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  1. 1. Rocking Chair Project Research By: Diane Kohlin, Dan Gauvreau,Brenna Johnson, and Amanda Schafer
  2. 2. History tp:// wSy23f4YwfLRxTj40=&h=319&w=300&sz=28&hl=e mfcFSL1o8dytIimLhbdnlHfk=&h=624&w=600&sz=6 n&start=0&zoom=1&tbnid=XaVkzcYc1CEqVM:&tbn 6&hl=en&start=25&zoom=1&tbnid=77fdTeQStV1itM: h=131&tbnw=123&ei=b7R_Ta2APcPbgQeSptiJCA&p &tbnh=162&tbnw=167&ei=6LR_TbO9OYadgQf_39m rev=/images%3Fq%3Dold%2Brocking%2Bchairs%26u ECA&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dold%2Brocking%2Bcha m%3D1%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Dactive%26sa%3DN irs%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Dactive%26s us%26biw%3D1419%26bih%3D690%26tbs%3Disch:1 us%26biw%3D1419%26bih%3D690%26tbs%3Disch:1 &um=1&itbs=1&iact=rc&dur=234&oei=N7R_TY20B &um=1&itbs=1&iact=rc&dur=483&oei=N7R_TY20B pOcgQexpcmTCA&page=1&ndsp=25&ved=1t:429,r:1 pOcgQexpcmTCA&page=2&ndsp=21&ved=1t:429,r:1, 8,s:0&tx=85&ty=67 s:25&tx=98&ty=86c• Rocking chairs (sometimes called rockers) first made an appearance sometime in the 1700s, although no one knows exactly when. Stories also abound that Benjamin Franklin is the inventor of the rocking chair, while others suggest that he did not invent the chairs but was one of the earliest owners of one. But, regardless of who actually invented these amazing pieces of furniture, there is no doubt that rockers are the most comfortable of all types of chairs available today.• A rocking chair is different from other chairs in that it has its legs mounted onto rockers (curved bases), which make it possible for the chair to rock. The rocking motion of the chairs makes it sway forwards and backwards, thus providing a very even and steady motion that helps the occupant of the chair to relax.• Although the first rocking chairs in existence were believed to have originated around the early to mid 1700’s in England, the
  3. 3. rocking chair was originally utilized as a garden sitting chair. The Windsor rocking chair was called such because of it place of origination, Windsor Castle, around the beginning of the 1700’s. It was a wooden rocking chair, wood being the easiest medium through which to create such a piece of furniture, and since its creation has given birth to many new variations of the rocking chair; such as the glider rocking chair. In the timeline of rocking chairs, the wicker rocking chair came after the creation of the Windsor, which was mainly a wood rocking chair with a heavily rounded hoop back with spindles that gave it the appearance of a bird cage. Materials• Oak rocking chairs are some of the sturdiest made, and just oak furniture alone is well known for its amazing beauty and strength. Oak hardwood rocking chairs are not the cheapest, but they are very much a favorite for those that want a long lasting chair.• If you are planning on getting a quality or custom built oak rocking chair, you might consider getting mission style oak rockers or a high-back rocker. For those that want to just relax and watch the sunset or sunrise, an oak recliner rocker can provide the enjoyment and comfort needed.• More and more popular resin rocking chairs have become. While it was most common for the use of a rocker to be within the home, more and more people are looking for rocking chairs and gliders which are for outside use. With this influx of people searching for outdoor rocking chairs, there has become a greater need to use different materials for the construction of rocking chairs, such as resin, wood, plastic, and other materials.
  4. 4. • The resin rocking chairs however have become of popular use in recent times with the advancement of man. If you were wondering a little more about resin then lets go over that. Resin is a solid material that can pretty much withstand any weather conditions you throw at it. It does not peel or even warp when put under extreme heat, nor does it rust or blister if you leave it in the rain for extended periods of time. Resin is also a scratch resistant material, so you can count on your resin wood rocking chair lasting for quite a while.• Whether you buy a natural or synthetic rocking chair, be it oak aluminum or even a resin rocking chair, you can be sure that it will most likely last you a long time. The builders of rocking chairs have had years to perfect them. If you need to see them, there are quite a few online pictures and images of rocking chairs before you make your final purchasing decision• Softwood and Hardwood: There are softwoods and hardwoods. Most old rocking chairs, especially the ones still in use, are made of a hardwood such as oak. Though there are some well-made old rockers fashioned of a softer wood such as pine, most simply have a problem holding up to the stresses through which a rocking chair is put. Hence, the reason many old rocking chairs that have survived the tests of daily use for several generations are those carved of a hardwood.• Joinery and Screws- Most old rockers have a wood flange that surrounds the entire seat. This flange conceals the wood brace through which screws are passed to join the seat bottom with the legs. Look for the original screws. Many older screws will be a bit discolored, compared with a screw molded of soft metals in the last century. Screws that are original to an old rocker that has lasted several generations were made of iron or other hard metals.
  5. 5. Finishes,r:10,s:0&biw=1419&bih=690There are basically two types of finish: Evaporative   Reactive • Wax is an evaporative finish because it is dissolved in turpentine or petroleum distillates to make the familiar soft paste. After these distillates evaporate all thats left is the wax. • Reactive finishes use solvents such as white spirits and naphtha. Oil varnishes and linseed oil are reactive finishes which change chemically when they cure, unlike evaporative finishes. At cure, the solvent/thinner evaporates and the resins cluster tighter together, and then a chemical reaction occurs causing the resins to cross link in a different chemical format—like loose scaffolding that suddenly bolt together. Scuff sanding is necessary between layers of cured finish so that subsequent applied layers have something to grip on to effectively. The solvent wont re-dissolve the cured film, eg, white spirits does not soften cured oil based varnish.
  6. 6. • Note that pre-catalyzed and post catalyzed "lacquers" (aka acid catalyzed lacquers) are reactive finishes. The term lacquer is, in this sense, used inconsistently from product to product.• The oil based varnishes dry from the top down by reacting with oxygen. The catalyzed lacquers dry from the bottom up (which is like the evaporative finishes) and the solvents migrate upwards to the film surface and then out leaving behind molecules that then crosslink.• Tung oil and linseed oil are reactive finishes that cure by reacting with oxygen, but do not really form film finishes when cured.• Water based finishes generally fall into the coalescing category.• Although staining furniture is optional, applying a finish is essential to protect the woods surface. Without a finish, wood can dry, crack and deteriorate or -- if exposed to moisture -- swell so that drawers and doors no longer work. A good finish prevents swelling and cracking, protects against stains and enhances the appearance of the wood.• Finishes contain chemicals that can be dangerous if used without proper safety precautions. Always wear lightweight surgical gloves to protect the skin and protective glasses to guard the eyes. Some finishes emit hazardous fumes, so work outdoors or in a well-ventilated area with a fan for circulation. Wear a charcoal respirator when working with oil-based finishes. Never work near a gas furnace, wood-burning stove or other flame.• Rags soiled with finish pose a fire hazard, so safely dispose of them by placing them in a sealable container (such as a paint can) and filling it with water.• Every piece of furniture, whether new or antique, needs a finish, but no single finish is right for all situations. Although at least 10 varieties and more than a dozen brands of finish are available, all can be divided into two categories: penetrating finishes (those that dry inside the wood) and surface finishes (those that dry on the surface of the wood).
  7. 7. • Penetrating finishes are easier to apply and leave a more natural look. Surface finishes are more durable but dont look as natural.• Linseed oil is one of the oldest penetrating finishes, but it tends to become sticky in humid weather. Danish oils also fit into the category of penetrating finishes. Tung oil is a favorite among woodworkers because its easy to apply and leaves an attractive, natural appearance.• Apply tung oil with a rag rather than a brush. First, remove any dust from the wood with a tack cloth. Shake the tung oil container and apply a liberal amount to a clean cloth. Rub the oil directly onto the wood, adding more to the cloth as necessary. Wait 5 to 10 minutes, or until the tung oil begins to feel sticky, then wipe off any excess with a clean cloth. Surface Finishes Although they dont look as natural as penetrating finishes, surface finishes provide more durable protection. Theyre a better choice for everyday pieces that will receive a lot of wear.• Unlike tung oil, which dries inside the wood, surface finishes such as shellac and varnish dry on top of the wood to create a protective coating.• Surface finishes are applied with brushes rather than rags, and a variety of brushes are available -- each with different attributes. Oil-based finishes may be applied with a natural brush or a synthetic one. Apply water-based finishes with a synthetic brush, as water may cause natural bristles to swell and become useless. Avoid inexpensive foam brushes, as they wear out quickly and dont lay down a smooth coat.
  8. 8. Calculations • Finished Dimensions of a Normal Rocking Chair Height: 29 inches (72.5 cm) Width: 14 inches (35 cm) Depth: 24.5 inches (61.25 cm) • Finished Dimensions of a Toddler’s Rocking Chair: Height: 21 inches (53.3 cm) Width: 17 inches (43.2 cm) Depth: 14 inches (35 cm)The average 7 year old is 44 inches (3 feet and 8 inches) tall and 50.6pounds.Our chairs base would be around 1 foot and a ¼ by 1 foot and ¼ or0.381 meters by .381 meters. Area = Length * Width Area= 0.381 * 0.381 Area = 0.145 m^2Birch has a bending strength of 155 MPa. This means that it would take155 MPa of pressure to break birch.So our chair should be able to support a seven year old easily. SafetyBecause this is a child’s chair, safety must be incorporated into ourdesign. Another reason safety should be considered is because rockingchairs are more dangerous than most chairs. This is because whensomeone sits in one, it rocks back a little farther than it normally is. Fora child this could cause them to fall because they are not expecting it.
  9. 9. One consideration would be to make the chair smaller than normal. Thismakes it less likely for the child to fall out, and it also makes it morecomfortable because it would fit them better. Another importantelement would be to have round edges. If a chair were to have rough orsharp edges, kids could easily hurt themselves by falling into it or hittingit while playing. DemandRocking chairs are in high demand for many reasons: • Blood pressure falls while rocking and your respiration slows. It is also very good for relieving stress. • Research has shown that ADD and ADHD students are able to learn better while in a rocking chair because of the constant movement. • Rocking chairs can help relieve back pain. • For babies or young children rocking can provide social and motor development. It also helps to calm crying babies. DesignWooden Slats:These chairs are the ultimate outdoorsy child’s rocking chairs. They aremade with wooden slats for the seat as well as the back. They are verytraditional and go just fine in the kids bedroom with an outdoorsy typeof theme. People often mistake the wooden slates as beinguncomfortable but they actually are made to meet the contour of achild’s body and are very relaxing to sit in. As a child grows, these typeof rocking chairs assist in giving them straight posture. The backs ofthese chairs come in multiple designs: from 2 slats horizontally to 6 slatsvertically. It all depends upon the child’s preference.
  10. 10. Rocking Toys: Wooden rocking vehicles, animals, and characters are definitely a big hit these days. The girls love to rock in their favorite princess’s chariot while the boys speed away in their rocking vehicle. Oh what a joy as each child’s imagination goes wild in these cute and trendy rocking devices. The animal rockers are becoming so life-like that it is scary. Seeing a young child rocking on a long slippery python is somewhat discomfiting, but it is the “in” thing and brings hours of enjoyment to children and peace to parents’ sanity. The sophisticated look of children’s rocking chairs these days are bringing fun, excitement, and decorations into the room of each child. They come in different designs such as the wooden slat rocker, upholstered chair, and the wild rocking toys. Bibliography"Childrens Rocking Chairs." Childs Rocking Chair. Web. 17 Mar. 2011. H o w , . ( 2 0 1 1 ) . M a t e r i a l s u s e d i n o l d r o c k i n g c h a i r s . R e t r i e ve d fr o m h t t p : / / w w w . e ho w . c o m / l i s t _ 6 9 0 0 2 3 3 _ m a t e r ia l s - u s e d - o ld - r o c k i n g - c ha ir s. ht mlMy Rocking chairs. (2011). Your guide to rocking chairs. Retrieved from o ne . ( 2 0 0 8 , M a r c h 1 4 ) . A v e r a g e h e i g h t t o we i g h t c h a r t - B a b i e s t o T e e n a g e r s . R e t r i e v e d fr o m ht t p : / / w w w . d i s a b l e d - w o r ld . c o m / a r t m a n/ p u b l i s h / h e i g ht - w e i g ht - t e e ns . s ht m lN o ne . ( 2 0 0 9 ) . M a t e r i a l p r o p e r t i e s o f b i r c h . R e t r i e ve d fr o m h t t p : / / w w w . m a t ba s e . c o m/ m a t e r i a l / w o o d / c l a s s 4 - 5 - 1 0 - ye a r s / b i r c h/ p r o p e r t ie sN o ne . ( 2 0 1 0 , O c t o be r 0 8 ) . R e a s o n s wh y c h i l d r e n s r o c k i n g c h a i r s a r e m a d e f o r s a f e t y . R e t r ie v e d f r o m ht t p : / / w w w . u lt i m a t e a r t ic l e a u t ho r it y. c o m/ r e a s o n s - w h y - c h i l d r e n s - r o c k i n g - c h a i r s - a r e - m a d e - fo r - s a f e t y/
  11. 11. N o ne , . ( 2 0 1 1 ) . C h a i r s a f e t y . R e t r ie v e d fr o m ht t p : / / h u bp a g e s . c o m / hu b/ C h a i r - Safet yN w o s u , E . ( 2 0 1 1 ) . W h y r o c k i n g c h a i r s a r e i n p o p u l a r d e m a n d . R e t r i e v e d fr o m h t t p : / / e z i n e a r t i c l e s . c o m / ? W h y- R o c k i n g - C ha i r s - Ar e - i n - P o p u l a r - De ma nd &id =40 5895 4R o c k i n g c h a i r J a c k . ( 2 0 1 1 ) . R o c k i n g c h a i r h i s t o r y . R e t r i e v e d fr o m h t t p : / / w w w . r o c k i n g c h a i r j a c k . c o m / r o c k i ng - c h a i r - h i s t o r y/R o c k i n g C h a i r a n d G l i d e r G u i d e , . ( 2 0 0 9 ) . O a k r o c k i n g c h a i r s . R e t r ie v e d f r o m h t t p : / / r o c k i n g c h a i r i n fo . c o m/S c r i p p s N e t w o r k s , L L C , . ( 2 0 1 1 ) . W o o d f i n i s h e s 1 0 1 . R e t r ie v e d f r o m h t t p : / / w w w . d i y n e t w o r k . c o m/ d e c o r a t i ng / w o o d - f i n i s h e s - 1 0 1 / i n d e x. ht m lW o o d f i n i s h i n g . ( 2 0 1 1 ) . R e t r i e v e d fr o m h t t p : / / e n. w i k i p e d i a . o r g / w i k i / Wo o d _ f i n i s h i n g