenue through radio, video & online networks- enabling sponsors to select audiences. Influential experts and their hosts similarly benefit from in-person and online events enabling high quality speaking, wide promotion & partnerships. Each unique community combined with the umbrella networks enables ongoing learning, recognition and research for everyone. Demand Design, Carpool Health & #CPHC have community leaders waiting for support to share platforms & revenues while growing unique communities. We connect influencers, audiences and brands for Consulting, Brand Ambassadors, Speaking, Design Licenses, Media & Jobs.
    • 7. There are events which fill a few days of a life. Then there are those in which a few days change a lifetime. We are no longer a broadcast society. 24/7 multi-platforms create consistent messaging, engagement and long-term relationships. Events, media and communities are all integrated to simultaneously meet the goals of sponsors, hosts, speakers and audiences.
    • 8. Media Platforms for your Message As a media company rather than an agency, we welcome on-going relationships with agencies who represent one or multiple clients that want to reach our audiences. We work with your message and team to create ongoing campaigns on our own networks, social media and traditional media. • Cross-platform coverage enables much deeper coverage of a story, longer lasting impact, and greater audience engagement. • Event and initiative focused websites encourage and capture interactivity all year round. • Networks that enable hosts to have their own radio/video shows within our broader reach with tremendous education and support for hosts. • Webinars, hang-outs, live broadcast, or blog posts - we bring people to the event and the event to the world…
    • 9. Design for Life TV A makeover show with purpose: Design for Life follows the successful traditional format of a new room from start to finish. But, every beautiful solution also leads to independence and dignity for every winning homeowner while sharing each heart-breaking and inspiring story. Specific solutions on every show meet the same needs for homes, public or commercial spaces that millions of others need and want: design that works for everyone regardless of age, ability or lifestyle. Ongoing interactivity online, in person, in print, and in additional videos enables the show and related communities to be a center for ongoing engagement. Each room and solution will include curated Q&A’s, powerful personal narratives, how-to, DIY and tips to make spaces work for every audience-community member and those they love. We have firm partnerships with non-profit organizations, both local and national, who will reach the greatest number impacted by each need solved through the show and provide more interest to each episode. The cast includes talent from well known network makeover shows of regular experts in their trade and known media design expert appearances. (See our radio guests and online experts for examples.) Through online radio, video, pictures and social media, everyone will get to know the family before the episode even starts taping. Each show will be supported with products, checklists, photos, interactions and how-to information to help the educated consumer to making the difference of the cutting edge leaders in the industries. The shows will also be supplemented by videos and episodes from design solutions in Gail’s own home; challenges she finds; and products she recommends. Current examples are at and Audience and support: We have proven reach to the 70 million Baby Boomers set to spend their $14 Trillion inheritance first on staying in their homes. Simultaneously we reach the industries that serve them, parents of over half American children who are now identified with “extra” special needs, caregivers, patients, health providers, design professionals and more. Grown out of grassroots demand, we chose first to understand our audience-communities and learn their needs without outside funding. Just days before starting to tape, we are just now responding to hundreds of requests from well known brands supplying products, installation and technical expertise. This is truly a multi-platform, interactive show. The network show is only the hub for 24/7 ongoing interaction and solutions that integrates strong stories with integrated brand and expert solutions in a way that meets audience demand.
    • 10. Education There is power in every voice. Some call it narrative learning. Our education reaches far beyond the repetitive list of expert speakers presenting from the podium to those listening in the room. After bringing together all the stakeholders - we then learn from each other. • Ongoing online education courses related to your event, organization or initiative including CEUs to help your audiences year-round. • Learning for all kinds of people from video to print to events. • Speakers, roundtables, working groups, interactive experiences, the arts, technology and more. • Technology sites, apps, resources, books, etc. • As people learn in different ways and times, we provide your message across a wide range of formats to enable all of your audiences to gain from your expertise.
    • 11. Communities and Crowd-Sourcing Our communities of practice share the same values and overlapping missions of event hosts, participants and our media audiences. Senserit’s family has hundreds of community leaders waiting for sponsorship for their thousands of targeted members; in addition we create communities to reach sponsor audience goals. • Volunteer led communities from offline or using our online platforms that engage with each other and value-add sponsors. • Crowd-sourcing to identify speakers, guests, discussion topics, research, scholarships, initiatives and more. • Media sponsors to numerous national and regional non-profits, partnerships with associations and institutions to provide media, community, events and education.
    • 12. Targeted Influencer Event We personally select and co-ordinate high visibility competitive awards for free travel, attendance and entertainment at your event for 20-25 highly influential community leaders. Attendees have an incredible opportunity to connect, learn, grow and teach. • In exchange for these “once in a lifetime” opportunities, they write, speak, promote and share about their experiences before, during and after the event on their regular platforms using their unique voice. • Influencers are introduced to your products and services directly and will promote through blog posts, social media, badges and their established online and in-person communities. • Impact a leader, and you reach all the people who trust them. • Amplify each message and experience to millions.
    • 13. Amplify Your Convention Whether a convention with tens of thousands of attendees, or a leadership symposium, every exhibitor, speaker and association puts a tremendous amount of resources into its success. We enable this work to have much great reach and success by “in-convention” services that draw attention to your booth or event throughout the entire year to the days of the actual event: • Live broadcasting, speakers and celebrities from your booth • Vid-Dailies that get create digital highlights when people wake in the morning • Booth design that creates interactive experiences • Social Media working labs engage attendees and around the world
    • 14. Collaboration From the moment planning begins, we identify organizations, companies, associations, and leaders who share common values, goals and interests. We clearly identify these shared ideas and create aligned goals that a coalition can support and work together towards. Collaboration can begin around an event, a multi-platform media campaign or a targeted community. Whether the project is the beginning of long term research, initiatives or policy – the group that supports the clearly communicated values works together in a spirit of collaboration, learning and progress. Creation of a coalition of collaborative public-private organizations to host a multi stakeholder event. Full access to ongoing resources from speakers and organizations for all participants.
    • 15. Arts for Healing As the arts can reach and connect wide ranges of people that other formats can not, we engage artists in all platforms including music, fine art, dance, performance and more. We create promoted events with art and entertainment leaders that are active in causes that are meaningful to your message and attract engagement with your audiences. These events can be live streamed, include speakers and workshops, and often engage community children in the arts. A Large evening activity will include performances, exhibits and an interactive hall that is tied in with the cause.
    • 16. Giving Back We are social entrepreneurs ourselves and believe that doing good is good business. Cause related marketing started by the gifting of the Statue of Liberty in which different countries, private industry, generous patrons and an inspired public came together to create a lasting icon in the United States. We continue in that spirit. At our events, interviews and publications, you are likely to see a broad reach of inclusion such as: K-12 students, educators and parents; college internships, the rebuilding of personal homes and public spaces; starting to fix a problem by working in person and then creating a lasting set of relationships in which everyone gains. Every valued sponsor at every event also sponsors at least one full scholar who receives not only free admittance, but full travel, accommodations and meals.
    • 17. Proven Success without external funds in 1st year Campaigns Communities Recognition 4 decade family design related manufacturer recognized among companies much larger from significant multiplatform campaign launch at trade show including Vid- DailiesTM and creation of an interactive booth. Manufacturer won next phase for grant and finalist for best business for disabilities in 48 hours. While 300,000 had tried for 9 months, the governor granted their goals the week after our coverage. After dropping off NY Times Best Seller List, Author came in at #9. Social Media combination led to hundreds of influential designers excited about trench drains. Western Australia Universities, Hospitals and Non-Profits as 1 of dozens of other groups selected us to host their community. Hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours put in 1 year from committed community leaders. We learned on our dime- creating a half dozen websites plus 3 betas. Leading curators & authors. Hundreds of community leaders ready to work with Senserit based media outlets if given the sponsorship to do so. Each may represent thousands of members. Top 10 chat among thousands registered with Symplur for over 60 weeks. Top 100 most influential online in health, design and travel. Picked up by Associated Press Top Google non-paid search in leading categories in design, health and more. Collaborations established with national associations, hospitals and non-profits. 150 Million reached with #CPHC 1st year. Over 10,000 downloads of 2 hour radio interviews.
    • 18. Gail Zahtz Best friend, confidential advisor, ePatient, 2 decades health and design communications, mother of 4, caregiver. Refused to be defined by health challenges, surgeries and hospitals. Former CEO, Working Weekly Publishing. Productions for multiple networks, hundreds of print and magazine. Audiences have been attached to Gail through 20 years in and around the media… this trust transfers to all we do. Authenticity | Honesty | Trust #HIT100 All 3 Years 2011-2013 (Top 100 Most Influential People in Health Information Technology) 97.5% Pin to Buy, Top 5% Klout for All Topics Top 1 % Kred: Health, Design, Travel
    • 19. Leaders Senserit Advisors Key Communities U.S. State Department Hip-Hop Ambassador, Filmmakers, NY Times Authors, Artists, Journalists, Sports for Better Living Arts & Inspiration Design DesignLux, ModDesignGuru, Technology, Tile, Baby Boomers, Universal Design,Fashion, International Shows, Sustainability Health Autism, Alzheimer’s, Brain Health, Caregiving, Cancer, Down Syndrome, End of Life, Employee Wellness, Insurance, Lupus, Mental Health, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Pain, Primary Care Physicians, Pediatrics, Thorasic/ Lung Health, Christopher Burgess: CEO Prevendra creators of Senior Safety Online and Red Folder; Mayo Clinic Advisor; Huffington Post; Former CIA CIO Mark Dimor: Owner The BioContinuum Group; Documentary Producer; Formerly Phillips, Gianettino & Meredith, Inc, Grey Healthcare Group Sandy Hubbard: Cross Media Marketing Consultant;; Formerly Printer's NW Trader Magazine Barbara L Kornblau JD, OT: Coalition for Disability Health Equity; Former Dean of Health Professions, University of Michigan-Flint Paulo Machado: Health Innovation Partners LLC; BluePrint LLC; Formerly AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Bristol-Myers Squibb Colin-Hope Murray: Third Nature LLC; Former CTO The American Red Cross, Unilever, OSDL Chairman Linux Users Advisory Counsil Larry Sherry: LRS Consulting Inc, Formerly Ernst and Young Robert J. Szczerba: CEO X Ventures; Board of Directors MARS, John's Hopkins Medicine and US Davis Health System; Forbes; Formerly Lockeed Martin
    • 20. Leading Guests Arts & Entertainment Anna Elias, Michelle Toni Blackman, HYPE Founder Dr. Dia, Big Haas (Saudi Arabia), Regina Holliday (Founder The Walking Gallery), Director Banker White, Actress Simenona Martinez, Artist Soula Mantavalos, Marie Jones, Authors Charles Graeber (The Good Nurse, Wired, GQ, National Geographic), Sam Ford (Spreadable Media), Robert Green, Martine Ehrenclou, John’s Hopkins’ Dr. Zack Berger, Jonathan Ryan, LK Gardner-Griffie Designers / Architects/ Home Improvement Media Michelle Alfano, Charles Schwab, Mitzi Beach, Brandon Smith, Daniel Huard, Todd Vendituoli, Rosemarie Rossetti, Thea Kurdi, Joe Ruggerio, Andrew Downward, Alexander Loppicollo Health Kathryn Ellerbeck, MD MPH FAAP, Bruce Ramshaw, MD; Dr. Potter- Alzheimer’s, Dr. Steven Eisenberg, Dr. Saif Abed, Michael Weiss, Mark Dimor, Mandi Bishop (#HIT100), Andrew Lopez, Amy Tippins, Amanda Greene, Dr. Kelly Sennholz, Elin Silvaneous… Leaders Christopher Burgess, Barbara Kornblau, Kari Block CEO Earth-Kind, Doug Dormer CEO, Bigfish Founder Tim Nicholson, Founder Nick Kellet,, Raed Mansour, Joseph Ruiz, SteamFeed Founders, SnapLight Founders, News Worthy Informant of The Good Nurse, Exclusive Coverage of Ethan Saylor Death, NAMI, Alzheimer’s and Down Syndrome with Global Down Syndrome Alliance, CBS Debra Alfarone, Forbes Dan Munro, Universal Design Summit…
    • 21. In the News - Sample “Gail is a Media Powerhouse” “Gail is the single most media savvy, Net-connected person I have met in a long, long time.” -Tom Bamford May 11, 2013 -Debra Alfarone
    • 22. #CPHC The weekly tweetchat was one of the first initiatives of 2013. The idea came from Carpool- the idea that we can all join together, taking turns at the wheel, to understand and solve some of the biggest issues of the day. We’ve proven that by bringing the most diverse audienceincluding: major online influencers, authors, physicians, caregivers, designers, social media leaders, nurses, architects, celebrities, universities, public policy leaders, parents, information tech…. almost 4000 unique, active participants- and they come with a target for the topics that interest them. Trended weekly among thousands of chats registered with Symplur among the TOP 10 Reached 150 Million unique users in first year Additional communities online- Facebook, G+ and 4 betas of websites enable continual learning from what the community wants and needs.
    • 23. Visit the Senserit Family Mobile: 651.357.0306 Skype: Gail.Zahtz