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QR Coders
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QR Coders


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Free Powerpoint Templates QR CODES #QRcoders @AnthonyVassau @Gavinperko @Jpwallor @w5parr
  • 2. OUTLINE
    • Introduction
    • Background
    • How To
    • Case Studies
    • Whats Next?
    • Questions?
  • 4. Background • Denso-Wave created the QR matrix code in 1994 • Allows users to take a piece of info from certain medium and put it to your cell phone • QR code is one of the most popular types of two-dimensional barcodes
  • 5. Background • QR codes store more information than a regular barcode • Once on your cell phone it may give you details about that business- -nearby locations -Details about the person wearing QR code shirt -view a trailer for a movie -coupons! • instead of requiring a chunky hand-held scanner to scan them many modern cell phones can scan them.
  • 6. Background • QR codes are very popular in Japan and making there way over to the States • Great tool for marketers! • We are only starting to scratch the Surface of how QR codes can be used For business’
  • 7. QR Codes How To
    • QR vs Bar Code.
      • Vertical and horizontal axis.
      • Stores and digitally presents data through.
        • URLs
        • Text
        • Geo coordinates
      • Convenient
  • 8. QR Codes How To
    • What Type of QR code to make?
      • URL
      • Text Message
      • Image
      • SMS
  • 9. QR Codes How To
    • Generators
    • Kaywa
    • QRstuff
    • Beqrious
    • Qurify
  • 10. QR Codes How To
    • QR Generator
  • 11. QR Codes How To
    • Add to your blog
    • Add to your business card
  • 12. What’s Next With QR Codes NFC uses RFID technology it just operates at a much closer range typically an inch or so. There’s no need it take a picutre by simply holding it up to the device it can upload the information. Near Field Communication Near Field Communication uses RFID technology which uses radio waves to allow a reader or scanner to communicate with a device that has an electronic tag built in.
  • 13. QR code case studies
  • 14. Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers
  • 15.
    • Lupe Fiasco used a giant QR code to launch his latest album “Lasers”
    • He worked in conjunction with the Red Laser application
    • Over 25% of the albums preorders were through the QR code
  • 16. Macy’s Backstage Pass
  • 17.
    • Used QR codes to deliver engaging customer video
      • Provide fashion inspiration, advice and tips
    • Helped customers learn to use QR codes
      • Offer a tutorial video
      • Associates have instructions on their lanyards
    • Over 20,000 scans of the code in one week
  • 18. Verizon/ScanLife
    • Verizon partnered with ScanLife to promote the number of applications available for the Droid
    • QR codes were placed on websites, print ads, in-store display, direct mail and iPad ads
    • Over 150,000 scans in around three months
  • 19. NFC and Privacy Concerns
  • 20. Google Nexus S Google is using NFC right now with their Nexus S phone Teaming up with CHARGE Anywhere so that the Nexus S phone will be able to function as an NFC enabled mobile payment system. NFC powering business cards Android technology integration with Google Places
  • 21. How NFC is being used today
    • L.A. Metro Transit – Using NFC phones to read passengers contactless transport tickets and check if they have paid their fare.
    • Cacares – Spanish city lending phones to tourists.
    • Haiti – Bringing clean drinking water to thousands.
    • Bling Rewards – NFC stickers and in store posters can be activated to gain rewards.
  • 22. NFC in the Future
    • BMW – Installing NFC keys that will be the hub for in vehicle entertainment and connectivity and will eventually replace physical car keys
    • Gentag – Will use NFC as a platform to self-test for pregnancy, AIDS, cancer and fevers.
    • Verifone – Create new scanners for point of sale acceptance using NFC. 7-Eleven is one of the first stores that will try this technology.
  • 23. QUESTIONS?