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  1. 1. Post it on work, rotate students around to add peerassessment commentLeaving pass to be put on the board as they leave relatingto lesson objectivesWhat does the lesson objective mean?Students setting own targets e.g. What should I write onyour next reportFeedback - peer assessmentWWW / EBIsConnectives on post-its - different ones distributed todifferent groupsEach group has to use the connective in a sentence aboutthe current topic studiedTimelinesMost important cause, group into factorsStarter - maybe a smaller activity, write down key pointsfrom phrase or activityStarter - what do you remember from last lessonWrite and stick in books about a particular piece of workto stick in books (progress files)Next steps for objectives - how to achieve next objectiveSorting reasons in order of importance (debate andchange)Get the students to check their progress againstdifferentiated learning objectives - self assessmentRandomly select topicsHomework topic selectionChoose 3 random post its from the tableA level - Remember from GCSE - and use as buildingblocksIndependence, reading a novel. Bookmark to showanalysis linked to objectivesTo find common problems or questions
  2. 2. To set individual targets based on EBIDifferent colours to communicate different meaningsStudents record keywordsStudents write exampled of independent, dependent,control variables, stick on PowerPoint slideSummarise learning as a tweet - 140 charactersFacebook status from a characterKeyword and definition match upEnglish - to compare 2 poemsDifferent coloured post its for demonstration of differentskills against assessment criteriaPage by page to do list, to improve/progress against GCSEassessment objectivesKey phrases / key improvements - Peer assessments forEBI to be stuck on the workName on forehead for book characters, history etc.Starter - what did you learn from last lessonPeer assessment tickets - Identify "best" piece of workand justify whyWord Walls - new vocabularyAdd explanation to annotate an imageTargets - moveable between pieces of workUsed to order revision sheets from a selectionNaming bones jointsIdentify overall areas of weakness for revisionHints & tips in folder workPost it on forehead with Shakespeare insultsLabel for a graph / diagram imageUse W/B to ask questions at start/end of lesson (not postits)Who am I? GameRevisionCategorise Ideas
  3. 3. Students write something they learned during the lessonand stick it on the level reachesEssay/story sequencingIdeas on post it’s and then arrange in most effective wayWhat I am ? Key word struck on head and anotherstudents describes itPre-mind mappingEBI - WWWFAQsRole on the wall - Keywords/phrases to describe acharacterLearning TreeControl to be used to order stages un mathematicalproblemsPaper feedbackPost it note on forehead (like drinking game)Sending messages to staffRank ordering ideasMarketing editingRevision - Science - Students have 3 post-its - 1. Thingsthat they have no idea of; 2.Something sends formula;3. Istill don’t get itConsequences - Sentence StartersSpellingsPost it definition game - stick to forehead and guessTarget SettingLess definitive marking - can develop work without"ruining" it with markingDifferent colours for counter argumentsStudents write a key fact that they have learnt in thelesson before leaving the lessonKey factsSummarising
  4. 4. Burning Questions - Chance to finish the lesson withselection of questions not answeredEBI - WWW - student markingKey points from an articleReview what went wellStudent action planningQuestionsPlenary - 2 things you have learnt, 2 questions from thelesson1:1 - what I know listLearning ObjectivesNew vocabularyEBI - WWWDifferent shapes - Thoughts/shapes/feelingsPost it on forehead with keyword/character. Ask partneryes/no questions to guessStudent affix post it to smiley face (choice of 3) as to howthey are feelingStudents write on post it note how they have met theobjective/some proof of learningUse smiley/sad face for understanding or the lack offunderstanding during the lesson