Hyperacusis survey results 13 july 2014
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Hyperacusis survey results 13 july 2014






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Hyperacusis survey results 13 july 2014 Hyperacusis survey results 13 july 2014 Document Transcript

  • 7/13/2014 Hyperacusis - Google Forms https://docs.google.com/a/giovannoni.net/forms/d/1qZRW_98DZIUbxpXbOppqMuzjd4un1wlBtiR70CEKyUo/viewanalytics 1/4 Yes 7 18% No 33 83% Yes - currently 10 25% Yes - in the past 5 13% No 25 63% 40 responses View all responses Summary Prior to reading this post were you aware of the potential to develop hyperacusis as a manifestation of MS? Have you ever suffered from MS-related hyperacusis? If you have suffered from MS-related huperacusis how bad was it? Edit this form gavin@giovannoni.net
  • 7/13/2014 Hyperacusis - Google Forms https://docs.google.com/a/giovannoni.net/forms/d/1qZRW_98DZIUbxpXbOppqMuzjd4un1wlBtiR70CEKyUo/viewanalytics 2/4 0 8 35% 1 0 0% 2 2 9% 3 2 9% 4 1 4% 5 0 0% 6 4 17% 7 2 9% 8 1 4% 9 3 13% 10 0 0% N/A - I have never had hyperacusis 8 22% Yes - in the past 0 0% Yes - currently 0 0% No 29 78% Have you been treated for MS-related hyperacusis? If you have been treated for MS-related hyperacusis what treatment(s) were you give? Steroids Comment I knew I have sensitivity for some noises, especially high ones. I was sure it was related to my MS, but I did not know it had a name and that other people suffer from it. I've never heard about others like me. I suppose if no one asks, there is no way to know how frequent is this phenomenon, like many other symptoms or side effects of drugs that are not asked about
  • 7/13/2014 Hyperacusis - Google Forms https://docs.google.com/a/giovannoni.net/forms/d/1qZRW_98DZIUbxpXbOppqMuzjd4un1wlBtiR70CEKyUo/viewanalytics 3/4 routinely (i.e. lypoatrophy). Thank you for this post and for the survey. I do not have hyperacussis but I do seem more and more intolerant of noise. I am quite overwhelmed by music in shops, busy supermarkets, chatter on trains, open plan offices etc. That may not be anything to do with MS but it makes me irritable and tense and tired. I do wonder if this sensory overload is MS related?? It is only in one ear and I can manage it by putting an ear plug in that ear to stop the noise to that ear. I suspected it was MS related but I have not mentioned it to neuro. I had facial paralysis as part of a relapse 2 years ago, and I was left with a ringing in my ears. Loud noises don't hurt, but I avoid them. I always thought it was more the result of overstimulation, though. Too much input for my weakened CNS. Hypercausis was one symptom I experienced during an MS attack. This went along with numbness of the skin on my fave especially the check and chin. To deal with it I would wear ear protection. The steroids made it eventuality go away. But it returns sometimes when I am very tired. I experienced over sensitive hearing whilst in the middle of a relapse that affected my 6th and 7th nerves caused by a brainstem lesion. I had facial paralysis at the time. Loud noises like dogs barking and children shouting were quite painful. It lasted approx 6 weeks. I was waiting to be diagnosed at the time and no-one really paid a lot of attention to my hearing. I'm pleased to say it returned to normal, along with my face. My responses are based on the immense pain induced by using a telephone or an ear piece/head phone set but only one ear is affected. Various tests have proved inconclusive - so maybe this is hyperacusis related.... Thanks for this post, I thought it would be a good idea to make the comment as there seems a bit of knowledge gap about it. I had a relapse. At the time I had a VI nerve palsy. The hyperacusis was awful at night time when trying to sleep. The noise of the radiator seemed really loud, also next door neighbours noises seemed to affect me and noises of the people I was living with too. Sensory overload. But in my opinion a VI nerve palsy in MS is quite a servere symptom being a swelling on the brain and should be treated as fairly urgent. I think the hyperacusis to some degree triggered my relapse following on from that as it caused me horrible night time anxiety attacks. I was very unwell. Hyperacusis does not seem to be that rare in MS when I discuss it on MS forums patients are opening up about their experiences. Some people with MS also report sensory sensitivity to bright lights. I was unaware of this condition. My hearing will sometime become very sensitive and high pitch noises will be painful. I figured it was part of the migraines that I experience without headache pain. the facial palsy has happened to me once and lasted one week I do not remember if this condition coincided with the facial palsy. During and for a couple of hours after migraines I am extremely sensitive to noise, even normal level noise feels too much to bear. I also have fairly frequent episodes where some muscle in my right ear is contracting and relaxing very quickly. Alrwady on combination gabapentin,lyrica,cymbalta,nortriptyline,clonidine, to control pain and baclofen for muscles Disclaimer Number of daily responses View slide
  • 7/13/2014 Hyperacusis - Google Forms https://docs.google.com/a/giovannoni.net/forms/d/1qZRW_98DZIUbxpXbOppqMuzjd4un1wlBtiR70CEKyUo/viewanalytics 4/4 View slide