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CloudStack challenges for China customers
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CloudStack challenges for China customers


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Share some experiences on how cloudstack being used in China & real case for china customer

Share some experiences on how cloudstack being used in China & real case for china customer

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 2. About me• Project manager in TCloud Computing, Beijing• Apache CloudStack China User Group Initiator• Apache CloudStack Committer• Working experiences–5 years embedded system–3 years security–2 years on cloud computing
  • 3. TCloud
  • 4. Outline• Public cloud in China• Private cloud & CloudStack• Private cloud customer focus• Real case study• CloudStack China ecosystem• Make CloudStack success in China
  • 5. CloudStack & Public Cloud• We are talking about IaaS• CloudStack is good for public cloud operationOriginally designed for public cloudInspired from Amazon Web ServiceHas proven its success all over the worldASL 2.0Need a billing system (portal)• CloudStack does not contain a portal (not open sourced)• Still a lot of work to make portal ready for their special needs
  • 6. Public Cloud in China
  • 7. Public Cloud is Tough• It’s not just about technology• Large initial investment• Bandwidth control• Trustworthy–Business–Billing, prepaid before use–Measurement–Privacy
  • 8. What about private cloud?
  • 9. CloudStack & Private CloudCloudStack is also a choice for private cloud• Maturity• Stability• Relatively easy to maintain• Rich network features• Freely customization• Apache community
  • 10. Private cloud customer focus Stability Customization Local support The fancy concept Cost
  • 11. What they asked most?• Virtualization & Cloud• CloudStack vs. VMware• CloudStack vs. OpenStack
  • 12. Virtualization & Cloud• Virtualization technology• Software on top of OSes• Infrastructure aware• Relative small scale• Maintenance on your own• Expensive hardware• Scale up for Performance tuning• IT admin orientedServer Virtualization Cloud(IaaS)• Virtualization is fundamental• Computing/Storage/Network• Massive scale, easy operation• Easy on administration• Employee self-service• Commodity hardware• Scale out for Performance tuning• IT admin & end user oriented
  • 13. CloudStack vs. VMwareDomainsVM Technologies Vmware36%XenServer23%KVM21%HyperV10%Open Xen6%Other4%IT,Internet68%Telco11%Education7%Health Care5%Government5%Other4%
  • 14. Why do people choose VMware alternatives?Never compare with feature set , stability , SLA;There are other things need to concern:• Cost• Control• Customization• Local support
  • 15. CloudStack vs. OpenStack• Stability• Network Features• Deployment• Easy to start• Dependency ~• Apache Foundation• Visibility• Population• Loose couple• Release Cycle• Cost on start up• OpenStack Foundation
  • 16. Why transfer to CloudStack?• They got in trouble on OpenStack• They don’t have extra resources on IaaS• It’s easy to start with CloudStack• CloudStack works fine• They trust Apache community
  • 17. Real case study• Basic info• Vision• E-Gov whole picture• Network topology• What we learnt
  • 18. Basic info• Private cloud, ongoing• Government information system virtualization• Objective– Resource sharing for different departments– Services improvement– Enlarge service scope to many domains• TCloud provides product, support & solution– Based on CloudStack 3.0.3– Will upgrade to CloudStack 4.0.2 soon
  • 19. Vision
  • 20. IaaSIaaSIaaSProvinceDistrictTownCity Province level for dataaggregation, sharing and backup City level for datageneration, switching and integration District & Town for datacollecting, network aggregation andservice providingService CentreServiceCentreE-Gov picture
  • 21. Network topology (partial)Mysql-1Management-1 Management-2 Mysql-2Zone-1(Domain-1)AdvancedXenServerGuestNetwork GuestNetwork GuestNetworkGuestNetworkVLAN 1 :VLAN 2 :iSCSI/NFSLoadBalanceWeb UI : 8080API Call : 8096SystemVM : 8250File ServerTemplate/ISOManageNetworkManageNetworkManageNetworkManageNetworkVLAN 3 :VLAN 4 :VLAN 5 :VLAN 6 :VLAN 7 :VLAZone-2(Domain-2)AdvancedXenServerZone-3(Domain-3)AdvancedXenServerZone-4(Domain-4)AdvancedXenServerPod-2Pod-1 Pod-3
  • 22. Current deployment• Computing– Supermicro 6026– 6 ~ 10 advanced zones– 1 pod in each zone– 1 ~ 3 clusters in each pod– XenServer 5.6 FP1– Vshpere 4.1– MySQL Active-standbymode– >200 hosts– MS cluster• Storage– IBM NAS– NFS/iSCSI forPrimary Storage– NFS for secondarystorage• Network– Gigabytes– Public + Guest used1 nic– Storage +Management used 1nic– No nic bonding
  • 23. More than 300 apps• Public mailbox• OA• Report, Sign, Approval• Document flow• E-signature• Web site hosting for all dept.• Education• Resident ID system• …
  • 24. What We Learnt• Preparation• Compatibility testing• Stable network• Pay attention on HA• Staging Cluster• Scheduled backup solution• Contribute back to community
  • 25. CloudStack China Ecosystem• Many other companies are not willing to open• Roles:Education/SI/ISV/ISP/Health care
  • 26. Make CloudStack success in China• Release cycle• Keep high quality release• Extremely easy on enhancement• Documentation• Non OSS distribution• Make noise - We need such conference
  • 27. gavin.lxh@gmail.comTwitter: @tcloudlee