ICAEW talk "Stay Strong, Stay Focused" March 2012


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The Strategies to keep yourself focused on track to grow your business. How to develop the resilience to get you through the challenging times

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ICAEW talk "Stay Strong, Stay Focused" March 2012

  1. 1. Strategies toStay Strong, Stay Focused Haydock Thistle Hotel 5th MarchGavin Preston, Performance Acceleration Specialist, ACA
  2. 2. Stay FocusedPurposeOutcome focusedPlan Following these steps will not only keep you FocusedConsistent Action & Strong, it will grow yourOxygen Mask businessResilienceNo – Say “No”
  3. 3. PurposeStart with Why. Why are you doing what you are doing?What are you ‘upto’ in the world And it is has to be more than “Pay the bills”This is the driver to your mindset, to your motivation. Getclear on your “Why” and it will fuel you through thechallenging times.The Bigger the Why, The Easier the How
  4. 4. Outcome FocusedFocus on the result that you want rather than a list of tasksAsk yourself a better question: “What is it that I am wantingto get done and why?”, “What is the result you are looking toachieve?”What are the Important things that will make the biggestdifference to the performance of your business.
  5. 5. PlanPut together a strategy of how you can achieve youroutcomes / goals and a detailed action plan with built incontingency in case some of the strategies you planned don’thave the desired effect.90 Day “No Kidding” PlansBlock Time Time to Deliver the Plan Time to “Work on the Business”
  6. 6. Plan (page 2)Take time out to “Work ON the Business as oppose toworking IN the business”Book time out in your diary to….STOP and THINK about yourbusiness, think bigger picture, think strategyBe sure to focus on the IMPORTANT things rather than theurgent things. Schedule time to do the important things.
  7. 7. Consistent ActionConsistently work the plan – even when you get busydelivering client work.Imperfect Action is better than Perfect In-ActionMake sure you take at least one action per daytowards the delivery of your 13 week plan, towardsgrowing your business
  8. 8. Oxygen Mask“Put your own Oxygen Mask on before helping others”Energy & Health Sleep Exercise Keep Hydrated Time outPay yourself First.Many business owners pay their staff and their suppliers before they pay themselves. Thiscan lead to little left for the business owner. Set a realistic amount to take out of yourbusiness and pay yourself first. You are valuing your business’ most important customer: YouAND you will find a way to ensure everyone else gets paid.
  9. 9. ResilienceThe world is full of stories of people that gave up justbefore they struck gold.“A no is a defered Yes” Peter Wood, Founder ofDirect Line.In the words of Winston Churchill: “Never, Never,Never, Never, Never, Never, Never, Never Give Up”
  10. 10. ResilienceThere will be tough times: Refocus on your What and particularly your Why Get some time with your mentor / coach / trusted advisor to help you see the wood from the trees Hang out with the Right People Focus on the outcomes you want……you get what you focus on Look after yourself, your health during the challenging times Take the very next step and then the next one Trust……This too shall pass.
  11. 11. No….Be Prepared to say “No”There will be many things that can throw you off track: Brightshining opportunities, other people’s “urgencies” can rob youof your most precious resource: timeBe ruthless with your time. Leverage your time throughothers.Beware of client scope-creep and being disorganised.Contract clearly with your client what you will need, by whenand in what format.
  12. 12. Stay FocusedPurposeOutcome focusedPlan Following these steps will not only keep you FocusedConsistent Action & Strong, it will grow yourOxygen Mask businessResilienceNo – Say “No”
  13. 13. Your Bigger WhyExercise: Underlying Purpose What is the underlying benefit / difference your products or yourservice provide your customer? What is the beneficial knock on effect it has on the quality of life ofyour customers or to their customers? If there was a bigger purpose to your work what would it be? If there was another level, a deeper level to the difference you reallymake what would it be/ what could it be?
  14. 14. Key OutcomesExercise: Write down a business goal that isan absolute must for you to achieve within thenext 3 months 6 months 12 months
  15. 15. 90 Day / 13 week “No Kidding” PlanExercise Decide on 2 or 3 outcomes / objectives that if you achieved them over thenext 13 weeks will make a significant difference to your business. Put together an action plan of how you are going to achieve thoseobjectives Commit to achieving those objectives no matter what Take at least 1 action per day towards the achievement of those outcomes.Schedule time in your diary to do that.“Consistent & Disciplined Action on a Clear Strategy is the hallmark ofChampions” Gavin Preston
  16. 16. Connect with MeI regularly share my strategies for Revenue and Profit Growth to help youdeliver more value to your clients, make more money, in less time andwith less stress. To hear about these strategies: Connect with / follow meon Linked In: Gavin Preston Twitter: gavinpreston Ecademy: Gavin PrestonI post my regular Blogs on www.gavinpreston.com and on my EcademyBlog Page
  17. 17. Strategies toStay Strong, Stay Focused Haydock Thistle Hotel 5th March Gavin Preston, Performance Acceleration Specialist, ACA