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ATSYD 13 - Social Media Monitoring Panel


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  • I was enjoying my second day of annual leave, with my family, about to buy a coffee when I received an SMS from my little brother.
  • In the olden days, all you might have had to worry about was some kind of graffiti, days after the event.
  • But within hours of the crane fire, there were user-generated videos, and other content like this meme spread online. This was all happening while UTS was busy following safety procedures. Once we knew the outcome, we were able to use our official facebook page to spread the message you can see above. It received 157 likes, 16 comments and 7 shares (from a fan-base of about 13,000).
  • By using BuzzNumbers, I was able to set up an automated report on any mentions of “crane“ and send it to the relevant people. This also let me ensure that the mentions of crane were following the predicted decay curve, and that there were no additional spikes of mentions afterward. Holiday saved!
  • Overlaying data sets to strengthen the bigger picture insights and engage in areas of the business outside of marketing who may not of been engaged – call centre data overlayed with social to work out if the percentages of calls to the call centre decreased with the use of social media comms (ENERGEX – normally in a black out the call centre volumes increased by 76% - since social media messaging that now rises 8%) / overlaying trad media coverage and social to make sure you have the bigger picture
  • 34% of people are online whilst watching TV / there is merit in being proactive but sometimes reactive media can get the results brands are looking for. Oreo – 2,200 to 87,000 Period brand - Sporting brand with content
  • Sanofi monitoring category of diabetes – found key influencers in the Australian market – 60% of those identified got the device – traditional media picked up the messages and experiences of bloggers = 52 million media impressions achieving 3x over their budget if they had paid for the media, most importantly they achieved 144% over sales budget.
  • Transcript

    • 1. “Social Media Monitoring:A Weapon of Mass Discovery” Tuesday 12th March, 2013 – 15:10 Natalee-Jewel Kirby Social Media Strategist - Adcorp @NataleeJewel #ATSM
    • 2. “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Sun Tzu • To assume is to fail - know thy enemy • Conversations that count rather than counting conversations • Optimal allocation of resources #ATSM @NataleeJewel
    • 3. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin• The democratization of the internet• “Sometimes you have to pick the gun up to put the gun down.” - Malcolm X• Evangelism: turn ranters into ravers#ATSM @NataleeJewel
    • 4. “The only certainty in this life is change…But that change can be directed toward a constructive end.” Henry A. Wallace • ROI - Measures of Performance vs. Measures of Effect • Sentiment • Online/Social behaviour • Advocates and Influencers • Benchmark over time #ATSM @NataleeJewel
    • 5. Social Media Monitoring: A Weapon of Mass Discovery THANK YOU Join the conversation @NataleeJewel @AdcorpAUS#ATSM
    • 6. Social Media Monitoring: the client perspective Tuesday 12th March, 2013 – 15:10 David Phillips Digital Marketing Manager – UTS @cafedave @UTSEngage#ATSM
    • 7. • What do you do when this happens? #ATSM
    • 8. #ATSM
    • 9. #ATSM
    • 10. #ATSM
    • 11. Jess WhittakerLead Product EvangelistBuzzNumbers@jessdoubleya@buzznumbers #ATSM
    • 12. How can you take social media monitoringto the next level? •Big Data •Real-time monitoring and engagement •Leveraging Influencers #ATSM
    • 13. Big Data Before: 76% increase in calls After: 8% increase in calls #ATSM
    • 14. Real-time monitoring and engagement Instagram followers increased 2,200 to 87,000 in one day 10,000 RT’s in one hour #ATSM
    • 15. Leveraging offInfluencers 60% influencers got given the device 52 million media impressions Achieved 3x the budget of media spend 144% of sales budget #ATSM